FIVB World Club Championship 2016

  • No, the host said clearly 1st Best OH is Zhu Ting, 1st Best MB is Akirandewo.

  • Well Im not sure.... But I think I heard the other way...and when I Looked on the scream Rasic was getting were award and it said " Best Blocker" and not "2nd best Blocker"
    Maybe there`s no 1st or second best, they call both the "best" I dont know

    and either way, makes no sense bringing the Best and then the 2nd best after.. :lol:

  • Oh Rasic got 25 blocks, but Carol got 27.

    And so many people saying crap about Sloetjes and Naz, Sloetjes was the best spiker and Naz best setter after all :lol:

  • I think the ref was telling Tanya to tone down the celebrations from the looks of it.

    Haha Tanya scores with her head :lol:

    That was my impression too. She was celebrating like a Brazilian :D

  • I just watch full matche, Samanta Fabris had amazing matche, one of her best in her life.... That 5th set WAS AMAZING.

    I hope that She can finally keep playing like this not falling.

  • Setter's data is based on their running sets, it doesn't actually reflect how good a setter is but how bad a team's passing is. If anyone thinks Naz is the best setter, they must be delusional or know nothing about volleyball.

  • I always wonder why FIVB ranks setters by running sets. I think ranking them by % of sets killed would be a better indicator of who is best. Of course, a lot of that has to do with the skill of the passers and spikers as well, so stats don't really tell you very much about setters.

  • Fun fact. The coaches of medal winning teams are all Italians.

  • Don't know if it's been mentioned before but Eczacibasi and Pomi switched coaches.

    Congrats EcV! :flower:

  • Kosheleva is probably the most accommodating player in the tournament. Best in fan service to be exact. Like she'll take every photo with fans, the securities even had to force her to ride in the bus.

  • They were more prize money for the women than the men.

    Vitra - US$ 200,000
    Pomi - US$ 120,000
    Vakfi - US$ 70,000

    Cruzeiro - US$ 100,000
    Zenit - US$ 70,000
    Trentino - US$ 60,000

  • The Brazilian Women`s Superliga changed their whole playoffs schedule because of the 2017 Club Championship to be held in Japan from 8-14 May.

    The Final match of the SuperLiga was schedule for May 14, the new date is April 24.

    Of course they are assuming one Brazilian Team will win the South American Championship.

    What are the playoffs dates in Turkey and Italy?

    I don`t think the WCH should be this early, only 7 months after the just concluded 2016 edition.…minina-1617-e-antecipada-'s_Club_World_Championship

  • Ohh the Italian Playoffs starts on March 28?, That is really late. and I really dont like the playoffs system this season.

    Qualify the playoffs Scudetto top 10 ranked teams at the end of the regular season. The teams from the 1st to the 6th position will access directly to the quarterfinals, while the formations from 7 ^ to 10 ^ will face a preliminary round. In the 2016-17 season the playoffs are structured in four shifts:

    1. The second round (7 vs 10 ^ ^ ^ and 8 vs. 9 ^) will be held on the first legs, back and eventual set tiebreaker in case of an equal quotient in September He went to the worst house classified.
    2. The quarter-finals will be played on the first legs, back and possible playoff. Race-1 and the eventual match-3 will be played on the field of the best classified.
    3. The semi-finals will be played to the best of 5 games, with Race 1, Race-3 and any race-5 in the highest ranked home.
    4. The Finale Scudetto will be played to the best of 5 games. Race 1, Race-3 and any race-5 in the home of the best classified.

    Beginning March 28


  • Nestlé/Osasco from Brazil gets the 1st out of 4 wild cards to the 2017 World Club Championship.

  • Tauron Dąbrowa Górnicza got offer to play in World Club Championship 2017. They refused it because they have to pay $100,000 for wild card.
    This tournament will be played between 8 and 14 May.