Montreux Volley Masters - 2016 | 5 | 31

  • Turkey will participate in the Montreux Masters again.

    "Lo sbaglio più grande e quello di credere di aver vinto prima ancora di giocare la partita"

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  • Very nice line-up for this year's tournament: Brazil U23, China, Serbia, Turkey, the Netherlands, Belgium, Thailand and Switzerland :super: Therewill be Hawk-Eye challenge system.

    Group A: Belgium, Brazil, China and Turkey
    Group B: Serbia, the Netherlands, Thailand and Switzerland

    The official press conference has just ended. Full schedule:

  • Brazil was not going to join the competition...but I'm glad the U23 is going!
    I think another NT gave up the spot.

  • I imagine Montreux must be one of the most fun tournaments for the fans to go watch....small gym, always some great teams...friendly atmosphere in the games....must be nice to go there and watch it closely. ^^

  • Yes it is! There is always a great atmosphère! Everybody from organisation is really cool and you can see great volley-ball. And you can meet players when They leave the gym!
    And Montreux is a really small town, so during 1 week you can see a lot of players on the street for shopping or having a walk near the lake! A real dream for volleyball fan!

  • Team China should be one of U-series but we don't know what is it, U23, U20 or U18.

    My favourite roster of Chinese
    male NT:
    S - Li Run-ming, Zhan Guo-jun
    OP - Dai Qing-yao, Jiang Chuan
    OH - Ji Dao-shuai, Xia Run-tao, Liu Li-bin, Zhang Chen
    MB - Zhang Zhe-jia, Chen Long-hai, Geng Xin
    L - Ren Qi

    female NT:
    S - Ding Xia, Yao Di
    OP - Gong Xiang-yu, Zhang Chang-ning
    OH - Hui Ruo-qi, Zhu Ting, Liu Xiao-tong, Li Jing
    MB - Yuan Xin-yue, Yan Ni, Xu Yun-li
    L - Lin Li

    My avatar is Jiang Chuan. I hope more persons love him.

  • Setters: Juma, Lyara
    OPPs: Lorenne, Helô, Ana Paula, Rosamaria
    OHs: Michelle, Drussyla, Gabi, Maíra
    MBs: Fran, Saraellen, Mara, Lays
    Liberos: Laís, Érica Motta

  • Some of the wide rosters are available and Djerisilo from Serbia is there on the list...I thought she had retired

  • i think she did but came back after Serbia qualified for the Olympics. She has been playing in Poland. I guess she took Mart Drpa`s spot? That sucks.... Im glad Sanja Malarguski is on the list....

    Some of the wide rosters are available and Djerisilo from Serbia is there on the list...I thought she had retired

  • She 'plays' in Atom Trefl Sopot as OH :D

    I mean I thought she retired from NT years ago :D

  • Maybe Serbia will play with their main roster using this as prepation for the Grand Prix? Because the final will be June 5th Sunday, and Serbia starts the GP in Brazil on the 9th Thursday.