2016 FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix

  • Group 1 includes the top 12 teams:

    8 teams of group 2:

    8 teams of group 3:

    Competition calendar
    The 2016 edition of the World Grand Prix will be played over a period of just six weeks from June 3 through to July 10. The preliminary round in Groups 2 and 3 will take place over two weeks from June 3-12. The Group 2 and 3 Finals will follow on the weekend of June 17-19. The Group 1 Intercontinental Round will be played out over three weeks from June 10-26. The Group 1 Finals will take place from July 6-10.

    Six teams will play the Group 1 Finals, split into two pools of three. In a departure from last year's format, pool play will be followed by semifinals and finals. The top five teams from the Intercontinental Round will be joined by the competition hosts.

    The format of the Group 2 and 3 Finals remains unchanged. The three best teams from the preliminary round rankings will be joined by the competition hosts - the four teams will play semifinals and finals.

    Finals bidding process opened
    The bidding process for the World Grand Prix Finals has been opened. It is open to all Group 1 participants and will guarantee a berth for the hosts at the event. Information about the bidding process is now available from the FIVB. Potential hosts are invited to submit their bids by September 30. The International Volleyball Federation will evaluate the bids received and announce the hosts after October 31.

    The World Grand Prix featured eight teams in its debut season of 1993 and from 1995 to 2002, while 12 teams were in action in 1994 and from 2003 to 2010. Sixteen teams were involved in the 2011 and 2012 editions before expanding to 20 in 2013. The competition has featured 28 teams since 2014.

  • I don't know if they are that bad, but they were not able to win group 3 this year (Kenya did it), so they clearly don't deserve the spot on 2nd divison right now.

    Excuse me, havent u watched WGP 2014? Czech Republic and Bulgaria were there and this year's division 3 was a joke, Croatia would have won obviously.

    Yes, it was a stupid idea to send only weak players, they are the only euro team in the third division :down: If I were the coach I would probably boycott WGP, playing in the 3rd divison wont bring anything good.

  • Netherland and Kenya promoted because of wining their group finals
    Dominican Rep. and Croatia degraded because of bottoming at their group.
    it is so fair, why asking...

    i may not be the tallest,
    the fastest, or the strongest,
    but at least i can do one thing better than anyone else,
    to be me...

  • Yeah it is fair but what will bring Croatia playing in division 3 ?? To weak teams...only if we again send our weak team but still they are very stronge for division 3. They need to travel to Australia than in Peru if We are not host of FinalFour than I don't want to watch Croatia in World Grand Prix :down:

  • Yep, their performances were painful to watch, horrible setter, weak attackers and not even a real libero, no team works at all. Maybe I should correct myself and say they deserve this failure. I hope they learned something from it.

    Seeing Fabris and Poljak (if she participates) wouldnt be enjoyable next year. Outstanding works at ECH2013 and WCH but not WGP.

  • i wonder how would Korea rejoin the WGP, would they start up with G3...
    if any team in G3 is not interested and deciding to give up, Korea could be a good filler.
    FIVB should think about it.

    i may not be the tallest,
    the fastest, or the strongest,
    but at least i can do one thing better than anyone else,
    to be me...