Ukrainians playing for other countries

  • Well, there are a lot...

    Natalia Goncharova and Valeria Goncharova. Valeria isn't as good as her younger sister but still might be useful.
    Natalia Mammadova as all we know.
    Polina Rahimova as far as I know all of her families are in Ukraine...
    Evgeniya Duskiyevich who played on good level of volleyball, she was also from Ukraine.
    Olessia Rykhliuk, one of the best active OPPs in Europe.
    Alexandra Fomina can be mentioned as well, although she now has a french citizenship.
    Ekaterina Krivets who's currently playing for Krasnodar, also Olga Fateeva. Both of them were born in Ukraine.
    Marina Marchenko, a quite good OH.

  • thanks,

    but doesn't rykhlyuk play for UKR?

    i heard rahimova was born in UZB but her family is ukrainian.

    i don't know any of the others. my question was about current players. just imagine how good UKR would be today with those players…