FIVB World Tour 2016

  • I'm not sure, but I don't think the Olympics give points to the Wold Tour. And the Ranking is update as 9\12\2016 anyways.

    Plus I don't think the Toronto Finals gave away points, it was only money. On the Fivb website for each tournament it shows the final standings with money and points earned, for Toronto it shows only money and no points earned.

    This discussion made me look for more details. Whereas it makes perfect sense for the Olympics not to be included into the World Tour rankings (I wasn't sure if that was or has ever been the case), it made sense to me that the Finals, where the best teams allegedly participate, plus a certain number of wild cards, will give the top teams a chance to reshuffle the rankings one last time before the season ends. I thought it was the case last year as well but then Alison-Bruno won both the World Tour and the Finals and it didn't occur to me that the title at the Finals brought only money. This is what the 2015 tournament's description says: "No FIVB Beach Volleyball ranking point will be awarded to the participating players of FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour Finals." I believe it could very well be the case in 2016 as well. So, I stand corrected :)

    Then it seems we know the World Tour winners. And it must be the Latvians Samoilovs-Smedins for the third time (all 3 in the past 4 years).

  • I checked FIVB's 2016 beach volleyball calendar and it seems they got rid of the (unnecessary) Puerto Vallarta Open originally scheduled for October. The season seems completed now.

  • The season seems completed now.….asp?No=65129&Language=en

    Award winners:
    Bruno Schmidt (Brazil) - Most Outstanding Player
    Phil Dalhausser (USA) - Best Setter
    Alison Cerutti (Brazil) - Best Hitter
    Evandro Gonçalves (Brazil) - Best Server
    Gustavo Carvalhaes (Brazil) - Best Rookie
    Paolo Nicolai (Italy) - Best Blocker
    Janis Smedins (Latvia) - Best Offensive Player
    Bruno Schmidt - Best Defensive Player
    Piotr Kantor (Poland) - Most Improved Player
    Reinder Nummerdor (Netherlands) - Most Inspirational Player
    Bruno Schmidt - Best Sportsman

    FIVB will change the tour`s structure for 2017. Instead of Grand Prix, Major Series and Opens there will be a five-star structure. It is rumoured that, apart from the five star-tournaments, a lot of the other tournaments will be played in "single-out" mode.

    But as we know FIVB, there still might be some changes so i rather wait a bit with a judgement on these changes.....