2016 FIVB World League

  • Unfortunately, regardless of that 3-1 win in Belgrade, I just don't see how they will surprise Brazil today.

    Here comes the answer - Brazil with a suicidal performance in the first set. They are not showing even 10% of what they demonstrated against France last night.

  • Matthias, so u said Brazil would not need to do anything special and they would just win easily....well now they gotta really do something special if they want to win this tille.

    OHHHH, how many aces Serbia alreday got? in just 1 set.......One thing for sure, Brazil is happy that Serbia did not qualify for Rio.

    Lisanic improved so so much....

  • They need to stabilize their reception and reduce their errors. Serbia is playing about twice as good as yesterday and Brazil not even half as good so far...

    Brazil is playing just like yesterday.....only difference is that Serbia is serving 1000 times better than France.

  • Well one thing is sure, your approach to analyzing volleyball is totally different from Matthias' or mine.

  • Wow...

    Only 6 errors in two sets by serbian team. Thats awesome :thumbup:

    As it was already said, Brazil needs to stabilize reception and get the middles involved. Too much pressure / faults for the wing spikers......

  • I wish they did not have this stupid 10min break.....the break works in favor of who is lossing...this match is still far from being over. Serbia gotta come out even stronger to win...

  • USAvolleyfan, actually I would have been really surprised if Bernardinho would have 'chill out' with Brazil losing!

    Serbia very concrete, amazing serve and and very few mistakes.

    Again, the second match is more interesting than the first.
    It seems that Italy is such in a bad shape that makes the opponents playing not at their best too xD
    Both Serbia and France played vs Brazil with a completely different attitude than vs Italy, and this is not a good sign for us :(

  • Is Bernandinho for real? I mean you need to chill out and take a pill! If he continues like this in a few years, he might end in a mental hospital...

    Bernardinho behaves like that since the 90's, when he used to coach the Brazilian Women's NT.

    It's very Karpol-esque, but on pills. :lol:

  • Volleyball generally has already too many breaks.
    Technical Time-Outs

    this 10 min break pi**es me off

  • Bernardinho behaves like that since the 90's, when he used to coach the Brazilian Women's NT.

    It's very Karpol-esque, but on pills. :lol:

    I have watched many matches that he coached, especially his club team Rexona.. I know how he behaves, and I am not talking about his yelling at the players.. I am talking about his aggressive gestures on the sideline

  • Karpol is still alive and coaching at almost 80, so I think there is no need to worry about Bernardo ;)

    :rolll: but people's physiology may be different, it's better for him to be calmer when getting old, or to say goodbye to NT after OG.

  • One reason, why serbia often struggled in recent tournaments was their rather poor block/defence. good service is helping here but still they look improved in this element....