2016 CEV DenizBank Champions League - Prediction Game

  • Final Standings:
    1. Diesse14 51
    2. elvis 39
    2. forzalube 39

    4. saishuu 37
    5. giaval92 36
    6. kenny3999 28
    7. echo223 24

    congratulations, sorry for not monitoring it properly and notifying about next legs, but I didn't have time due to my studies :whistle: only Diesse14 predicted Leg3 in Group Stages and that's why he won it :D
    hope it'll be better during next season ^^

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    Bronze medal - World League 2012 Prediction Game

  • Thank you Kondzio for counting, sincerely it wasn't even that necessary I think! Anyway first time ever I "won". The male competitions are always so neglected, I also gave up predicting after the group stage..