CEV U20 European Championship - 2016 | 9 | 2

  • I expected more from Belgium.

    This Belgium generation isn't good as previous ones. It's normal, can't always have talented generations. But I would point out that Belgium U20 is led by Joel Banks, ex-volleyball player from Great Britain and I've some concerns about his coaching abilities and skills.

    Generally we've seen expected outcomes. Russia, Italy, Slovenia, Turkey, Poland, Serbia and France booked tickets for Varna and Plovdiv while Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Spain, Ukraine, Belarus and Denmark will compete in 3rd round this July.

  • I read an article on Facebook about Kamil Droszynski resigning from national team.

    Not so sure about the context, but does it mean that he won't play in the U20 ECH?

    Anyone could provide some more insights?

  • Tourney will start today.

    Pool 1: Bulgaria, France, Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Ukraine
    Pool 2: Belarus, Czech Republic, Italy, Russia, Serbia, Turkey

    There will be streams available on http://www.laola1.tv

    German team is quite optimistic and wants to battle for medals. Unlike before WCH they have all players on board and claim that they had a very good preparation. Poland is massive favourite in Pool 1 but behind them, the pool seems quite open.

  • I watched all matches yday and some of them were really good, like Italy - Czech Rep. or France - Poland and Bulgaria - Ukraine. Still can't give judgement on teams but looks like quality is more than solid :whistle:

  • The Serbian players both in and outside court cheering and clapping for their serving team mate like organized fans made may day xD Loved it!

    I only watched the last set of Italy-Czech Rep and it was quite nice imho, more than the female U19. It seemed to me that in proportion the male level seems to be higher, probably because they're more effective in attack I guess...

  • I only started watching games today, didn't find time yesterday. From what I read, there was more drama yesterday than there has been today. For now. Some known names in the squads of Poland, Germany, Turkey, and Italy. This Serbian team is relatively new to me, I hope I will find some time to watch them. Pool A is of interest to me also for a non-volleyball reason and that is the brand new sports hall in Plovdiv. Although it clearly functions as a cycle-racing track, it is spacious and might be used for volleyball in the future as well. No need to say that these are the first volleyball matches there and the first in Plovdiv in many, many years. Which reminds me of an interesting discussion regarding such cycle-racing tracks that host volleyball games. I had only seen it once before - Netherlands played Bulgaria twice in Almere, if I am not mistaken, in a very similar sports hall. World League 2010 that is. Or must be.

    Today's match versus Slovenia wasn't spectacular. A very bad serving day for the young Slovenians. They are physically very limited and endeavour to make up for it with technical skills. Which they have and it is admirable that players that young can play with their heads. However, it is not enough for this level. It is, nevertheless, a great achievement for Slovenia to be at the ECH finals because now this country has really stepped inside men's volleyball, with national and junior teams taking part (some with even great success) in practically every competition there is. One weaker generation cannot undermine Slovenian progress so their currently weak ECH should not be taken tragically.

    On the other side, this Bulgarian generation is much better than the previous one, even if the older have solid players like Chernokozhev, Martin Atanason, and maybe Krasimir Georgiev. This Bulgarian team at the U20 ECH is a bright wave of hope for Bulgarian volleyball. Names you could follow - the opposite Parapunov, the setter Manchev, the MB Alex Grozdanov, the OH Shekerdzhiev is not bad either. They haven't shown their best volleyball yet and I don't know if they can compensate for the surprising defeat against Ukraine. The next two matches versus Germany and France will provide the answer if Bulgaria is ready to play semifinals. Based on what I see - no, based on potential - possibly yes. What I also fear is that they don't have an experienced coach who could help them turn the outcome of some games, even at home. Vladimir Nikolov, who was still an active player a few weeks ago, doesn't have the skills of a good coach yet. One such would've won yesterday's match versus Ukraine. I disapprove the experiment to give him a junior NT to coach immediately and at a very delicate time when these lads could gain a lifetime confidence if they do something remarkable at home when they are 18, 19, or 20. We will see how that unfolds, for now I can just say this Bulgarian team needs to step up in order to stand chances for the semis.

  • German MB Tobias Krick yesterday with 7 blocks in 4 sets, today with 13 blocks in 5 sets :super: :obey:

    In deed, thats a nice show up so far by Krick. The year at United Volleys in Frankfurt really did him well. Lets see how he will do against more physical opponents like Poland or Bulgaria.

    Overall, I really enjoy watching these guys playing Volleyball. There is great energy in this team and they play with good organisation and versatility. But they need this versatility and especially the contribution by MBs, as they lack a dominant hitter on the wings so far. Especially opposite hitter Maxi Auste has to improve if they want to reach the semis.

  • :white: :white: :white:

    I could only watch the Italian match these days, but I must say I'm quite happy with our block-defense so far :)

    There is few really strong MB's like Krick, Galassi (Italy) but Russian Kononov looks like a monster.

    Watch out on Yakovlev, Semyshev, Piskarev (RUS, OPP, OH, OH), Plotnytskyi (UKR, OH), Romano (ITA, OPP), Kop (CZE, OH), Manusauaki (FRA, MB), Kwolek and Ziobrowski (POL, OH&OPP), Parapunov (BUL, OPP)...

    Agree with Timm, Germany lack killer winger for step forward. Bogachev and especially Auste aren't that convincing :teach:

  • About Italy (the only one I watched enough to speak about) Romanò positively impressed me as well, but my hope for the future are mostly on the MBs and the OHs, since we really need more fuel in that position for the senior NT ^^

    Also Sbertoli imho will become an interesting sub for Giannelli in the future, especially considering he will be play generally as titular in Milano (A1), with Galassi (I'm not sure but I think titular as well, otherwise I can't see why Trento didn't kept him for his bench, considering that Mosna for what I've heard by local fans is a big fan of him and was even ready to bet on him as first MB)


    And today Romanò out after a set and Galassi blocked over and over again :aww:

  • Third tie-break loss for french team :white:
    Imho they lack of a good setter. Quite unprecise over large parts of the match. Good blocking by bulgarian team though. They also had a quite low error rate, so french team had to battle for each point.

    Watch out on Yakovlev, Semyshev, Piskarev (RUS, OPP, OH, OH), Plotnytskyi (UKR, OH), Romano (ITA, OPP), Kop (CZE, OH), Manusauaki (FRA, MB), Kwolek and Ziobrowski (POL, OH&OPP), Parapunov (BUL, OPP)...

    I would still add turkish player Abdullah Cam (OPP).

  • Poland just played on a different level than the german team. Once they got their rhythm, there was nothing the german team could do. No further analyze needed.....

  • Wow! Italy came back after losing 2-0 and 24-22 vs Russia and won the match at tie break 15-13!
    I'm very happy for them, even if I missed half of the fourth set and the fifth ^^

    Galassi after being substituted by Russo at the end of the second set started the third set as titular with new fuel, and Pinali wonderfully took Baldazzi (second set) and Romanò (first set) place as opposite!

    Well done guys ^^