2016 / 2017 Transfer Rumors & Discussion

  • Some news from Brazil

    According to MDV: http://www.melhordovolei.com.br/mercados/feminino.html

    Valquiria (from Minas), Giovana (from Rio do Sul) to Sesi São Paulo

    Mimi Sosa (from Rio do Sul), Milka (from São Bernardo) to Pinheiros Klar

    Praia is interested in Carla from Minas.

    Sesi is interested in Lorenne from Rexona Rio de Janeiro

  • Good transfer for SESi, I realy like Valquiria, IM surprised MInas let her go..

    Im glad Mimi Sosa will play another season in Brazil

  • Haha don't feel offended, she just said how she felt, not the whole country itself.

    I'm actually happy for Bella, She will start from basically zero, that's her first step, though theres nothing interesting in Beziers, such a small and boring town :D

    Do u understand swedish or is it google translate? Thanks for that link!

    I do understand Swedish, close to perfect when I read, so-so when I talk, understand almost all when I listen :box: :offtopic:

  • People talking about Natalia passing, I really don't think this is a big problem anymore. She has improved a lot this skill in the past few years, especially during the current season.

  • Isn't she supposed to be the polish version of Bošković? Considering what we all expected some years ago her development hasn't been so sufficient, is it due to her injury or lack of actual chances? I hope she will play in Italy for her improvement. Kinda frustrating that the Polish volleyball federation doesn't seemingly want to invest on their best generation. I remember a few years ago many users here predicted she would kick Skowronska's ass in NT that being said she will be THE star representing Polish team.

    I don't mean to offend anyone, but I think Legionowo's setters - Szubert/Gajewska - is the worst duo in Orlen Liga. I'm sure Malwina will do much better with better players beside.

  • Piacenza is proposed to Juciely that can leave the Rexona.

    I didn't know her so just googled and she's a MB :white: Can't believe they are not satisfied with Bauer and Beliën...

  • All of this look like such reliable information... :whistle:

    Gold - European Championship 2013 (M) Prediction Game
    Bronze - World Championship 2014 (W) Prediction Game

    Bronze - Volleyball Nations League 2019 (W) Prediction Game

  • Novara 2016/2017
    S - L.Bosetti / C.Bosetti / Rabadzhieva
    OP - Fawcett /
    C - Chirichella / Bonifacio / Mabilo
    SE - Signorile /
    L - Sansonna / Bruno

  • Source Sitemap ??

    If this is true Fabris will probably leave Italy :D ...But didn't She signed 2 years contract with Novara ? I know this is rumor but this Novara would be super strong.

  • Is that true?

    She wants to play there or Bergamo want Her?

    She's in Italy with Fenerbahce right now (CEV CL FF). And she said she would like to play in Italy sometime. The reporter asked her where she would like to play. She said Bergamo because Eleonora Lo Bianco plays there.
    It doesn't mean she will play there. It means she's nice to Italian journalists and fans :) and of course she's a friend with Lo Bianco. Nothing more.