2016 Olympic Games - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • US Boys will think of this still in decades to come :lol:

  • I quote myself

    At times, of course, it is only about the big boys hammering it down, which would speak for Italy. We will see :super:

  • I am completely speechless, Zaytsev is a hero and these guys (who get shit thrown at them all the time by EVERYONE) played like lion hearts.

    This is destiny on Italy's side, for once. So proud.

    And so, SO sorry for the Americans, nobody deserves to lose a match like that. Hope they recover and take the bronze, honestly.

  • John Speraw in time-out says "I love these situations!"

    Zaytsev thinks that actions speak louder than words and shows what it means to love these situations

    The point is to get the team to relax or perhaps you lack the intelligence to know that.. Now as far as Zaytsev goes there is not much thought about what he does, he just hits the ball as hard as possible on every play.. That's it.. Avoid stupid comments at an amazing coach..

  • Yeah I feel this year's match both in WL and here have longer rallies and the main difference is that long rallies in men's isn't a result of weak attacks as in women's. it is because of great digging skills.

    i think it is as you said though there are some tough digs in women's matches as well

  • congrats. to italy great achievement ....i dont watch men's volleyball too much but i remember italy as the loser of the big i mistaken ? :D

    after terrible third set zavytsev's serves in the fourth set brought italy to life..

  • As a USA fan, I am just frustrated with the last two days for the men's and women's teams. Both were in a winning position and it just went away. For the men, the loss in the fourth was torturing to watch.

    Hats off to the Italians, coming back from a 9 point set, against a very good team to win the match. They have rounded into a good team against the toughest pool and teams in this tournament.

    I am still questioning Speraw's backups usage or lack of it. No subs of any type in a 5 set match. Between Smith, K. Shoji, Troy, Jaeschke and Priddy, they have played a total of 9 sets (0.5 being a sub and 1 means starting) in 7 matches. They should have just said here is our 7 players, no subs and saved on the airfare.

    I am not expecting that these players on the bench will dominate, but Speraw sticks with the same team even if it kills them, see Argentina match in World Champs 2014.

    I hope that Brazil beats Russia for an awesome home crowd environment for the Final. Plus the Russia vs. USA dynamic for the Bronze would be good too.

  • Quoted from "Zmanvolleyball" Quoted from "Matthias" At 22-22 relaxing is what you DON'T need Of Course you do, you don't want nerves controlling you.. I pity the children you coach and the hitters who have to hit your sets.. Who doesn't have arguments has to become personal

    You said something that was too idiotic..

  • By the way I would like to underline this: and of the third set: USA 22 - Italy 20, and then? 2 big - ENOURMOUS mistakes by Anderson who has been blocked by Lanza (LANZA !!!!), 21-22... and then Anderson hits the ball out, 22 -22. The leader should not make those mistakes in that moment

    Per un pir, un pam un persec per na brogna e na rumleina, nuetr'a sam d'la Ghirlandeina nuetr'a sam da rispeter