2016 / 2017 Transfer Rumors & Discussion

  • Valentina Diouf(OPP, ITA) back to Busto and Di Lulio (OH, ITA) is leaving Modena. (Rumors)

  • I don't get it, why Galatasaray don't transfer Mellisa Vargas or any other Top club ?( ?(
    She is so strong and good player. Probably still cheap.

  • Jakub DOlata, a volleyball manager wrote on his Twitter that one more Polish player will play next year in Italy so this could be probably Malwina Smarzek.

  • Mee Too
    I wish FB take Vargas with 5 years contract.

    Prostejov needed to make many negotiations with Cuba about letting them (Vargas and Matienzo) to play in Czech republic (also promises she will go to there to school, negotiations with her mother etc.), it was not that easy.

  • Speaking of Prostejov, in some article about Dresden there was a mention that Lisa Izquierdo could go to Poland (which was rumored before) or Czech Republic, and if the latter happens, I suppose Prostejov is the only club where she could realistically go there...

  • definitely...Rojko is the new head coach of Brno, but its not possible probably :D

    Edit: but Prostejov probably will have less money..

  • Is it true that Mihajlovic will play in Tianjin in China in next season ?
    But there is rumor that she will go to Chemik in Poland :what: :what:

  • Mihajlovic and Ozsoy are closest to Chemik as they won't replace Montano. So they need a world class OH. Kosheleva, Larson or players such as Hill are not free so I think they don't have much choice. Maybe Buijs, but she is worse than them all.

    Kasia Skowronska will stay in Impel or go to Italy- Impel's CEO said that they are negotiating with her.