Russian NT 2016

  • My Rússia NT 2016 - Olympic Qualification - Jan/2016

    S - Startseva - Kosianenko

    MB - Shlyakhovaya - Morozova - Zaryazhko - Best trio MB - (NO Orlova, Lyubushkina and Fetisova)

    OH - Kosheleva - Scherban - Sokolova - Ilchenko - (NO Pasynkova).

    OP - Goncharova - Gamova - (NO Malykh - She is young, will have many years ahead with the Russian team).

    L - Malova - (NO Kryuchkova, not necessary).

  • Oh please, no Sokolova anymore. She's already done as player, I hope she will focus on her son more than volleyball now.

  • I was happy to see Fofao or Scott Arruda in the olympic games in 2008 and 2012 or both, obviously they gave great contribution to the team and lead younger teammates very well, but Lyuba is just another story, she simply can't help the team anymore. I don't know if you have seen her recent performance in Krasnodar, she definitely is playing without any big motivation, only for money apparently.

    However yes, she will want to play in Rio even in a wheelchair.

  • Haven't seen Lyuba play in her recent games, could she really be that bad as what you guys claim? If we were only to take 3 OHs to Rio (Kosheleva and a healthy Scherban is almost in), would you guys prefer to see Pasynkova and/or Ilchenko over Sokolova? Regarding the MBs, Zaryazkho would surely take the 1st spot after her great performance during EC, and maybe Fetisova will be second. Lyubushkinha has served her purpose during the WGP & WC, but I no longer want to see her in NT now that Zaryazkho returned (and Orlova is definitely out of the picture). Can't vouch how healthy Morozova/Shlyakhovaya currently is, but I will take no offense in taking either of them. Goncharova of course will be the 1st OPP no question about that, but if Gamova is not ready to play as her backup, I am leaning more towards Isaeva than Malykh as backup OPP.

  • As in 2011, where Sokolova was not playing a high-level volleyball, many people told us that she had to leave the national Russian team, and when she returned at the London Olympic Games in 2012, she scored about 20 points against Brazil. Sokolova is a player who knows how to play at the time that the team most needs it.

    I believe that in time, it can make great games. Scherban and Ilchenko are the successors of Sokolova but they will go to his first Olympics, I think we still need to give signs of maturity.

    Marichev gave a chance this young selection show which is great, however, Obmochaeva, Scherban, Kosianenko ... failed against Serbia, China ... and not ranked Russia to the Olympics. I believe that for the tournament in January, it calls the Gamova and Sokolova experience.

    You can not open players hand as well. The adrenaline, tension and atmosphere in the Olympic Games is unlike any other competition. You must play maturity. Big teams have been very bad, because this competition is unlike any other in the world.

    Fetisova will be the big surprise in my opinion.

  • Yeah but did Russia win anything in 2012 Olympics with Sokolova? No they did not...and now she is nearly 40, hardly jumping anymore. Experience alone can't make up for everything on highest level. I'd rather have a young and hungry player there instead.

  • Yes they lost against Serbia and China but they didn't have one more good MB and Fetisova. Fetisova started to play very good on ECH and i think that she can be even better in Rio.

    Why would you call Gamova when you have Obmochaeva ?? I don't think that Gamova would be happy to be second OPP.

    And Wd don't need to talk how good Scherban was on WC.

  • Stats regarding Russian Outside Hitters so far this season in Russian Superleague: (after 5 played games)


    Yulia Bessonaya (Krasnoyarsk) 77 pts.
    Anna Makarova (Proton Saratov) 70 pts. (Only 4 games)
    Irina Voronkova (Zarechiye) 68 pts.
    Olga Efimova (Omsk) 68 pts. (Born 1997)
    Yuliya Kutyakova (Leningradka) 65 pts.
    Olessia Nikolaeva (Omsk) 63 pts.
    Ksenia Ilchenko (Ekaterinburg) 53 pts. (Only 4 games)
    Maria Samoilova (Leningradka) 51 pts.
    Alina Yarosik (Zarechiye) 49 pts.
    Daria Evtuhova (Uralochka Ekaterinburg) 45 pts. (Only 4 games)
    Margarita Kurilo (Proton Saratov) 40 pts. (Only 4 games)
    Liubov Sokolova (Krasnodar) 39 pts.

    HITTING PERECENTAGE % (% of attacks killed provided with at least 75 sets)

    Anna Makarova (57%)
    Ksenia Ilchenko (51%)
    Yulia Kutyukova (47%)
    Yulia Bessonaya (44%)
    Daria Evtuhova (41%)
    Margarita Kurilo (40%)
    Olga Efimova (40%)
    Maria Samoilova (39%)
    Irina Voronkova (38%)
    Alina Yarosik (37%)
    Anastasia Markova (36%)
    Liuba Sokolova (36%)
    Ekaterina Petrova (Leningradka) (34%) (OH/OPP)
    Ekaterina Gromova (Voronezh) 29%
    Svetlana Sukhoverkhova (Voronezh) 26%

    Valeria Safonova (Omsk) 23%

    RECEPTION (at least 70 receptions)

    Yuliya Bessonaya (Krasnoyarsk) 58%
    Daria Evtuhova (Uralochka) 56%
    Svetlana Sukhoverkhova (Voronezh) 55%

    Ksenia Ilchenko (Uralochka) 53%
    Alina Yarosik (Zarechiye Odintsovo) 53%
    Irina Voronkova (Zarechiye Odintsovo) 50%
    Tatiana Kosheleva (40%)
    Sokolova 65 receptions, 57%
    Margarita Kurilo 52 receptions, 54%
    Yana Scherban 41 receptions, 51%
    Yulia Kutyukova 59 receptions, 46%
    Anastasia Bavykina, 63 receptions, 32% ( :white: )

  • Natalia Goncharova and Natalia Malykh superior in terms of scoring overall. Goncharova with totally incredible 6.85 points/set so far in first four games. Malykh second with 5.61 pts/set. Daria Isaeva with 4.94 pts/set. Goncharova 51% in attack. Malykh 49%.

  • Ilchenko is the Russian future.

    Reception and atacker! :super:

  • Setter: Startseva, Kosianenko

    OH: Kosheleva, Scherban, Pasynkova

    OPP: Goncharova, Bavykina

    MB: Fetisova, Zarachko, Lyubushkina

    Libero: Malova

    Russia doesnt have really good setters to choose right now so they are stuck with Startseva and Kosianenko. Kosianenko is pretty ok but Startseva is just so-so. Among the OHs Pasynkova is most likely the one to be replaced by Kutyukova or Ilchenko since FD is a focused for the team right now. Lyubushkina is a team player. She gets her job done but doesnt do anything exceptional. She can easily be replaced by Morozova or Shlyakhovaya depends who will recover from their injuries faster. Bavykina is a future scoring machine for russia. Her FD is pretty weak but very good attacker. She can play OH2 if needed. Im afraid Gamova or Sokolova will be in the line up but hopefully it will be Gamova.

  • Pasynkova can no longer play for the selection of Russia. Their reception was his strong point and in recent times is very bad, and well below the average.
    His attack was always very weak, she has no power and does not jump very high. Russia has always had strikers who jumped too high and had very strong arm, Artamonova, Godina, Gamova, Sokolova.

    The new generation is Kosheleva, Obmochaeva ... but good defense and good reception, Scherban 26 and Ilchenko with 20 years is the great reality. Pasynkova seems to be powerless in every game.