Russian NT 2016

  • I wasn't expecting Gamova as she can still play at a high level; however, I understand that she wasn't as healthy this year. Maybe sshe wants to move on in her personal life. Wish her all the best

    Sokolova - not a big fan of hers, and she has been on the decline for the last few years. However, I wish her all the best.

    Russia needs a backup OPP. I haven't been overly impressed with Malykh this season, so she will have to step up in the backup role.

  • Russia's coach Yuri Marichev calls on 16 players to start preparations for Grand Prix and Olympic Games:

    S: Babeshina - Kosianenko - Startseva.
    OPP: Goncharova - Malygina - Malykh.
    MB: Zaryazhko - Lyubushkina - Samoilenko - Fetisova.
    OH: Voronkova - Ilchenko - Kosheleva - Shcherban.
    L: Ezhova - Malova.…-the-collection-in-anapa/


  • I hope Babeshina and Startseva will go to Rio.

    Startseva presents old Russian school with high balls to wings; Babeshina modern volleyball with MBs in first plan.

  • Kosheleva "Gamova's retirement was very unexpected."

    Krasnodar "Dynamo" and the national team of Russia Tatiana Kosheleva admitted that the decision to double world champion, two-time silver medalist Catherine Gamova to retire was a surprise for her. At the end of April it became known that the Gamova will not renew the contract with Kazan "Dynamo".

    "For me it is very surprising to hear this news, to be honest. This is an unexpected decision for Katie, and we expect to see her in the national team. But if she took this decision for yourself ... It Wise, a professional athlete, and if that decision is made, it is the surest means to her. I want to thank her for her career for her game, which is enjoyable for our joint victory. Not every day that such professionals as Lyubov Sokolova , Katya Gamova, completing his career. Tomorrow we are going to the first gathering of the national team, and I think everyone expected to see Kate in the ranks "- quoted Koshelev," R-Sport ".

    Well done, Google translator :D

  • No surprises here (apart from the inclusion of Sheshenina). Without Gamova, Russia needs another terminating OH, and I think Voronkova is the closest we have of the current Russian OHs (next to Kosheleva). Glad to see no Hodunova on the list and hopefully this will mark Shlyakhovaya's successful return to NT. If Fetisova will not be starting MB, Marichev may use her as serving specialist seeing as there is no one else on the team besides her and Startseva who are reliable on serve. Overall I'm satisfied with this selection, Marichev did his homework :teach:

  • Quite a fair roster choice from Marichev! :win: Also it is very balanced, young players such as Voronkova, Ilchenko and Fetisova with other experienced players. Good backup players are in the roster; Voronkova for Kosheleva and Ilchenko for Scherban. My only change would be inviting Moroz or Morozova instead of Lyubushkina :whistle:

  • Волейболистки сборной России Татьяна Кошелева и Анастасия Самойленко пока не восстановились после травм и не начали тренироваться в общей группе на сборе национальной команды в Анапе, заявил агентству "Р-Спорт" менеджер женских команд Всероссийской федерации волейбола (ВФВ) Владислав Фадеев.

    "Все тренируются в полную силу, кроме Анастасии Самойленко и Татьяны Кошелевой. У Самойленко была травма колена, а Кошелеву продолжаем лечить от травмы голеностопа. Она по-прежнему ее тревожит, но положительная динамика уже есть. Что касается ее участия в Гран-при, то форсировать возвращение Татьяны не будем. Она пока не тренируется в общей группе, и если она приступит к тренировкам до матчей в Калининграде, то вернется в строй, а если нет - то нет. Мы хотим убедиться, что она полностью восстановилась", - заявил Фадеев по телефону.
    How is Kosheleva and Samolenko?

  • Both injured. Samoilenko with her knee and Tatiana is still recovering from her injured ankle. If she starts training with the group before the WGP tournament in Kaliningrad, then she may play, but if not - they'll wait till she fully recovers.

  • Not surprised with Kosheleva's injury but I think she will recover in time. But Shlyakhovaya? I thought she played a superb match in the CEV Cup Finals. It seems she hasn't fully recovered since 2014 when she disappeared from NT. Zaryazkho-Fetisova should take roles as starting MBs then.

  • russian roster for kaliningrad

    Babeshina Marina (Uralochka-NTMK)
    Kosyanenko Ekaterina (Dynamo Moscow)
    Eugene Startsev (Dinamo Ks)

    Natalia Goncharova (Dynamo Moscow)
    Malygina Daria (District-Odintsovo)
    malykh Natalia (Dinamo Cr)

    Zaryazhko Irina (Uralochka-NTMK)
    Lyubushkina Ekaterina (Dynamo Moscow)
    Anastasia Samoilenko (Dinamo Cr)
    Fetisov Irina (Dynamo Moscow)

    Ilchenko Xenia (Uralochka-NTMK)
    Koshelev Tatyana (Dinamo Cr)
    Shcherban Jan (Dynamo Moscow)

    Yezhov Elena (Dinamo Ks)
    Anna Malova (Dynamo Moscow)

    no irina voronkova,strange?injury?

  • Last time it was MB Efimova who was suddenly dropped from the roster, now it's Voronkova strange indeed. No update on Kosheleva/Samoilenko injuries guess we just have to see a couple of days from now if both will play.

    news of russia,what is it say?

    Most of it is about the Grand Prix, the schedule the Russian team has and the upcoming tournament in Kaliningrad. What's important is that Kosheleva is fully recovered. She won't play in Kaliningrad yet as to not risk anything, but overall everything's going according to plan. The two main OHs should be Ilchenko and Scherban. And Marichev is very impressed with Malygina - she's tall (201 cm), but she also jumps high and despite her height is pretty good in defence. Still weak technically, but he sees bright future for her. Marichev will cut the last player just before the tournament and it's possible we'll see all three Opps (Goncharova, Malykh and Malygina) and some different options on how to use them. The goal for the Russian team is to get to the final phase.

  • and what is Irina Voronkova?she is cutted

    That she looked quite good during the training camp, but there are still some elements she has to improve. And that she's young and lacks experience.

  • Татьяна Кошелева пока не восстановилась полностью после травмы голеностопа и не сыграет на этапе мирового Гран-при в Калининграде, сообщил агентству "Р-Спорт" куратор женских команд Всероссийской федерации волейбола (ВФВ) Владислав Фадеев.

    "В Калининграде Кошелева играть не будет. Тренерский штаб и врачи решили поберечь Таню. Она приступила к тренировкам с прыжковой нагрузкой всего за три-четыре дня до первого этапа Гран-при. Поэтому на этап в Калининграде она не внесена в заявку сборной, а на следующем этапе в Италии вполне возможно, что сыграет. Восстановление идет нормально, все по плану", - сказал Фадеев по телефону.
    how about kosheleva now?

  • Any news of Samoilenko injury? Is she now ready to play?