CEV Champions League 2017

  • Fenerhache played really well and totally deserved the win. Natalia and Kim were amazing. Boskovic and Kosheleva were amazing also.

    And just like someone said, it would come down to each team can help Kim and on the other side Boskovic. Natalia and Kosheleva helped a lot. But Fernerbache middles did a better job, Thaiza did one of her worst games, and Adams only played well in the beginning after that she was a no show. While Eda played great the whole time. And Larson is so weak compared to the others OH. Grouthes was weak in attack but she was mostly a 2nd libero and she did fine.

    I just feel bad for Boskovic. :wacko: :wacko: :wacko:

  • Kim is a genuine star, she ALWAYs almost always comes good and produces in these final sets. What a game, FB winning 2 points in video replays in the last few points too.

    Btw Melis looks like a great libero prospect, what is it that we seem to produce a lot of decent liberos. Can we have some decent OPPs? for example or for that matter any other position.
    Liked Ezgi as a setter, to me she looks like treading water like a lot of our young prospects(apart from liberos!) but she was quite good today.

  • Congrats to Fenerbahçe

    when i reached the Hall it was the begginning of the third set.i missed fist two sets
    i was able to watch last 3 sets

    Fener looks better in terms of team organization. I liked Natalia other than KYK and Eda.Tomkom is digging like a libero :white:
    at crucial moments where the ball goes is clear in FB : KYK but this is not that clear in Vitra
    i didnt like Vitra's middles.Especially Thaisa made many simple mistakes over the net.
    Maja's connection with both middles is not good. :( two middles of Vitra cant contribute as much as Eda does both at attacking and blocking.. If Vitra could run the midddles regularly then they could have been an unstoppable team
    Vitra isnt as good at defending/digging as Fener is
    Fener is consistenly playing good defence but this not the same for Vitra.They make an unbelivable dig then They make an easy mistake X(
    Vitra's players are generously wasting the opportunities they get!!

    yet it is open for all the results...they can beat Fener 3-1 if they can deliver their best
    Barbolini :hit:

  • Eczaci obviously need to win, 3-1 they are through, 3-2 = golden set. I think a lot to happen in this tie yet, half time in football terminology.

    The big one Volero and Vakif, as i expected this will be tough for Vakif, Volero has become a top 4 calibre team. 1st set Volero is just sweeping aside Vakifbank. I expect Vakif to get it together from 2nd set.

  • I know this is way too early, but this 2nd set is key for the tie, it is going to set the tone for what follows, Vakif need to impose themeselves here, Volero is well prepared and playing with huge passion, just playing out of their skins. Great teams manage to play to their level what ever the calibre of opposition and level they are playing at.

  • Agreed Sloetjes, when she 1st came to Vakif(from Schweriner i think) i thought wtf? she was too old and didn't think much of her, but she has impressed me ever since. Having said that she has just hit a duffer! 19-18...but a video challenge! but no touch 19-18 this is getting too close for comfort now :)