2016 Olympic Games - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • USA hasn't really learned their lesson from the World League. Looking at the stats(I haven't watched the game yet, still looking for a replay), USA's errors killed them again. 28 errors in 3 sets. :S
    I'm quite disappointed to them tbh. On the other hand, I'm really happy for Canada! They're my second favorite next to USA.

  • Hmmmm, some good results in the first day that was against all expectations, I hope we will have more surprises in the tournament. I really missed USA CAN match.

    And terrible start for Iran :wall:

  • By the way guys, unfortunately I did not watch the match (I was at the beach of the wonderful Tyrrhenian sea :thumbsup: ).
    Any link in which I can watch deferred Italy-France?

    Per un pir, un pam un persec per na brogna e na rumleina, nuetr'a sam d'la Ghirlandeina nuetr'a sam da rispeter

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  • I expected pages of posts here after the first round but I barely find something to read or to talk about :(

    Hard to conclude much after the starting match. France and US are clearly not there yet, which may complicate their own lives as well as those of their perspective QF opponents (obviously if both teams make it to the QF).

    The Rus-Cub game has given some interesting insights. Cuba is exactly what one would expect albeit they were able to receive Mikhaylov's spike-serve at ++ level. Russia looked OK as long as Tetyukhin was on the pitch, otherwise defensively they were equivalent to Cuba. At some point during the game, the only spike-server was Mikhaylov. Volkov D. had an unclear set, he reminds me if a young Biryukov, with Biryukov's pros and cons. Lots of errors from Verbov and the setters on the transition balls. Surprisingly good first tempo.

    Given the unclear defensive perspectives of the starting six (e.g. a bad day for an age-positive captain), I guess Alekno may have a "Zenit-Kazan" transformation in his mind. Bakun replaces Tetyukhin, Kobzar switches with Grankin, Mikhaylov moves to four and we get an absolute firepower in exchange for an average reception. Would be curious to watch.

    A special case is the way volleyball is being broadcasted in the Island of Freedom from the Brussels Bureaucracy. The BBC presenter clearly sees the game for the first time in his life but bullshits his way through the broadcast with classical Anglo-Saxon elegance. The ball after a float serve is hard to receive bcz it apparently spins too much, Ashev is a giant MB <with his 202 cm>, Tetyukhin debuted at the Seoul Olympics <at the age of 12>.

  • Can't wait Rus-Arg. Hope it will be revenge for defeating in WL. But if honeslty i'm not sure in the positive result for us. The match vs Cuba has shown how vulnerable we are on reception. Will be miss Berezhko and of course Musersky. Think Akekno should give possibility to Bakun to show all his power which has helped Gazprom-Ugra win many times. Then we should beat Conte and KO

  • Good start by Argentina.
    Amongst other things, Grankin-mykhailov connection doesn't work at all for Russia. It looks like they play together for first time in their life.

    Bakun in for Mykhailov

  • Kobzar/Bakun delivered some solidity for Russia in this set. For Argentina, if serve/reception doesn't improve, Russia will overpower them. But match is not over for sure.

    Looking at Tetyukhin, i wonder if he will survive a 4/5 set match. Still a lot of clever plays by him but at times he looks in deed like a 40 year old.....

  • Nice job by the entire team, but it's amazing how Conte can lead them. What a player.

  • It'd be pretty awesome if Argentina beat Poland and finished first in the group. At this point, who knows.

    By the way, random thought: I'm really enjoying these matches without the two TTO. The game flows a lot better.