Rugby World Cup 2015

  • The Irish have too many injuries unfortunately. Too bad, I wanted to see them in the final.

    Timm, Savea is unhuman. The new Jonah Lomu :thumbsup:

  • Scotland, why? :wacko: :wall:

    But todays performance of the Wannabies the Wallabies makes hope for a good semifinal next weekend. The argentinians will have watched this match carefully :super:

    Timm, Savea is unhuman. The new Jonah Lomu :thumbsup:

    He got rid of 120 kgs all muscle defenders as if they were midgets :obey:

  • Only an hour to go for the first semfinal of the World Cup (17 CET). The All Blacks will face the Springboks. Everything but a victory for the All Blacks would be a huge surprise but knowing the historic rivalry between both teams, they won't make it painless for the All Blacks.

    Tomorrow there will be Argentina vs, Australia. I hope "los Pumas "haven't finished yet. But it will be very difficult after that emotional match versus Ireland. Will there be tears again? 8)