2016 FIVB World League

  • I can't believe how good we are in managing to lost at the end of the sets :(

    The first set we started so well, with finally a good effort in blocking, then wasted it at the end... (and with a lot of serve mistakes, but France did that too, even if not as many as us).

    In the second set we played worst, but somehow managed to stay close until the horrible end: it seems we could't forget the silly mistake of the referee. I admit I punched the couch more than once for that, btw :lol:

    And now the long pause I hate...

    How, I'm so disappointed ;(
    C'mon guys!!

  • I understand there was a big refeering mistake but taking Juantorena out was so stupid . It is directly a coaching mistake.
    And this is when Zaytsev was playing with 6/14 and Lanza 1/8 in the offensive end.

    Blengini doesnt have capacity to lead this team. That's another proof for my theory

  • Blengini doesnt have capacity to lead this team. That's another proof for my theory

    If you think he is not so essential like Zaytsev, why not giving him some rest for his seriously injured shoulder and stop forcing him to play back to back matches ?
    It is not Italy suddenly turned into a fantastic defensive team with Antonov :sos: . He is punishing Juantorena but also boosting France confidence. (they are going to play the first match in Olympics)

  • So without doing anything special and not playing anywhere near yesterday's level, France marched easily to bronze medal. I expect Brazil to do the same in the final...

    Poor refereeing once again, that was a MAJOR foot fault by Vettori and again right under the nose of the referee who failed to notice it :down:

  • ;( ;( ;(

    What an horrible end :(
    Again on a reception mistake as the first two sets...

    BTW, I criticize Blengini for many things, but unlike many of you I was ok with the change Antonov - Osmany (actually it's few days I think he should have had another opportunity). It's painful to watch Osmany so out of the game in the crucial moment...

    On the other hand, I really didn't understand why he didn't start with Vettori in the third set and especially why he didn't put him in right after Ivan mistakes!!

    But Blengini was able to disappoint me even more with the change Cester - Birarelli: yes, put in the less international experienced player of the team instead of the most experienced in the most important moment and let's see what will happen!!
    And I'm not saying that because of the two touched ball at the end, which aren't his fault.

    So, so sad to watch my team playing like this, and I think that it is mostly Blengini's fault (as it is players' credits when we do good)...

  • I'll add that again Blengini didn't even give an high five to neither Osmany and Ivan when he put them on the bench, while he do that with other players (at least in different situation like change for serve, the MB-liberos subs and so on, for what I noticed).
    That's imho mean he hasn't the courage to look them in the eyes when they deserve to be benched...

  • Even I'm mad for Blengini after this tournament. He did everything he could do to sabotage his team. How Giannelli and Vettori can be so without any cooperation? They looked like Simo had never set a single ball to Vetto... God... If it comes to Osmany he said after the match that something tragic has happened in his family and he was not able to stay focused on the match.

  • Good job so far by serbia, brazil with on or two errors too much.

    Im always again amazed by the athletic talent of Ivovic and Lisinac. :white: Im sure they would have done well in a lot of other sports too.

  • With Serbia serving and Brazil being unable to receive well like this, I really don't see how Brazil could win it. Still hope they can pull it off in the end though :super: