2015 NCAA Division I Championship - Omaha / Nebraska - 12/17

  • I have some free time these days, so I started watching the sweet 16 matches.

    The first one I watched is the big surprise: Penn State - Hawaii.

    Hawaii won 3-0. Even easily in the third set. The defending champions had hard time on passing, while Hawaii had a really strong ball control. Penn State was forced to play a lot with the OHs, while Hawaii, leaded by an outstanding Nikki Taylor, was effective with all the players. OHs and libero dominated in passing and defence. Magill was pure pain from the middle. And they blocked a lot. Courtney and Frantti did what they could, but Washington was a bit out of the match, expecially from the second set and Whitney was so so, bad mostly. The third set was a nightmare for the Nittaly Lions which turned off the brain and gave up.