FIVB World Club Championship 2016

  • Zenit is all about Leon, if he is not having "his best night ever" every time, they can`t win, nobody else with balls to step up and help him, Mikhaylov kind played good but still not enough. Volvich was the best blocker in the OG but here he was a no show.

    Sada Cruzeiro is clearly the best team, and probably some of the few teams that can challenge them are in Brazil right now this season, such as Sesi and Taubate.

  • Cruzeiro! :obey:
    I'd be so happy if Marcelo Mendez coached the Brazilian NT. Dude's an incredible coach. Cruzeiro without Wallace and Filipe and they're still world champions.

    Back-to-back titles for William and Evandro: gold medals in the OG and the WCCH! :super:

    Gold - European Championship 2013 (M) Prediction Game
    Bronze - World Championship 2014 (W) Prediction Game

  • Watching the numbers, the first thing catching the eye is the 49:20 advantage in digged balls for cruzeiro. While it is not surprising that they lead in this area, the disparity just looks too massive.

    Disparity today was even worse for Zenith than in first match. That surely speaks for William's setting but you might question Zeniths block/defence tactics and the general effort and readiness as well.

    Good to see that the team who showed the better all-around volleyball skills won it today. Congrats Sada :cup:

    William deserved MVP :obey: