2016 / 2017 Transfer News

  • No matter what was going on with her, this is a very childish thing to do. If she could just have asked to be released, Modena would even liked the idea once they dont need her anymore basically. For me sounds like she was just not accepting to be the 2nd/3rd setter.

    But going from Germany to Turkey right away was not a good idea. A player needs to know when she`s ready to take a big step, look at Boskovic, after the 2014 WCH she got offers from all over, but she decided to stay in Serbia because she knew she was not ready yet to take a big step, and look what 1 year of wait made to her career.

    I agree with your theory, but the example of Boskovic is not right.. Tijana was playing for Vizura during the 2014/2015 season, so the WCH was played during that season.. she had to play it till the end and then she went to Turkey.. it's not like she played the next season in Serbia too.. also comparing Germany to Turkey and Serbia to Turkey makes no sense.. Sure Serbia has talented players, but their league is not on the same level as in Germany.. My point is, her 2014/2015 season in Serbia is not the reason she is playing great in Turkey, but I do think it was a smart choice to stay in Vizura

  • I didn't understand Kreklow's and Modena's since the beginning: Ferretti's injury wasn't so dangerous or important, Molly was a stranger and Modena had all the strangers' spots already occupied (Belien, Heyrman, Brakocevic and Ozsoy). So I would have simply gone with Petrucci without hiring another (foreign) setter. Anyway Kreklow's departure can't be justified, she should have informed the society!

  • I'm surprised he lasted so much. :huh:

    I agree. Gaspari is a good choice to me, considering also that he already worked with half of the team last year. Anyway I think Modena needs some calm now and to work hard after the last changes (Kreklow, Micelli...).

  • Easy-Hodge join Conegliano in January.

  • :roll: :roll: :roll:

    Yes, her season in China is going to end early and it's not unlikely that she'll end up somewhere in Italy after that, but Conegliano is the one team who probably needs her the least, already having 5 strong hitters.

    But Tomsia is not playing so well this season...if Conegliano hires Hodge, then she would play with Bricio/Costagrande as OH and Ortolani as OPP. This way Conegliano would be almost unbeatable in Italy and would have big chances also in Champions League.

  • Wasn`t Tomsia the highest score of this past season? It is too early to give up on her like that.

    Second best.. :wavy:

  • Tomsia was the best, she scored 472 points. Lowe was second, and Fabris third :wavy:

  • Tomsia was injured, so I guess she wasn't preaparing to the season with her club at all. She probably will need some time to get to the top form and to connect with Skorupa.