Korea - V League 2015/2016

  • Rush&Cash wins again the Championship!! Today they defeated 3-1 Skywalkers, dominating the first two sets (even if they made a bit too manu mistakes, especially in the first), losing the third and eventually winning the fourth with good game! Congrats to Simon of course but I have to say that also the two wing spikers did a good job (don't Know their names).

    Hope to see Simon back in Italy next season :cup:

  • The draft is complete. Ansan and Air Jumbos got the best players. Must admit that I am surprised Jakub Jarosz and Steven Morales did not get drafted.

    Rolando Cepeda -> Ansan Rush & Cash
    Mitja Gasparini -> Korean Air Jumbos
    Thijs Ter Horst (Samsung Bluefangs)
    Toontje van Lankvelt (Hyundai Skywalkers)
    Artur Udrys (KB Insurance Stars)
    Arpad Baroti (KEPCO Vixtorm)
    Krisztian Padar (Wooricard Dream)