France - Ligue Nationale de volley 2015-2016

  • Participating teams

    - Racing Club de Cannes Champions League
    - Entente Sportive Cannet-Rocheville Volley-Ball Champions League
    - Volley Ball Nantes CEV Cup
    - ASPTT Mulhouse Volley-Ball
    - Béziers Volley Challenge Cup
    - Vandoeuvre Nancy volley ball
    - Istres Ouest Provence Volley-Ball
    - Saint Cloud Paris Stade Francais CEV Cup
    - Saint-Raphaël Var Volley-Ball
    - Terville florange olympique club
    - Volley ball club Chamalières
    - Pays d'Aix Venelles Volley-Ball

  • Racing Club de Cannes

    Coach :
    Yan Fang

    Letizia Camera
    Margaux Bouzinac

    Marika Bianchini (also OH)
    Rachel Sanchez

    Outside Hitter:
    Sanja Bursac
    Aleksandra Lazic
    Gergana Dimitrova
    Nadiia Kodola

    Middle Blocker:
    Myriam Kloster
    Lucille Gicquel
    Sara Hutinski

    Déborah Ortschitt
    Victorya Delros
    Romane Ruiz

  • Entente Sportive Cannet-Rocheville Volley-Ball

    Coach :
    Riccardo Marchesi

    Anastasia Kornienko
    Niverka Marte
    Alexandra Lourenco

    Yevgeniya Nyukhalova
    Katerina Luketic

    Outside Hitter:
    Anne-Sophie Bauer
    Élisabeth Fedele
    Alessandra Franco
    Debby Pilon-Stam
    Ana Hristova

    Middle Blocker:
    Marina Zambelli
    Mira Todorova
    Janeiry Martinez
    Anais Caullet

    Sayaka Tsutsui
    Emeline Roy

  • Volley Ball Nantes

    Coach :
    Sylvain Quinquis

    Anais Robert
    Keylla Fabrino Ramos
    Nina Stojiljkovic

    Katherine Harms
    Fanta Fofana
    Victoria Foucher

    Outside Hitter:
    Els Vandesteene
    Clémentine Druenne
    Shanice Marcelle
    Sarka Barborkova

    Middle Blocker:
    Angie Bland
    Marion Gauthier-Rat
    Nia Grant
    Joanna Leborgne
    Elisa Pradon

    Luiza Ungerer
    Julia Dhont

  • ASPTT Mulhouse Volley-Ball

    Coach :
    Magali Magail

    Marta Biedziak
    Athina Papafotiou

    Maëva Orlé (also MB)

    Outside Hitter:
    Lara Davidovic
    Karla Klaric
    Bojana Markovic
    Astrid Souply
    Laura Dreyer
    Lea Enderlin

    Middle Blocker:
    Yulia Ferulik
    Alina Albu
    Olga Trach
    Margaux Koch

    Marielle Bousquet
    Léa Soldner

  • Béziers Volley

    Coach :
    Cyril Ong

    Lena Möllers
    Pauline Martin (Setter)
    Emma Francastel

    Hélène Schleck
    Safiatou Zongo

    Outside Hitter:
    Hélena Cazaute
    Sol Piccolo
    Lisa Arbos
    Clara Martin
    Margaux Pastre
    Stefania Okaka

    Middle Blocker:
    Pauline Martin (MB)
    Lindsay McCabe
    Anna Nazarenko
    Marie Sanchez

    Alexandra Rochelle
    Alizée Camberabero
    Laurianne Quiot

  • Volley ball club Chamalières

    Coach :
    Atman Toubani

    Mathilde Buvat
    Zuzana Lindovska
    Jane Wairimu

    Christelle Nana (also OH)

    Outside Hitter:
    Everlyne Makuto
    Esther Gatere
    Abdoulkarim Fawziya

    Middle Blocker:
    Marie-France Garreaudje
    Bracksides Agala
    Stéphanie Fotso

    Lucie Dekeukelaire

  • Istres Ouest Provence Volley-Ball

    Coach :
    Jean Pierre Staelens

    Chloé Domenichini
    Tiphanie Sevin
    Moerani Maire

    Jessica Angulo

    Outside Hitter:
    Odette N'Doye
    Alexia Joffrin
    Savannah Leaf
    Bianca Gommans
    Kathleen Luft
    Coralie Bourdon
    Beverley Vaoheilala

    Middle Blocker:
    Sarah Mantion
    Sylvana Dascalu
    Julieta Lazcano
    Yuranny Romana (also OPP)

    Evelyn Delogú

  • S F Paris Saint-Cloud

    Coach :
    Stijn Morand

    Laurianne Delabarre
    Aziliz Divoux
    Juliette Nabornne

    Alessia Fiesoli (also OH)
    Elsa Amintas

    Outside Hitter:
    Nina Coolman
    Alexandra Dascalu
    Kelsie Wills
    Flore Gravesteijn
    Alessia Fiesoli

    Middle Blocker:
    Grace Carter
    Maud Catry
    Stefania Guaschino

    Lisa Menet-Haure

  • Saint-Raphaël Var Volley-Ball

    Coach :
    Giulio Bregoli

    Tanja Grbic
    Polina Idjilov

    Anna Kajalina

    Outside Hitter:
    Irene Gomiero
    Veronica Angeloni
    Kim Nowak
    Liesbet Vindevoghel

    Middle Blocker:
    Sara Menghi
    Michaela Abrhamova
    Christine Ngeleka

    Amandine Giardino
    Romane Pelaprat

  • Terville florange olympique club

    Coach :
    Pompiliu Dascalu

    María José Corral Bouza
    Sandrine Dorlus

    Ludmila Lican
    Polina Pitou

    Outside Hitter:
    Tanya Acosta
    Flavia De Assis
    Ramata Sangare

    Middle Blocker:
    Mariam Sidibé
    Pavla Duspivova
    Neringa Grikstaite
    Nora Bogdanova

    Caroline Clément

  • Vandoeuvre Nancy volley ball

    Coach :
    Cyril Wozniak

    Inge Molendjik
    Tsvetelina Nikolova

    Alexia Djilali

    Outside Hitter:
    Martina Smidova
    Yulia Stoyanova

    Middle Blocker:
    Chloé Mayer
    Isaline Sager-Weider
    Aleksandra Szafraniec
    Alona Pelc-Malysheva

    Manon Bernard
    Adeline Lefèvre

  • Pays d'Aix Venelles Volley-Ball

    Coach :

    Marie-Sara Sicard
    Valeria Caracuta

    Sonja Mikysková

    Outside Hitter:
    Camille Crousillat
    Anja Zdovc
    Milca Lubieska da Silva
    Ludmila da Silva

    Middle Blocker:
    Lydia Oulmou
    Tamara Matos Hoffmann
    Valentina Zaloznik

    Laura Ong

  • Vandoeuvre Nancy volley ball


  • Vandoeuvre Nancy volley ball

    Coach : Cyril Wozniak

    Inge Molendjik 1,86m Netherlands

    Tsvetelina Nikolova 1,78m Bulgaria


    Martina Smidova
    1,76m Czech Rep. 28

    Yulia Stoyanova 1,85m Bulgaria 29


    Alexia Djilali 1,86m France 28


    Aleksandra Szafraniec 1,92m, Poland 27

    Isaline Sager-Weider 1,84m, France 27

    Alona Pelc-Malysheva 1,86m Ukrainia 27

    Chloé Mayer 1,86m France

    Liberos :

    Manon Bernard 1,75m France

    Adeline Lefèvre 1,71m France
    libéro 21

  • 1st Round.

    Vandoeuvre Nancy 3-1 Le Cannet (19-25 25-17 25-17 25-21)

    Fedele 13p, Pilon-Stam 10p, Zambelli 8p
    Debby replaced Guerra and played quite well as OH. Overall Cannet's performance wasn't really good enough to be the opponent. IMO Marte is better than Kornienko.

    Istres 1-3 RC Cannes (25-23 18-25 21-25 17-25)

    Kodola 17p, Lazic 16p, Kloster 9p (6 blocks), Bursac 9p, Hultinski 7p.
    Sanchez didn't play at all and Bianchini played bad and got replaced by Bursac and then bulgarian Dimitrova. It's perhaps too early to judge, but the level of Cannes has dropped A LOT compared to last season.

    Mulhouse 3-0 Nantes (25-21 25-19 25-18)

    Angie Bland didn't play and both Vandesteene and Harms were awful, no surprise they lost.

    SF Paris St-Cloud 3-0 Chamalieres (25-17 25-17 25-16)

    St-Raphaël-Venelles and Béziers-Terville Florange will be played tonight.

    À bientôt, Mesdames et Messieurs :wavy:

  • Thank you Emil for the comments.

    Well as Fang said, this year will be quite diferent for Cannes, but it's a choice from the club. They expect to have a championship in wich they will have to fight in every game to win. But They are not afraid of losing.
    The team is young compare to last years and they are trying to build a team to be really compétitive in 2 or 3 years. In this first match, without Sanchez and with a really bad Bianchini, they manage to win thanks to their block (19) wich is much much better than last year. Now They avec to progress individualy and as a team

  • I watched the match for a while. It was a very weak one.

    On the other side it may be a problem of game organization, since you can see the other top clubs, supposed to fight with Cannes for the title, lost as well or struggled ways too much. ECH end was to close to the european leagues start IMHO. Istres anyway look very very weak to me.

    Cannes and Le Cannet will bring a great fight this season. Nantes looks a step behind, like Beziers, Saint Rapahel and Mulhouse. At least on the paper.

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    "...come la terra la pioggia d'estate"
    "Io ti ho coperto le spalle, scoprendo tutto il mio cuore"
    - Emma :heart::love: