Russian NT 2016

  • Татьяна Кошелева пока не восстановилась полностью после травмы голеностопа и не сыграет на этапе мирового Гран-при в Калининграде, сообщил агентству "Р-Спорт" куратор женских команд Всероссийской федерации волейбола (ВФВ) Владислав Фадеев.

    "В Калининграде Кошелева играть не будет. Тренерский штаб и врачи решили поберечь Таню. Она приступила к тренировкам с прыжковой нагрузкой всего за три-четыре дня до первого этапа Гран-при. Поэтому на этап в Калининграде она не внесена в заявку сборной, а на следующем этапе в Италии вполне возможно, что сыграет. Восстановление идет нормально, все по плану", - сказал Фадеев по телефону.
    how about kosheleva now?

    That for sure she won't play in Kaliningrad, cos she's not fully recovered yet. The coaching staff and the doctors decided to give her more time. But if everything goes well it's quite possible she will play the leg in Italy.

  • Any news of Samoilenko injury? Is she now ready to play?


    MOSCOW, June 10 - R-Sport, Ildar Satdinov . Central locking Russian national team in volleyball Anastasia Samoilenko has recovered from a knee injury and is ready to play on the stage of the World Grand Prix in Kaliningrad, he said the agency "F-Sport" team general manager, curator of the women's team of All-Russian Volleyball Federation (IEF) Vladislav Fadeev .

    In the first game of the weekend of the Intercontinental Round of the Grand Prix of the Russian national team will play June 10-12 in Kaliningrad with teams from Belgium, Turkey and the Netherlands. Samoilenko on the collection of the national team in Anapa trained on the individual program due to a knee injury.

    Russian volleyball players will play with the national teams of Brazil and Japan in the group in the OI-2016 >>>

    "Samoylenko ready, it has withstood all load Although, of course, smaller jumps Nastya had time to perform than other blockers as first worked individually We will take care of her knee, but she already looks fine.." - Fadeyev said in a telephone conversation.

  • I'm quite skeptical about Russia's participation in the Olympics. The risk of a second flop, like in the World Championship, is high.

    First, the Russian staff did a big mistake when decided to use the A team to play the GP. The SL ended late, there were no time to practice, some key players are injured. Result: Goncha will probably be overused and, in Rio, when it really matters, she'll underperform.

    Second, the 2 receivers system is a done deal, and I honestly don't think Russia can beat the likes of Brazil, China or USA (if they play all they can), in a predictable attack pattern. The thing will gets worse if Samoylenko doesn't play. She's bigger and a much better spiker than Fetisova, so I believe she'll be crucial to turn Russia more competitive against the top 3 opponents. With just high balls in the wings Russia can beat only European teams.
    Finally, IMHO, all the problems have really one single root: Kosheleva. Back in 2014, despite the bad performance in the WC, I was quite optimistic. Gamova returned, Kosha was improving in reception, and the only open questions was who would be her partner as OH. First, I expected Chaplina, and after, Kutyukova. Both predictions proved wrong.

    But, since then, the big problem is that Kosha's reception skills regressed to 2010. It's a disaster. The team can't play without her, and, with her, the team gets too predictable to be competitive against the top opponents.
    Talking about Kosha's future, if she really moves to Eczacibazi, Barbolini willl probably use her as a non receiving OH, and then her destiny will be sealed: she'll become the new Rosir Calderon.

    Final question: Does somebody knows why Voronkova isn't in the NT group?

    Really nice to write here again. In the last few months, I had a lot of things to talk, but my time is so short, I couldn’t get in here. Hope everybody is fine.

  • As we all know, the Russian SL lost a lot of quality last season, so I decided to focus on the new players.

    Overall, I think that there's a good crop of girls, with real potential. Nobody looks phenomenal, but, if they're well prepared, they can became top players. And this, IMHO, is the most interesting: in a near future, Russia will have to play a collective game, like USA or Brazil. There will no longer be players like Gamova, Goncha or Kosha, who can decide a game alone.

    I believe that coaches like Marichev or Gilyazudinov can build good teams under these premisses. My only doubt is if the girls will have a proper training environment in their clubs. We all know that Russian Women's VB is falling apart.

    The players who are catching my attention are:
    – Irina Voronkova (born in 1995): OH, 1,93m. I'm very of how much her game progressed last season, in all elements. Her only problem is her weight. In Kazan, I think they'll know how to deal with it.;

    – Anna Lazareva (1997): Opp, 1,90m. Very light. She jumps quite high and has a very good wrist. I think she has potential to become a better player than Malykh. Plus, her body type also allows her to become a receiver. The president of Dinamo Moscow said that they'll loan her next season, to get more playing time;

    – Angelina Sperskayte (1997): OH, 1,88m. Probably, the most talked about player of the new generation. I finally had the chance to watch her last season. Overall, she looks a skilled player, but I think she needs to improve her spike reach. Next season she'll probably replace Voronkova in Zarechye, so we'll have a lot of opportunities to watch her;

    – Sabina Gilfanova (1996): Opp 1,88m. A very strong player, very similar to Isaeva/Stolyarova. Jumps high and hits the ball with a lot of power. If she keep's working on her skills, can turn into a very good alternative;

    – Anastasia Cheremisina (1996): OH, 1,92m. An interesting player. Despite her size, seems to have a good potential in reception. Is also very strong and jumps high. The better thing about her is that she plays in Uralochka. I believe Karpol can turn her into a very effective OH. Something like a new Chaplina, but taller and with a better reception;

    – Anastasia Barchuk (1996): MB, 1,88m. One of the most gifted players of her generation. Is strong, very keen on block, and spikes with a lot of pace and power, from any position. She's a bit like Lyubushkina, but a thousand times better. My only concern is that she's often injured;

    – Angelina Lazarenko (1998): MB, 1,93m. The great revelation of the last SL. Has potential to become a complete player: great blocker, spiker and server. If Fetisova doesn't improve her spike, and also considering that Samoylenko is so injure prone, I believe Lazarenko will be in the senior NT sooner than later.

    – Natalia Guskova (1996): a very talked about libero. Played in the 2º division last season, but will be in Zarechye in the next SL.

    Well, I don't have nothing to talk about new setters. The only interesting news is that Novik will probably be the first setter in Proton next season. So we'll see what she can do.

    Please, if someone else has also watched one of these players perform, or others, add your comments here.

  • Nobody talked about my posts yet. Have all the Russian VB fans disappeared?

    Nice to see you back! I really enjoy your posts.. I am not following Russian league so much I can't say anything about that.. I don't think Voronkova's weight is that big of a problem.. first of all how much overweight is she? Like 5 kilos? I think that's her body type, same as Berg or Havlichkova.. Although all of these can lose some weight it won't change their appearance much.. We have extremely thin players like Startseva and Polen too..

    I also like Samoylenko but lets be real, she hasn't played for Russia since 2013.. and she has played not many matches for Krasnodar or Omichka.. So we can't speak about her as her form in 2013.. But I will for sure like to see her in RIo

  • Ira Fetisova with such big excitement playing her first Olympic games.…-budut-prisutstvovat.html

    Google always does a very good job, at least it's pretty understandable :

    Volleyball player of the Moscow "Dynamo" and the national team of Russia Irina Fetisova shared expectations of the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. In the group stage of the Olympic tournament in volleyball Russians in Group A teams will compete with Brazil, Japan, South Korea, Argentina and Cameroon. In Group B teams will perform the US, China, Serbia, Italy, the Netherlands and Puerto Rico. "On the weak teams do not have the Olympic Games! Yes, our group is weaker than the other, but second quarterfinals will be harder. Brazil - the owner of the tournament, Japan and Korea - also a very good team with a cool reception and quick game. Argentina plays too well: they have a bunch of high, good rates. As for Cameroon can not say anything ... But it's the Olympics, so that the tension and excitement will be present! This is normal. The main thing that we all coped with emotions "- quoted Fetisova official website of" Dynamo ".

  • So it seems Ira's spot is secured. In my opinion, Fetisova is the best blocking MB Russia has (even better than Zaryazhko). Battle will be between Samoilenko and Lyubushkina as 3rd MB in Rio.

    Emil I looove that Goncha pic/avatar. If I'm not mistaken, that was from last WCH, and I think she was at her prettiest with that hair :heart:

  • Indeed indeed, she's so pretty with that long hair. I don't think she's so photogenic but she looks way cooler when wearing the red jersey. :heart:

  • So after two weeks into the GP, Russia remains undefeated albeit a couple 3-2 wins over TUR & ITA. Russia defeated both teams 3-1 during the Euro Olympic qualifiers but they also defeated NED 3-0. Overall, I think the team is playing better than expected. If I need to point out something, their block-defence is looking really good (reminiscent of 2013).

    OH: Kosheleva (her level appears to be the same even after 'post-meldonium') + (I don't think it really matters who is 2nd OH, either Shcherban or Ilchenko as long as they can pass).
    MB: Zaryazkho + Fetisova (I think Marichev has finally decided the starting MBs for the team, and why not both are in the Top 3 blockers in the statistics)
    Opp: Goncharova (she continues to impress me, her tip blockouts are quite fun to watch) and Malykh (she needs more playing time as the she is not so convincing in the double sub)
    Setter: The experiment with the Russian setters will end this GP. Pankova (proves that she is still the go to setter when Russia is in dire straights, and her connection with Goncha is the most fool-proof, her spot is secured) and Startseva (tallest among the Russian setters with a good block and serve). In Italy match, there was a time where both Pankova and Babeshina were on court! Alas, Babeshina was actually used as serving sub

    With regards to Malygina, she is used as a blocking sub replacing Shcherban/Ilchenko and Marichev had some success with this, so she can actually be the 4th OH in Rio.

  • so official roster might be:
    S: Kosianenko, Startseva
    OP: Goncharova, Malykh
    OH: Kosheleva, Shcherban, Ilchenko, Malygina (also OP)
    MB: Zaryazhko, Fetisova, Shlyakhovaya
    L: Malova

    looks like Startseva wins battle with Babeshina, for OHs it seems that it will end up like that, with Malygina as an option, hope Lyubushkina won't go, though Shlyakhovaya hasn't played much lately :whistle: for L, Malova looks ok and needs no backup

    Gold medal - World League 2013 Prediction Game
    Bronze medal - World League 2012 Prediction Game

  • I also expect the team's roster to be like that, but we shouldn't forget who their coach is as he from time to time appears to be a mysterious man.

    Pankova is back with her maiden name, she must have gotten divorced recently. Speaking of her, I don't think her game is as entertaining as it used to be in 2013. She liked to set to the middle (Morozova's golden days in 2013 were managed by her) in particular when she got good passing, but now even if she's given great balls to set, she only sets to Goncharova or Kosheleva. It's efficient and in order to grab a win it's definitely essential, yet, I'd like her to be more creative and play tricks on the opponent's blockers, although I'm doubtful she'd be able to do that shortly.

    Looking at roster, it's sort of frustrating not seeing any strong servers aside from Fetisova and Startseva (who's not seemingly going to be starter over Pankova). Ilchenko is a weak server IMO and Zaryazhko makes too many serve errors. I have seen Marichev get furious at her after her thoughtless serves.

    To minimize the roster, I presume Lyubushkina is the first one to cut and then perhaps Ezhova.

  • Marichev has apparently re-discovered a strategy that he already used in 2013 but gave up again then: the team plays completely without slide attacks. Zaryazhko and Fetisova hit only from pos.3 and behind the setter there is always Goncharova, either on pos.1 or 2.

    I don't like it too much personally, but it suits the team because both MBs are no good slide attackers. Actually from the current team Lyubushkina is the only one who plays them well.