Your favourite Player & Team

  • My favorite national team is Russia.
    Especially for the team guided by Karpol.
    So regretful that they could not earn a first title before Karpol retired.

    My favorite players are Sokolova and Artamonova.
    I prefer not to say too much about why I like Sokolova.
    The same reason with many other "Lyuba's fans."
    Their character is the most charming part that they show me!!! :)

  • Favorite players

    1- Mari (BRA)
    2- Fernanda Venturini(BRA)
    3- Ana Moser (BRA)
    4- Sokolova (RUS)
    5- Mireya Luis (CUB)

    Favorie teams

    1-Finasa Osasco(BRA)
    2- Pesaro (ITA)
    3- Cimed Macae(BRA)

  • Quote from "Nastja"

    also known as "the terminator" :lol:
    she is great :mrgreen:

    yes she is not that tall but she is a great middle blocker and one of the best slide attackers i've seen

  • My turn :wink2:

    Jaqueline Carvalho #12 BRAZIL

    1-Francesca Piccinini
    2-Logan Tom
    (for me, this two are the best....good in almost everything!!!!!!And they both played in Brasil!!! :wink2: )
    3-Jaqueline my opinion she's the best brasilian player right now....and she played last year on Rexona-Ades, my team here in Brasil...and I can say she's not only a excelent player, but also a great person.....very nice'll see in Italy.... :D

    1-Rexona-Ades....since Piccinini and Érika played here I support Rexona!!And now here is playing in my city....Rio, so it's perfect
    2-Foppapedretti Bergamo....for me the best team in Italy!!!!!!What to say about a team that have... Lo Bianco, Piccinini, Paggi, Poljak, Grun, Barazza, Croce, I love every single player!!!!!

  • My favourite players :
    #1 Lioubov Sokolova-Kilic
    #2 Ekaterina Katya Gamova
    #3 Elisa Togut

    My favourite team :
    #1 RUSSIA NT
    #1 ITALY NT

    Poland Nation Team has impressed me when I saw them playing on the 2005 European Championship when they defeated Russia and Italy and became the champion team! That was a great job!!!

  • My favorite player is Anja Spasojevic, she is so nice and cheerful. And plays beautifully.

    I wasn't aware of the power of the serbian team until the WCH2006, where, to me, was the real surprise of the tournament.

    They showed consistency and unity as a team, and I truly think that they overestimated Brazil in the semifinals. When they realized they could fight and beat Brazil, they were down 0-2, but next time, the story, hopefully will be different :wink2:

    Anja plays for Serbia NT, and for Novara, so needless to say who I'm cheering for. :lol:


  • my favorite players:neslihan demir darnel,kun feng,yanan liu,rosiri calderon,natalya mammadova

    my favorite teams:turkey,spar tenerife marichal,eczacibasi istanbul,asystel novara

  • Well, I guess this is an eternal thread, so I'll give my preferences also:

    Favourite players:

    1 - Sokolova (she's so complete...)
    2 - Gamova (she's huge...)
    3 - Skowronska (she's... sooooooooooo pretty)
    4 - Venturini (still the best setter, to me...)
    5 - Virna Dias (she's... unforgettable)

    Favourite Team:

    I'll always be a fan of the Russian NT!

  • grün and djerisillo both my favourite players.
    grün is always big trouble for other team.
    serbian players are so strong but djerisillo is the best of them.
    something is missing in russian team.
    lyubov kilic is still good

  • have to say mine?..or it is obvious??...

    my favorite player is PAOLA CARDULLO...i think she is the best libero in the world...i started watching and support volleyball just because of her...
    she's a very talented player..seems like she's flying when she defend those impossible attacks...she's amazing when she plays...ehehe...i like her shyness and reserve nature out of the sport ground..and i love her determination when she plays...i know her i can tell you that she is a very humble and nice person...very cute and friendly... 8) 8)

    i'm a fan of novara..because she plays there...and i'm a fan of italian NT...

  • I like Russian NT and China NT.

    Favourite Players:Lioubov Sokolova(a wonderful player)

    Liu Yanan(As a Chinese,she's my favourite player in the national team.)

  • I like Russian NT and China NT.

    Interesting choices! Two great teams that play opposite styles!

    China vs Russia is like Moon vs Sun, White vs Black, Water vs Fire.

  • My fav. player has to be Ping Zhang #18!!!!! She has got to be the BEST Middle Hitter in the world...Her quick fakes/hops/slides took down Russia at the Olympics 2004..
    My second fav. player has got to be Kun Feng #2...! She IS the BEST setter in the world...She won the MVP award and also the best setter...
    My thrid fav. player is Suhong Zhou #7...She IS indeed the BEST serve receiver and a great opposite...
    My fourth fav. player is Yang Hao #3... She has got to be the smartest outside hitter...not the BEST outside hitter...SMARTEST...
    My fifth fav. player is Yanan Lui #4... Her defense is awesome...and her quick hits are too fast to comprehend...
    My sixth fav. player is Rui Rui Zhao #8...Wow...she is almost as tall as Gamova...and her blocking is too good...We'll see her at Beijing 08... :-D

    My fav. team is Russia! GO RUSSIA!!

  • naz aydemir

    neslihan darnel

    taismary aguera

    mirka francia

    fernandez ana ibis

    favourite team is cuban team

  • My favourite players

    1:Milena Rosner (I first attracted by her hair style in WGP at Hong Kong and afterwards I find that she is really cute and seem to be very nice!)

    2:Lo Bianco (I think she is a great setter )

    My favourite team

    of course the Polish NT but I also support the Italian NT

  • ehehhe are u sure? u just mentioned chinese players as your favourites but ur favourite team is russia? very interesting

    u r right, some chinese r very favourite W Russia NT,some of them may be cry when W Russia NT lost the match,even if the match is 2004 Olypics Final…….Don't ask me why,because I don't know either