Italy - Serie A1 2015/16

  • Participating teams:

    1. Pomì Casalmaggiore - Champions League 2015/16
    2. Igor Gorgonzola Novara - Champions League 2015/16
    3. Liu•Jo Modena
    4. Nordmeccanica Piacenza - Champions League 2015/16
    5. Unendo Yamamay Busto Arsizio
    6. Imoco Volley Conegliano
    7. Metalleghe Sanitars Montichiari
    8. Foppapedretti Bergamo
    9. Savino Del Bene Scandicci
    10. Il Bisonte Firenze
    11. Sudtirol Neruda Bolzano - Winner of Serie A2 2015/16
    12. Obiettivo Risarcimento Vicenza - Winner of Serie A2 playoff 2015/16
    13. Club Italia

  • Pomì Casalmaggiore

    Massimo Barbolini

    Carli Lloyd
    Carlotta Cambi

    Margareta Kozuch
    Tereza Rossi Matuszkova

    Outside Hitter:
    Francesca Piccinini
    Valentina Tirozzi
    Lucia Bacchi
    Marianna Ferrara

    Middle Blocker:
    Jovana Stevanovic
    Lauren Gibbemeyer
    Rossella Olivotto

    Immacolata Sirressi
    Giada Cecchetto

  • Igor Gorgonzola Novara

    Luciano Pedullà
    Marco Fenoglio

    Noemi Signorile
    Francesca Bosio

    Samanta Fabris
    Magdalena Wawrzyniak

    Outside Hitter:
    Nicole Fawcett
    Aurea Cruz
    Caterina Bosetti
    Helene Rousseaux
    Tijana Malesevic

    Middle Blocker:
    Martina Guiggi
    Cristina Chirichella
    Sara Bonifacio
    Noura Mabilo

    Stefania Sansonna
    Eleonora Bruno

  • Liu•Jo Modena

    Alessandro Beltrami

    Francesca Ferretti
    Giulia Carraro
    Marta Galeotti

    Valentina Diouf
    Sanja Starovic

    Outside Hitter:
    Dora Horvath
    Chiara Di Iulio
    Jessica Rivero
    Lana Scuka

    Middle Blocker:
    Raphaela Folie
    Laura Heyrman
    Floriana Bertone
    Bernarda Cutuk

    Chiara Arcangeli

  • Nordmeccanica Piacenza

    Marco Gaspari

    Maja Ognjenovic
    Alessandra Petrucci

    Indre Sorokaite
    Marika Bianchini
    Veronica Taborelli

    Outside Hitter:
    Floortje Meijners
    Francesca Marcon
    Giulia Pascucci
    Federica Valeriano

    Middle Blocker:
    Christina Bauer
    Yvon Beliën
    Laura Melandri

    Giulia Leonardi

  • Unendo Yamamay Busto Arsizio

    Marco Mencarelli

    Jenna Hagglund
    Caterina Cialfi

    Karsta Lowe
    Giulia Angelina

    Outside Hitter:
    Helene Rousseaux
    Gözde Yilmaz
    Alice Degradi
    Valeria Papa

    Middle Blocker:
    Jaimie Thibeault
    Giulia Pisani
    Silvia Fondriest

    Celeste Poma

  • Imoco Volley Conegliano

    Davide Mazzanti

    Alisha Glass
    Marta Bechis
    Valentina Serena

    Serena Ortolani
    Anna Nicoletti

    Outside Hitter:
    Megan Hodge Easy
    Kelsey Robinson
    Alice Santini
    Anthi Vasilantonaki

    Middle Blocker:
    Rachael Adams
    Valentina Arrighetti
    Jenny Barazza
    Lucia Crisanti

    Monica De Gennaro
    Chiara De Bortoli

  • Metalleghe Sanitars Montichiari

    Leonardo Barbieri

    Ludovica Dalia
    Lisa Zecchin

    Berenika Tomsia

    Outside Hitter:
    Maren Brinker
    Cristina Barcellini
    Gilda Lombardo
    Camilla Mingardi

    Middle Blocker:
    Simona Gioli
    Dominika Sobolska
    Giuditta Lualdi

    Luna Carocci

  • Foppapedretti Bergamo

    Stefano Lavarini

    Eleonora Lo Bianco
    Eva Mori

    Katarina Barun

    Outside Hitter:
    Celeste Plak
    Alessia Gennari
    Miriam Sylla
    Benedetta Mambelli

    Middle Blocker:
    Freya Aelbrecht
    Paola Paggi
    Vesna Djurisic
    Laura Frigo

    Paola Cardullo

  • Savino Del Bene Scandicci

    Massimo Bellano
    Mauro Chiappafreddo

    Giulia Rondon
    Chiara Scacchetti

    Emiliya Nikolova

    Outside Hitter:
    Sara Loda
    Valentina Fiorin
    Judith Pietersen
    Silvia Lotti
    Matea Ikic

    Middle Blocker:
    Bahar Toksoy
    Federica Stufi
    Cándida Arias
    Sara Alberti

    Enrica Merlo
    Alice Giampietri

  • Il Bisonte Firenze

    Francesca Vannini

    Marta Bechis
    Ilka Van de Vyver
    Fiamma Mazzini

    Carmen Turlea

    Outside Hitter:
    Senna Usic
    Tereza Vanzurova
    Chiara Negrini
    Elena Perinelli
    Giulia Pietrelli

    Middle Blocker:
    Natasa Krsmanovic
    Raffaella Calloni
    Nadja Ninkovic
    Linda Martinuzzo

    Beatrice Parrocchiale

  • Sudtirol Neruda Bolzano

    Stefano Micoli
    Fabio Bonafede

    Bernarda Brcic
    Anna Newsome

    Marianne Steinbrecher
    Gina Mambru

    Outside Hitter:
    Brayelin Martinez
    Prisilla Rivera
    Brittney Page
    Matea Ikic
    Rabecka Lazic
    Kathrin Waldthaler

    Middle Blocker:
    Ilaria Garzaro
    Elisa Manzano
    Sara Bertolini
    Tiziana Veglia

    Sara Paris
    Martina Boscoscuro

  • Obiettivo Risarcimento Vicenza

    Delio Rossetto

    Lora Kitipova
    Vittoria Prandi

    Marta Drpa
    Katie Carter
    Karolina Goliat

    Outside Hitter:
    Bianka Busa
    Laura Partenio
    Elisa Cella
    Francesca Trevisan

    Middle Blocker:
    Lucia Crisanti
    Arielle Wilson
    Mina Popovic
    Valentina Pastorello

    Alessia Lanzini
    Veronica Bisconti

  • Club Italia

    Marco Bonitta

    Ofelia Malinov
    Alessia Orro

    Elisa Zanette
    Vittoria Piani

    Outside Hitter:
    Paola Egonu
    Anastasia Guerra
    Sofia D'Odorico

    Middle Blocker:
    Anna Danesi
    Beatrice Berti
    Alexandra Botezat

    Simona Minervini
    Ilaria Spirito
    Ilaria Bonvicini

  • Excuse the length of this post. It is something worth discussing.

    For those of you who don't know, Club Italia is a developmental team controlled by the federation and trained by the National team juniores/youth staff. The athletes, about 17-19 years old, are selected among the most promising Italians of their group of age. In the 2014-15 season Club Italia competed in serie A2 with surprising success (7th place). It used to be in serie B before (third tier), and it would have been relegated to the lower tier almost every year but the federation is allowed to include it in *whatever* league they wish.…-azzurro-campionato-a-13/


    The participation of Club Italia to the next serie A1 was approved with enthusiasm by the Italian volleyball league. It will be the thirteenth team.
    I know that it's still early to draw conclusions, but the league and the federation had already decided in April.

    1) Club Italia is in serie A1 exceptionally in view of the 2016 Olympics. Then, it may or may not continue its activity (planning :thumbup: ). This thing will have made sense if Egonu Danesi D'Odorico and the like make the Olympic team. Don't get me wrong: they are good, and full of olympic spirit, but it's hard to believe they will (Egonu is a phenomenon, but only 16). Even then, why don't they just sign for a pro team and prove their worth? Like Nicoletti in Conegliano, Bonifacio in Novara.

    2) A 13-team championship is a "questionable" decision. It happened before to have odd numbers, but it was by accident (like the absence of Cuneo in our last Superlega). Instead, why not promote Forlì back into serie A1? Who doesn't miss the annual promotion of Forlì?!
    No way. Unfortunately, the next club season is too short. 14 teams would make it last way too much longer than 13 :aww:

    3) The league president is proud to be a pioneer, an innovator, the creator of a model that delegates from other countries and other sports will admire and imitate. :obey: Pioneering aside, his main interests should be competitiveness and marketability of the league. As far as competition goes, perhaps Club Italia will be good enough, but I am skeptical. Will Club Italia attract more audience and more investors? Apparently, they hope so. Let's go to the next point.

    4) What will the home court be? A few weeks ago they played their playoff home games in the opponent's arena. Their facility for the last few years has been "centro federale Pavesi", a gym in Milano. The proposition is to be itinerant, that is: today here, next week no one knows. The purpose is to promote top level volleyball throughout the country, maybe outside the traditional places. The championship is composed of 10 out of 12 teams based in Padania & Alps and 2 just below the gothic line. Who is the lucky winner of a road game in Bari?

    Conclusion: 2014-2015 has been a successful and exciting year for women's volleyball in Italy. To make it last, you can try two things: leave it as is, or change something. In my opinion, the players, the teams, the audience, the won't benefit from this change.

  • I agree with you! On all the points you've written... firstly they can be good players, but I think they will have to continue to work hard in A2, showing the same good things they showed this year. Of course Forlì won't be missed, but it would be a wiser decision to make these girls play in a league that is suitable for them in terms of task. Let's not forget that they also have to finish their high school, ok volleybal is their prime issue, but I think it is good also for their future if they would get a diploma.
    It won't be good to travel through out Italy searching for new gyms and palas where to train and play. Better to play in A2 with teams at your right level and develop eve more.

    I wonder if this is a way to give to Bonitta a double role, in NT and in a sort of "club"...

  • During the press conference of yesterday, the club of Busto Arsizio made it clear that they won't take part to the Challenge Cup because they want to focus on Italian league.

    Update: Conegliano gave up Challange Cup too. Piacenza will ask a wild card for Champions League.