2016 FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix

  • WGP 2016 Final is CHN vs THA vs JPN vs TUR.

  • ok....confirm WGP Final is Bangkok. 6 - 10 July 2016

  • Really nice to see Bangkok to host the next edition of WGP final.
    Thailand deserved it. the team is full of hardworkings and certain talents, and they show the world what a good teamwork is.
    but these days apparently thailand is not at their peak any more.

    i may not be the tallest,
    the fastest, or the strongest,
    but at least i can do one thing better than anyone else,
    to be me...

  • I am very glad to see WGP Finals is a full 6 weeks before the Olympics. With so much time in between, it makes it likely that top teams will use full rosters in preparation and not be worried about fatigue. :super: :super:

  • World Grand Prix 2016 - Division 2:

    A2 - Argentina
    B2 - Poland
    C2 - Czech Republic
    D2 - Poland

    Final Four: Bulgaria

  • http://worldgrandprix.2016.fiv…break-through-in?id=59873

    I wonder if Pedulla himself knows he is still coach of German NT :aww: :wall: FIVB :down:

    :aww: And the German Federation has just confirmed that Koslowski and Vollmer will continue to work with the national team this season.

    Polish wide roster:

    S: Ewelina Tobiasz, Joanna Wołosz, Alicja Grabka, Marlena Pleśnierowicz

    Opps: Berenika Tomsia, Katarzyna Zaroślińska, Malwina Smarzek

    MBs: Maja Tokarska, Gabriela Polańska, Kamila Ganszczyk, Zuzanna Efimienko-Młotkowska, Magdalena Hawryła

    OHs: Anna Grejman, Tamara Kaliszuk, Julia Twardowska, Martyna Gajber, Emilia Mucha, Agata Skiba

    L: Agata Sawicka, Aleksandra Krzos, Agata Durajczyk


  • When will fivb grand prix official site, published wide-rosters for national teams??

  • When will fivb grand prix official site, published wide-rosters for national teams??

    For the teams in the World Qualifiers, if they also playing in the World Grand Prix, the first list of players would be the same for the World Grand Prix.

    Otherwise for all other teams, it probably will be as soon the Qualifiers are over.

  • S: SHEN Jing-si [05], WEI Qiu-yue [07], YAO Di [10], DING Xia [16],

    OPP: YANG Fang-xu [03], ZENG Chun-lei [08] (C), ZHANG Chang-ning [09]

    MB: YUAN Xin-yue [01], YANG Jun-jing [06], XU Yun-li [11], ZHANG Xiao-ya [13], YAN Ni [17], WANG Ning [21]

    OH: ZHU Ting [02], LIU Xiao-tong [04], HUI Ruo-qi [12], GONG Xiang-yu [14], LIU Yan-han [19], CHEN Zhan [22]

    L: LIN Li [15], WANG Meng-jie [18]

    Happy to see YANG Jun-jing is listed here, think that her knee injury (as per info from tomen, Oct. 17, 2015) has been fully recovered.
    And all the previously injured core NT members who were absent in the 2015 World Cup are also listed at present:
    XU Yun-li, YANG Fang-xu, and the former captain, HUI Ruo-qi.

    Welcome back all! :flower: :flower: he he i'll know for sure when I see the final list!

    Some "new" names (wrt NT list) are spotted in this wide list: YAO Di, WANG Ning, GONG Xiang-yu, and CHEN Zhan.

    Note: just noticed that both XU Yun-li and YANG Fang-xu played in the friendly match of CHN v JPN on 23 April 2016, but didn't see the former captain, HUI Ruo-qi there.

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  • Because some experienced players finished career at least in NT and others pause, a considerable number of new names show up, I fear, they will losing mostly badly in the very tough groups they were drawn:

    L: Lenka Dürr, Sophie Dreblow
    S: Denise Hanke, Mareike Hindriksen, Lena Möllers, Denise Imoudo
    OH: Lisa Izquierdo, Lena Stigrot, Jana-Franziska Poll, Katharina Schwabe, Annegret Hölzig
    OPP: Louisa Lippmann, Hanna Orthmann, Kimberly Drewniok
    MB: Jennifer Pettke, Wiebke Silge, Berit Kauffeldt, Leonie Schwertmann, Marie Schölzel