FIVB World Club Championship 2016

  • Stevanovic here, Stevanovic there, but eventually is almost always Gibbemeyer the silent killer who shows up when it matters. Her block and her services saved Casalmaggiore in the end of the 4th set. Lauren has balls of steel! Just look at her face while she was watching and screaming folliwing Fabiola's tip going out.

    I'm really worried about Fabiola's level. She's very far from her best.

  • volero beat themselfs with so many errors and stupid mistakes they played well for a set and a half all together and it show they are limited as a team,for 2 sets they looked like they played volleyball for the first time i can understand frustration terzic vent throw, pomi must be the luckiest team i have ever seen in volleyball only way they win is if other team is utter crap

  • If u guys read my post u will remember when I said Terzic should play with Zinkovic and not Fabiola. Zinkovic played the whole last season with this team, she knows them much more than Fabiola. ANd I dont get why he never gave Zinkovic a chance. Makes no sense. And Popovic just like in the OG final she killed her team.

    Im glad for Samantha Fabris, this is her time to put her name in the International Scenario for sure. If Pomi wins tomorrow this would be really huge especially for her.
    Nice to se Bosetti playing like this, maybe now we should all give her a break next time she doesnt perform so well, at least for a while...... And Stevanovic with 5 blocks and great serve. And what was Guerra`s serve ?? OMGGGG

    I would say will be a total sock if Pomis wins tomorrow, but the same thing could happen when they beat Vakfibank.. But if Maja and Boskovic plays like they have been, will be very hard for Pomi to win,but just in case they r not having a good night I think this final will be very close.

  • Leading score ( only final 2 starter players)

    Boskovic - 68 points.

    Kosheleva - 36

    Thaiza - 32
    Larson - 32

    Adams - 26

    Maja - 16


    Fabris - 63

    Bosetti - 52

    Stevanovic - 37
    Tirozzi - 37

    Gibbymayer - 24

    Carly - 10


    If Eczacibasi wins tomorrow they will become the only team to win twice ( and of course back-to-back).
    And would be the 4th time the tille goes to Turkey, Brazil has 3.

    And Im not 100% sure, but I think Larson would be the only player to wins 3 times? !?!?

    If Boskovic wins MVP, she will the second Serbian winning, Brakocevic won in 2013. I dont know who won MVP in 91/92/93, unless it was a Brazilian, which season the MVP went to a different national player.

    Im just saying IF they win....Pomi could win as well.

  • Pomi from the first matche and today Pomi is not the same, so I hope that I will watch very good matche :D

    No one believed that they can't won CL last year but they did, same thing can happend with CWCH

  • Barbolini has a fricking scary face. He looks like a mafia hitman when he's serious.

  • I have the impression Volero's players don't take Terzic very seriously, by their body language, attitude on court and etc.. Maybe that's not the case of course.. I generally like his coaching style, he's usually very composed and always tells their players what can they get better at, and even if they lose but still play good he encourages them..

  • I think main difference in Bosetti's game was that she BELIEVED she can play better, so she did.. You could see it in her eyes, the determination, after such a long time she has been aiming for the court when attacking, not trying to go block out, or tip the ball... she was also pretty fired up.. I hope she continues to improve

  • Sloetjes had a pretty good game, in comparison to her last ones here, but still not as good as she played last season.. Gozde helped her team a lot, especially she attacked quite good.. Zhu was quiet, for her standards, but in the end it didn't matter because her teammates helped more..
    On Volero's side I think everybody played bad, even Foluke wasn't spectacular, however she wasn't given many opportunities.. Olessia was awful, I'm not even sure why Terzic kept her on court all 4 sets.. I also didn't like Rabadzhieva I think, he should have replaced her..

    Congrats Vakif for the bronze!

  • All those years being hidden in the reception line has paid its price. Kosheleva sucked at receiving. :(

  • Eczacibasi losing that point because Barbolini decided to use Neslihan as setter :down:

  • Samanta Fabris Last 6/6 attack :super:

  • I think Guerra is ready to play for the national team.

  • Once again Ognjenovic screws everything with those balls...she always wants to be the main star of the team :down:

  • Sure, it didn't work for Maja that time, but it works usually. To me it is better to have a setter who is willing to dump it sometimes than not. What she is doing wrong in this match is using Boskovic too much and Kosheleva not enough.