2016 / 2017 Transfer Rumors & Discussion

  • They will be lost without Werblinska, I'm sure about it.

    Are they trying to buy a new MB to replace Veljkovic?

  • I hope Kasia accept the offer in Foppa, she needs to play in a higher level league and need better teammates

  • Bergamo 2016/2017

    Lo Bainco / Orro
    Gennari / Egonu / Sylla / (Di iulio)?
    Skowronska /( Nicoletti)?
    Guiggi / Paggi /Aelbrecht

  • I hope Kasia accept the offer in Foppa, she needs to play in a higher level league and need better teammates

    Actually she is the reason why Costagrande and Hildebrand played in Wrocaław so... Costagrande agreed only because of KAsie and Kristin is from Kasia's husband agency...

  • Still no news about Maja Poljak ??

  • It's not sure she will leave, she has still 1 year contract.

    I hope she will stay, because in Fenerbahce she won't have chances to play regularly.

  • Another World Class Player.. They should sign OPP so Gamova, Kozuch or Calderon.. or maybe Kim or Natalia if They had good chinese OPP.

  • 2 days ago Atom Trefl Sopot's president confirmed that Zaroslinska stays in Sopot but now there are rumors she will play in Chemik Police. That means Kowalińska or Montano will probably leave the team. I don't know where Smarzek will play (who is Chemik player as well)

  • I think that this rumors about Mihajlovic and all other players thar are going to China can be true, when we talk about European clubs, because they need clubs after they finished China league. All of them will go back to Europe.

  • Marco Motta is in Istanbul.. i don't think he is there for tourism, probably he is negotiating with Eczacibasi.

  • Motta is that Guy who led Turkey NT?

    By the way- Ferhat is still Turkey NT Coach?

  • Budowlani Łódź won't replace Dorota Medyńska, they will give a chance to young players. This is according to Polish journalist Jarosław Bińczyk. He also stated that Heike Beier may stay in Łódź, because at the moment she has offers from Poland only but she wanted to go to Italy.

    Kamila Ganszczyk (MB) will stay in Dąbrowa and they will be joined be someone who played in MKS some time ago (Ela SKowrońsa, Dominika Sobolska, Ewelina SIeczka, Gina Macuso???).

    Nicola Radosova (OH) ofiicialy out of Bielsko-Biała.

  • The hidden gem of this transfer season will be Samantha Bricio (MEX, OH/OPP). Ridiculously strong pipe attack and serve, decent passer and digger.

  • Interesting..Who will sign Destinee Hooker for next season ??