CEV Champions League 2017

  • Conegliano's MBs attacked 54 times ;o

    It's the third (?) time Chemik plays CL and they always end up in the most competitive pool, has anyone noticed?
    I really liked Smarzek's spikes above Imocco's blockers to zone 1! I saw an interview with her once and she's also a very modest person, eager to work. She's gonna be a star ;o I think no one expected her to play so many games and to be Chemik's leader.
    And i wonder when was the last game Bednarek was better than Veljković xd

  • I like Uralochka a lot....Babeshina is a verry good setter,Ilichenko is getting better and better and Klimets is only 18...
    Anyone saw the incident in the first technical time out of the second set?
    Karpol was shouting at his libero and she started cry....

    Zhu Ting unstoppable one more time...

  • I'm sorry for this but some matches are terribly boring to watch. I stopped watching Fenerbahce and Vakifbank's matches after 1st set. There is a huge gap between them and their opponents. Uralochka-Eczacibasi match was quite fun compared to rest. It's actually more thrilling to watch these teams playing in Turkish league against each other or mid level teams like GS and Bursa BB who resist much better than most teams participating in the champions league.

  • Final Four Qualifications?

    Just checking, is it still 4 pool champs plus remaining top 3 for a total of 7 with one team hosting the playoffs and getting a bye and the remaining 6 playing for the final 3 spots to make up the final four and this year the final four brackets based on a blind draw.

  • i said this before and i stand by my words this year champion league is the worse that has ever been the matches are mostly boring or so predictable it aint intresting to watch cev needs to change the system imo the best year was when there were 8 groups and u had way more competition they need to change how teams get their spot in champion league as well for example i would award 2 spots for teams playing in finals of champion league and 2 spots for finalist of cev cup that would play in champions league next year then 3 spots for turks,3 spots for russians,3 spots for italians ,3 spots polish,2 spots azerbaijan.2 spots france,2 spots german,1 spot serbian,1spot czech and rest should be determined by qualifications if cev really wants quality and quantity cev champions league then they would take my advice as it is this champions league is utter crap

  • I agree it would be better if all the teams had to qualify for the F4.

    The problem is that the top leagues (Turkish, Italian) are much stronger than the rest. The only other teams that can compete with them are really Dinamo Moscow, Volero, Chemik, maybe Kazan. To make it most competitive maybe there should be about 8 teams from Serie A1 but that is too many of course. The Azeri teams are no longer contenders, same with French teams and the other Polish teams.

  • well there are teams from russia or turkey that are as good if not better then those teams u mentioned from serie a1 but thing is u wonna give small teams chance to play in champions league as well and that is why i desribed the way it should be done so if 2 italians team meet in cev s cl that means next year italy would have 5 teams in cl and with cev cup finalist it could go to 7 and still u would have small teams in cl even more so due to increasing of pools so teams like rc cannes and some czech or polish team that have been somewhat competitive in the past could participate and make cl way better then it is atm ,i think the problem with cev cl is that there isnt that big investment like before so the problem is money

  • this final 4 is a joke there are at least 6 teams that are better then imoco vakif,ecz,fener,volero,dinamo,chemik maybe even uralochka and now just beaucse they were first in the group they get to host it even though they dont have a quality to come to semis even,think it is gonna be my last year watching cev cl if nothing changes cause this is pay to win cl,u pay money u get final 4 spot it is disgusting and had nothing to do with sports what so ever and people running cev should be ashamed of themselfs if they have any honor what so ever

  • Oh come on, you are thinking that they are better how can you know 100% they are better ? Did they played against each others that you are 100% sure ? Chemik beat them in 5set, and Conegliano beat them in 5 set. So overall Chemik is stronger ? Wtf ?

    Pomi was last year the weakest team in CL Final4 and they still won it. So calm down and wait till FinalFour..

  • This is not fair.

    1 - Another Italian Team again? And that counts Perugia and Pomi.

    2 - They are on the edge of elimination, which means this is very convenient for them.

    3 - All the matches left in the group were gonna be very exciting to watch Chemik,Modena/Conegliano. Now 2 of these games are just a waste of time.

    I think at the time of choosing the host they should look at the pool standings and only pick a team that is on the Top and has secured a spot in the next rounds basically, such as Vakfbank at the moment.

    now how does it work? Let`s say Conegliano finishes 2nd in the group, Modena in 1st. Do Chemik has a change to qualify as 2nd placed, even if they finish in 3rd?

  • in every other competition u have to play your way to final 4 only in cev cl u get final 4 spot if u pay money to host it,it is disgusting and as i said has nothing to do with sports at all,pomi won cause rest of the team underperformed big time that is the only way italian teams can ever win anything in cl and no i m not hating on italian teams there is a track record of it during the years only way they won something was when the oppossite team was playing like crap and that imo is bad,u should win cause u were better not cause other team sucked that day,just look at pomi in wch ecz squashed them in first game 3-1 and it could easily be 3-0 why? ecz was at its almost best and pomi played their best as well,in semis ecz barely won 3-2 why? cause they sucked that day and pomi was playing the same as in the first game, and u asked me a question and i m gonna ask u a question back how do u know they would qualify for final 4? even if u take chemik out there are still 5 teams that are playing way better then imoco so far in cl, and actually final 4 system should be changed as well everybody should play against everybody and then who ever has the most points wins i really dislike 1 game u are out system and that is true for all sports not just volleyball imo,and on top of that italians get to host mens final 4 as well which is a joke,best cev years were when there were 8 groups and there was none of this final 4 hosting crap

  • Maybe they're thinking of security in Turkey?

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