Italian NT 2016

  • I don't think that's official roster, probably him/her wish. Arrighetti is totally out of shape due to her injury and I don't think they will call Lo bianco back considering her current physical conditions.

  • The list of 20 players of Italy’s NT:

    Setters: Malinov, Orro and Signorile

    Opposites: Centoni, Diouf and Ortolani

    Liberos: De Gennaro, Sansonna and Sirressi;

    Receivers/outside hitters: Del Core, Egonu, Gennari, Guerra, Piccinini and Sylla

    Middle blockers: Chirichella, Danesi, Folie, Guiggi and Melandri.…osetti-out-wide-list.html

    Feretti, Bosetti sisters, Arrighetti, Tirozzi are out.
    How do you think about this roster ?

  • Best 14 player for italy in japan.

    S: Orro , Signorile
    Op : Centoni, Ortolani
    L : De Gennaro, Sirressi
    OH : Del Core, Egonu, Gennari, Guerra, Piccinini
    MB : Chirichella, Folie, Guiggi

    But i think best 14 player for Italy.

    S: Orro , Signorile
    Op : Centoni, Ortolani
    L : Cadullo, Leonardi
    OH : Del Core, Egonu, Gennari, Tirozzi, Piccinini
    MB : Chirichella, Folie, Guiggi

  • Tirozzi and Lucia Bosseti should be on the list.

    The problem is that they won't have much time to train together, because the Italian League is so long.

    Mostly leagues are alreday over or almost over, but in Italy there are still playing regular season.

  • S: Malinov - Orro

    OS: Del Core - Piccinini - Egonu - Gennari

    MB: Chirichella - Guiggi - Danesi

    OPP: Centoni - Ortolani

    L: De Gennaro


  • Great to see Ortolani again in Italy NT.

    She was cut off from London after being the best italian player in GP 2012

  • In an interview Lucia Bosetti said it is better for her not being called in NT as she didn't get good connection from the human point of view. Strong sentence, in Ankara it was visible there were some problems in the group.…za-italia-non-ce-feeling/

    And Ferretti said it was her own choice to be out of NT.
    They both had problems with Bonitta in Ankara, as he replaced them (when they were playing very bad) with youngsters Orro and Egonu who actually saved Italy from being eliminated. They clearly didn't like it..

  • I don't get why some players just can't accept the fact that they are not playing well and need to be replaced.
    Paula Pequeno was really unpolite after Garay saved her ass and saved Brazil during last Olympics.

  • Welp, it's incredible that both of them expressed their ego in the public. Especially Ferretti, she must have been humiliated by being replaced for a 17 yo setter and I get it, but her next step should be realizing how bad she was and accepting it and then preparing for a better performance. It seems like she doesn't want to accept that fact and decided to act like a jealous little girl crying to get a new doll from her dad :roll:

    Bosetti is worse, I actually think she should consider to restart her career as a libero.

  • Yes, Picci is back with Ortolani. Why is Tirozzi out? I see she's playing well with Pomi both in the Italian League and the Champions League. Costagrande isnt in the line up also.

  • Yes, Picci is back with Ortolani. Why is Tirozzi out? I see she's playing well with Pomi both in the Italian League and the Champions League. Costagrande isnt in the line up also.

    Tirozzi is not playing that well, but she deserves a call considering Bosetti sisters nor Costagrande are called. Costagrande is just a NO.. she is even weak for Polish league, not to talk international level. I see the coach called 3 receiving OHs and 3 attacking ones.. But my final decision would be Picci, Del Core, Gennari and Egonu..

  • Is it true that Ortolani and Del Core are out of the NT along with Sansonna, De Genaro and Centoni?!

  • I can`t believe Centoni and Del Core are out...that`s really crazy... unless they choose not to play and Qualification because it is too close and they r too tired. ANd if Italy qualifies they go to to Rio? ...

  • Where did you read that?

    The only thing I read in italian news are that some players are already training with Marco Bonitta,…derale-del-26-aprile-2016

    but that doesnt mean that the others wont join later.they are still playing for their clubs.

    Del Core and Ortolani are still not training because the first was until yesterday disputing the finals of Russia and Ortolani is still playing the final games in Italy. After the end of the championships, they will train with the Italian team for the world qualifier.

  • hope Ortolani will make it to final roster :roll: she's back in top shape :wavy:

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