Japanese NT 2016

  • 28 member roster for the 2016 season

    Chizuru Koto (171cm, Hisamitsu) Miya Sato (175cm, Hitachi) Kanami Tashiro (173cm, Toray)
    Misaki Tanaka (173cm, JT) Haruka Miyashita (177cm, Okayama)

    Wing Spikers with reception:
    Saori Kimura (185cn, Toray) Yuki Ishii(180cm, Hisamitsu) Mami Uchiseto (170cm, Hitachi)
    Yurie Nabeya (177cm, Denso) Arisa Inoue (180cm, University of Tsukuba)
    Mizuki Tanaka (170cm, JT) Sarina Koga (180cm, NEC)

    Wing Spikers without reception:
    Saori Sakoda (175cm, Toray) Yukiko Ebata (176cm, PFU)
    Miyu Nagaoka (179cm, Hisamitsu) Airi Miyabe (182cm, Kinrankai High School)

    Middle Blockers:
    Erika Araki (186cm, Ageo) Mai Yamaguchi (176cm, Okayama) Aimi Kawashima (182cm, Okayama)
    Mai Okumura (177cm, JT) Haruyo Shimamura (182cm, NEC) Riho Otake (182cm, Denso)
    Nozomi Itoh (178cm, Toray)

    Arisa Sato (164cm, Hitachi) Aki Maruyama (159cm, Okayama) Sayaka Tsutsui (158cm, Re Cannet)
    Miku Torigoe (164cm, NEC) Mio Sato (153cm, Toyota Autobody)

  • New member
    S: Misaki Tanaka
    WS: Mizuki Tanaka - very powerful spiker like Sittirak Onuma
    MB: Mai Okumura - Best blocker of 2013 Yeltsin Cup, 13-14 V-Premier league. She is certainly one of the best blocker in Japan.(But she is very short...)
    L: Aki Maruyama - good digger IMO, she should be tried at WGP.

    Come back
    L: Arisa Sato :thumbsup:
    MB: Aimi Kawashima - She was a member of 2013 WGP, nothing special IMO.
    MB: Nozomi Itoh - She was a member of 2013 U-23 Championship, good spiker but very weak blocker.
    S: Kanami Tashiro- She was a member of 2013 U-23 Championship.
    S: Miya Sato - She was a member of 2014 montreux volley masters.

    No Risa Shinnabe ;(:aww: , Kotoki Zayasu (good decision by Manabe), Natsumi Fujita and Nana Iwasaka.
    I also expected Akari Ohmi's back but she isn't selected :wall::wall:

  • Thanks God, finally the Great Araki is back on duty and no more Zayasu for the time being :D.
    Risa's absence has always been remaining a mystery, since 2015.
    Okumura is a rising star, she even managed to out-show Araki in recent matches, but i highly doubt she would ever take the place of Otake and Yamaguchi in starting team.
    I actually expected Nanami Inoue who has had an amazing season with Hitachi Rivale to be called instead of Shimamura or Kawashima, but well, Manabe proved me wrong :rolleyes: . Iwasaka is a huge mess comparing with Nanami Inoue :wall:.
    Questionable choices aka Uchiseto and Nabeya, again and again :whistle: .

  • No Risa Shinnabe again :( :( :( Maybe something happened between the coaching staff/s and Risa?

  • Manabe is from time to time like Marichev, maybe less crazy but still. He definitely noticed they lacked a good passer who can also attack on decent level and Uchiseto and Nabeya are not at all sufficiently strong. Besides, their MBs were horrible last year, hopefully Araki's come-back will bring some positive energy. None of those are even close to the level of Sugiyama, Otomo and Inoue.

  • Do they have any other players 185cm+ besides Saori, Erika, and Iwasaka that they can select from?

  • it's a pity not to see Shinnabe here, they need stable passer :!: in the past Yamaguchi played as receiver (mostly as passing OP, but spiking rathe like MB :D), probably even during times of previous Olympic Games, but she's playing as MB now :whistle:

    I'd choose for main group, probably about 16 players:

    S: Koto, Miyashita
    OP: Nagaoka, Ebata, Sakoda
    OH: Kimura, Ishii, Koga, Uchiseto, Nabeya
    MB: Araki, Yamaguchi, Otake, Okumura
    L: Sato, Tsutsui

    maybe Miya Sato or Aimi Kawashima also ges a chance ^^

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  • Erika Araki!! :rose: With her, Japanese middle is finally serious :thumbsup:

    However, this year will probably the last year in NT for Saori Kimura, Erika Araki, Mai Yamaguchi ;( I wish them medal in Rio, but it'll be very difficult.
    It's very sad that the best generation of Japanese players since 1980s retired slowly... ;(

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  • Araki could probably play until the Tokyo games if she wanted to. She was that dominant for Ageo this year.

    Kotoh did not even start the final games of the year for Hisamitsu, why Manabe put her on the team, I do not understand. Last year she was a little better than Miyashita, but she is the oldest player on the roster.

    Ebata was always getting the call from Manabe, she just needed to be healthy.

    My depth charts by position
    1. Miya Sato
    2. Tashiro
    3. Miyashita
    4. Misaki Tanaka
    5. Kotoh

    Outside Hitters
    1. Ishii
    2. Kimura
    3. Koga
    4. Ebata (would be higher if Kimura is injured)
    5. Mizuki Tanaka
    6. Nabeya
    7. Uchiseto
    8. Miyabe
    9. Inoue

    1. Nagaoka
    2. Sakoda
    3. Ebata (could be higher if needed)

    Middle Blockers
    1. Araki
    2. Ohtake
    3. Shimamura
    4. Yamaguchi
    5. Okumura
    6. Itoh
    7. Kawashima

    1. Arisa Sato
    2. Tsutsui
    3. Mio Sato
    4. Torigoe
    5. Maruyama

    Some of this is based on team performance as well.

  • No Iwasaka. 8|
    No Shinnabe. 8|
    No Ebata. 8|
    No Zayasu. 8|
    No Oumi. 8|

    I agree on your sadness but not on Zayasu, she's terrible for the Japanese libero standard.

  • Why is Zayasu's in the team's roster in the olympic qualifiers website?

  • Why is Zayasu's in the team's roster in the olympic qualifiers website?

    She will be added to the NT member.

    I don't know its reason but I guess Arisa Sato or Maruyama is injured.
    I'm looking forward to this year's NT without Zayasu but now... :wall::wall:

    And some members have returned to their team and we have 18 members now.
    Miyashita, Tashiro, Miya Sato (Koto is out.)

    Wing Spikers:
    Nagaoka, Kimura, Koga, Ishii, Ebata, Sakoda, Nabeya, Uchiseto, Inoue

    Middle Blockers:
    Araki, Shimamura, Otake, Yamaguchi

    Arisa Sato, Maruyama (Mio Sato is out, Sayaka Tsutsui is still playing in France.)

  • S: Miyashita - Sato

    WS: Kimura - Koga - Ishii - Ebata

    OPP: Nagaoka - Sakoda

    MB: Araki - Yamaguchi - Otake

    L: Sato


  • Setters: Miyashita, Miya Sato

    Wing Spikers: Nagaoka, Kimura, Koga, Ishii, Ebata, Nabeya.

    Middle Blockers: Araki, Otake, Yamaguchi

    Libero: Arisa Sato

  • Is there a problem between Coach Manabe and Risa? She's actually playing great in VLeague even getting the Finals MVP plum, Japan really need to have a good passer in the qualifiers