My Profession - The Game (Vyacheslav Platonov)

  • I just finished reading the book My Profession - The Game and I can highly recommend it to people who are interested in volleyball literature. It is not a biography book, this is why I am not posting it in the Biographies section on forum, although there are some excerpts from Vyacheslav Platonov's early life. He was the head coach of the legendary USSR men's NT - the team that won all international tournaments in the period 1977 and 1985. It is a book about coaching, about volleyball, about team chemistry, about what it takes to win.

    It is translated and prepared by the Lebedew family. The father of Mark Lebedew, of Russian origin, translated the book from Russian.

    It is available for sale here.

    Here and here you can read what Mark Lebedew himself wrote about the book in his blog.