Italy - Serie A1 2015/16

  • Raven, Luca Muzzioli and also the stas doesn't agree with you about Leonardi performance ;)

    "Per le piacentine un solo lampo di luce Giulia Leonardi: la ricezione (89% di positiva e 49% di perfetta su 36 palloni ricevuti) e ancor più la sua difesa sono stati l'unico baluardo emiliano in una gara che è diventata una prova a senso unico."

    But my beloved Pally Cardullo did better, with 95% and 0 error on 22 reception <3

  • :drink: :drink: Foppa come back CL next seasons :drink: :drink:

  • I haven't watch the match yet, unfortunately... But Luca Muzzioli definitely did, and for sure he didn't judge Leonardi only through the stats ;)

    BTW, I think that for the stat the 'errors' in reception are those that correspond to the opponent's aces. I think that the saved bad receptions are indicated as 'negative' reception (I'm not sure, though).

  • I'm really happy Bergamo managed to win the cup yesterday, I think it was their big occasion andthey used it perfectly. The whole team must gain confidence from this experience, especially for the play offs. Plak was on fire and she also did quite well in reception (she has to improve a lot anyway), I liked Gennari as usual, but most of all Cardullo for her defenses and Lo Bianco for her class and precision. I really do hope she decides to come back in May with the NT, we still need a world class setter as her!

  • I thought it would be interesting to create the best line-up. Welp, my opinion of course :D

    S : Ognjenovic (Piacenza)
    OPP : Fabris (Novara) : I've had a very hard time to select only one OPP. Tomsia, Kozuch and Ortolani could be considered as well.
    OH : Robinson (Conegliano), Easy (Conegliano)
    MB : Stevanovic (Casalmaggiore) Adams (Conegliano)
    L : Sirressi (Casalmaggiore)

    More or less it's like a mixed team of Conegliano and Casalmaggiore.

  • The best OPP in Seria a is Fabris and that is 100%.

    S: Ognjenovic
    OPP:Samanta Fabris
    OH:Robinson, Hodge
    MB:Stevanovic, Adamas

  • Lloyd is playing bad once again. The others are doing nothing special, just Sirressi is making crazy saves.

    Bechis is doing well for San Casciano.

    I don't agree about the setters. Lloyd maybe does nothing special but that isn't necessary in this match, and I don't think Bechis is better than her by any means...

  • Good blocks from Senna against slides attacks from Stevanovic and Gibbemeyer, but overall Bisto is so weak team.

  • I am watching the match in Florence

    Sirressi is amazing !!!

    PS I met savani in the hall and he said he came here for seeing Senna

  • PS I met savani in the hall and he said he came here for seeing Senna

    Are they boyfriend and girlfriend?

  • No they were just playing together in Shanghai

    Savani's wife is travica 's sister and I see his daughter Mia