CEV Champions League 2017

  • Neslihan has been playing OH for a while but i dont think she would be that effienct if played OPP of this wonderful Eczacıbaşı team
    on the other hand, i dont think Brako is/would be that efficient than Neslihan if Neslihan played OPP
    if im not mistaken Brako has been playing with a poor percent except 1 or two matches since the beginning of the season
    of course she may need some more time

    I would pick Neslihan. The reason is Neslihan has great technical skills while Brakocevic relies a lot on her power. Brakocevic is like a white Diouf with better tehnique. The closest I can get to Neslihan is Centoni. The problem with players that rely on their power is, their level drops significantly with the age, after giving birth etc, which explains why Brakocevic is far from her Vakifbank times. Unfortunately most opposites have similar profile such as Boskovic, Goncharova, Diouf...However Neslihan can score at any age simply because she can send the ball wherever she wants on the court easily. Its sad though that she can't generate as much power as she used to. That is mainly because compared to other players, she uses her shoulder only to hit hard, not the full, explosive approach. Not that I forgot her nickname "Iron lady" :box:

  • Third set of Connegliano - Modena match should be shown as a lecture to all setters, simply to show how a setter shouldnt play and how a setter can destroy her team all alone. Ferretti is not only predictable but also lacks precision. I don't remember a single time Brakocevic could hit the ball comfortably. And why so many sets to zone 6 to Bosetti?

  • Rachael has been underpeforming this season.. she's really far from the way she played in Conegliano, and not close to her NT performance too.. I know she is a hard player to set, it too Alisha 3 years (in NT and in Conegliano too) to figure out how to set he, but she is not even blocking as she was

  • I feel like Kosheleva's reception has got worse lately.

    She got to start somewhere.
    I feel really bad for her though. She could have become in talks as the best OHs in the world of her time if she can receive the ball in good percentage with a pretty decent volume.

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  • Polish NT with Veljkovic is playing best match this season so far :) Superb match by Smarzek, if Bricio is called the future star, then she is totally overshadowing Mexican.

    At the beginning I was, they need to take Smarzek out, she` cant pass at all...but now she`s doing great. And I just found out she`s only 21, I like her.

    WorldOfvolleyball posted saying Conegliano wants to host the F4, and someone replied saying that was a smart move because they probably would not make to the final 4 on their own.... I think I have to agree with this person.

    Fawcett only plays good when the whole team is playing good. But when they are struggling and need the OP to set up and kill some balls, she just disappears.

    Now with Ortolani/Cella and Bricio playing better Conegliano is back in the game.