Russian NT 2016

  • Am I the only one who thinks Isaeva could contribute more than Malykh? Sure Malykh is a very good player, but I've always though she is very set-dependent and in the double substitution I had the impression that she hasn't been that efficient. Isaeva might not be that spectacular but she is a very solid player without many ups and downs, this summer she has done a great job in B team and now in Kazan as replacement for Gamova she did very well too...

    Ilchenko hasn't been playing well in Uralochka lately, so Russia might really get an OH problem. Kosheleva and Scherban should do fine as starters, but Pasynkova barely gets to play in Krasnodar and Ilchenko isn't doing well....

    I dont agree with you regarding the Isaeva/Malykh case, for me Malykh untill this season has been very raw and lacked the necessary variation aspect in her box, but as this season progressed I think she finally transformed and emerged into a more well-polished, versatile attacker able to mix her attacks up by carrying a wider range of approaches as using the hands to achieve block-outs and touches over the block on a more regular basis. For me, this pattern was highly recognizable in the final of Russian Cup some days ago where she found creative ways to kill the ball many times in precarious situations other than her initial characteristic hallmark to go for broke with power. Also, in the game against Krasnoyarsk some time ago I remember Krasnodar collapsed bigtime in reception which was putting the attackers under pressure basically all the time, but Malykh handled the load tremendously, tangled herself out of it by scoring so many times using the hands of the block almost Sokolova-like back in the days when she was the untouchable queen in that regard.

  • Daria Evtukhova has been invited to NT training. Considering Pasynkova's and Ilchenko's current shape and the big question marks around other OHs she might even have a chance of making the final roster.…oned-to-the-russian-team/

    Regarding Evtukhova's overall performance she can be considered as reliable allround OH who can replace either Pasynkova or Ilchenko :wavy: BTW is there any information about whole list of players called for that training before OQT ?(

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  • Rússia NT - 22 players

    S: Kosianenko - Startseva - Vetrova

    MB: Lyubushkina - Fetisova - Zaryazhko - Shlyakhovaya - Efimova.

    OH: Scherban - Pasynkova - Sokolova - Makarova - Khodunova - Kosheleva - Ilchenko - Markova

    OPP: Obmochaeva - Malykh

    L: Malova - Talysheva - Ezhova - Romanenko

    OUT - Pisarenko, Kutyukova, Isaeva, Sheshenina.

    Lyuba IN - Pasynkova now is #2 and Lyuba back to #5.…645&PID=1413&type=LegList

  • No Evtukhova (Pisarenko) ?( So why did they call her to NT training :wacko: I don't get it...

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  • Marichev once again appears to be a little crazy. What if anything happens to Goncharova or Malykh in the next 4 weeks? Not including Isaeva in the 22 players is sheer madness :white: And why the hell is Anna Makarova there? She can't play when Goncharova will be there, and if there is one player with a secured spot in NT right now it's Goncharova. And seeing Khodunova and Markova instead of Evtukhova and Kutyukova is quite weird too...It looks like he already decided his 12 or 14 players and simply threw a dice to decide who else gets on the wide roster :aww:

  • It's possible that he added rest just to fill roster in :whistle:

    Contenders for places seems to be:
    S: Kosianenko, Startseva
    OP: Obmochaeva, Malykh
    OH: Shcherban, Pasynkova, Sokolova, Kosheleva, Ilchenko
    MB: Lyubushkina, Fetisova, Zaryazhko, Shlyakhovaya
    L: Malova, Romanenko

    If 14 is allowed, then either Sokolova or Ilchenko will be out, with only 12 available Romanenko and one of MBs will be out too...

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  • My prediction - Rússia 2016 - Olympic Games 2016

    S: Kosianenko - Startseva
    OP: Obmochaeva - Gamova
    OH: Shcherban - Sokolova - Kosheleva - Ilchenko
    MB: Fetisova - Zaryazhko - Shlyakhovaya
    L: Malova

    Pasynkova is the worst OH that Russia has had in recent years, she has good reception, the attack it is very weak, it does not jump like the great strikers in Russia. She does not play to your Krasnodar team did not know what she does in the first team of Russia. Ilchenko is much better in the basics and young. Pasynkova is a player of 29 years is not the future of Russia.

  • Marichev will probably use the same roster as in EC, with Lyuba instead of Pasynkova. Sacking Pasynkova now Marichev does not have a serving specialist which he may regret later. Ilchenko has good potential but is very young and inexperienced, she has still a lot of years to develop NT but IMO she should be the one to be sacked. Fetisova and Zaryazkho are shoe-ins for the MB spot but I hope Shlyakhovaya also gets the chance to return to NT, she is miles better at blocking than Lyubushkina but knowing Marichev can be so stubborn :wall:

  • After her majestic display in the final of the Russian Cup I believe it make sense to envelop Sokolova into the pot honestly. She´s probably the only the nation has for the moment in that particular position (except for Kosheleva) that could be expected to achieve that kind of performances against high level opposition. The other alternatives are weak and not reliable against better teams at all. Ilchenko will likely be grandiose in the future, but for the moment she struggles and seems a bit limited when put against greater forces on the highest level. Maybe Sokolova is immortal after all and able to resist the law of nature in some inscrutable way perhaps by saving energy with a strategy of storing her power supply during the regular seasons and waste minimal resources.

  • Verry glad to see that liuba is playing the team needs Here for the spirit experience And right Now she is So good At reception And defense that It Will help the russian offense. Obmacheava and kosheleva Will do the offense And the midlle A are getting stronger. I dont know about gamova!! Obma is better right Now And gamova is sometimes mody on the court. Plâtres Need experience e And sympathy which liuba has always Been. Verry excited to see the results And i whish russia Will get the ticket coz they r the only team to chalenge bra china And USA !!

  • Better one more OH than Malykh... If Goncharova gets injured during the games, Kosheleva could take over...

    agree, she was used in Krasnodar as hitter without passing so if necessary she can be on-receiving OH and one OH can be passing OP ^^

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  • Rússia - Final Roster - Ankara/Turkey 2015
    European Olympic Qualification

    15 players

    S: Kosianenko - Startseva

    OH: Sokolova - Hodunova - Kosheleva - Scherban - Ilchenko

    OPP: Obmochaeva - Malykh

    MB: Shyliakovaya - Zaryazhko - Lyubushkina - Fetisova

    L: Malova - Yezhova

  • And Malykh, Obmochaeva as OPP.
    Congrats to Lyuba, you will definitely make it to Rio :roll:

  • and OP: Obmochaeva - Malykh :wavy:

    I'd cut Hodunova out, total noname for me :whistle: who's she :wacko: ?(

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  • If Sokolova and Hodunova are among the 15 best players of Russia, Russian volleyball definitely has something to worry about.

    The little I saw of Hodunova in Russian Cup F4 did not look to me like she's the next big thing. Russia better hope that Kosheleva and Scherban stay healthy and in shape for a long time :whistle:

  • So why not trying Evtukhova, Kutyukova, Markova, Kurilo, Vornkova ?(

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