CEV Champions League 2017

  • It was announced 3 games before and they had Chemik,Modena and Baku.

    They lost for Chemik 3-2, but Chemik was leading 2-1. Was easy for Conegliano tie 2-2 once they had no pressure at all.

    They beat Modena 3-2, tie break 18-16. I doubt they would have won if they won if they did not know they were hosting, They played with no pressure at all.

    And even against Baku, Baku was already out and had 0 motivation to win or even to put on a better fight.

    I doubt that. It was announced 1 or 2 games before the end of the pool stage and their opponents were Chemik and Modena.

  • Just LOL. Do I need repeat my self ??
    Pomi winner of last CL(Yes they were host, but POMI also beat Eczacibasi in first round of CL), Pomi second at Club WCH, they lost in tie break against ECZ... And resultat of that is money ?

    I'm glad also people outside Italy can point that out, thank you ^^
    Please guy, don't generalize Conegliano situation of this year to the past year (so, to Pomì, or to Italy in general)!

    And why do we have all Turkish teams always playing each other to prevent 2 Turkish Clubs in the final??

    I don't know, but I guess for the same reason we have all Italian and Russian male teams playing against each other to prevent 2 Italian teams in the final :whistle:

    taking a short cut is cheating for me

    Well, about that we agree. I said in the past and I'll say again that I don't like that the assignment of the final4 lead a team there without a proper fight.
    Having said that, we must realize that having a team that 'buys' the Final4 unfortunately is probably the only way to assure to HAVE a Final4 in the first place.

    Organizing it it's very expensive, as far as I understand (even not paying a fee to the CEV), and it's definitely not as remunerative as an equivalent soccer event*; for these reasons, nobody is willing to host the final4 without having an advantages, meaning 'having their own team playing for sure'.
    Obviously waiting for the end of play off 6 is impossible for logistic reason, so the only remaining option is to play the CL as the CEV Cup, with an home and an away matches for semis and final. Honestly, I love Final4s (of CL, Italian Cup, Olympics game or whatever) so for me it will be a huge loss. I prefer that a team 'buy' the event, at least we will actually have an event!
    *Little add: may be in Poland for the male or in Turkey for the female it's actually possible to find someone willing to spend that money 'blindly': in that case I will be very positive about trying that out. But the CL final4 can't be hosted for ever in the same country, I think that's obvious, so it won't solve the 'final4' problem anyway. Plus, Turkey doesn't seem the best place right now to host a big event due to political reasons (but I'm not an expert about it).

    Another thing is assigning it before the end of the pools (without a real logistic need): I hated that and I do believe it is to avoid 100% in the future (and that it was 100% avoidable this year).

    I'll add a last though: I do understand that this year for a serie of circumstances (the fact that it's the second year in a row in Italy for the women, the fact that we host both the Finals4, the fact that it was announced before the end of the pools, the fact that Conegliano wasn't first in the pool) the assignment of the Final4 seems particularly unfair, but It's I–don't–know–how–many–years that the CL Final4 is hosted by a team that 'buys' it without playing the play off!!! So, last years it was ok, and this year is cheating? ?(
    And have you ever stop thinking that it's not Conegliano (or Perugia) fault if stupid CEV assigned the Final4 before the end of the pools?
    And don't try to convince me that Conegliano has more money to give to the CEV that any Turkish teams in CL, please ;)

    Edit, this is the last though: may be Conegliano played as it did only because the players didn't have the pressure, may be not (how many times a good team lost for not having an important thing to fight for, when the opponent did?!).
    In any case, we will never know, so stop overthinking about it!
    And to be clear, I'm sorry for that too: I would have loved if Conegliano had had a proper chance to prove they're good enough to be in the top 4 (knowing that it was impossible anyway to have 3 Turkish team there).

  • i just dont see how ecz can win this judging from their body language,this team have 2 major flaws imo and that is serves and block ,smart coach would sub bad servers like kosheeleva or adams with neslihan but barbolini so to dumb to do that

  • ognjenovic with same number of points as boskovic ecz block is none existand and their serves suck boskovic is playing badly

    I don`t think she is playing bad. Fernerbache studied her very well and their block and defense is always ready for her.

  • She made error in her last attack, but Adams is still playing amazing, She is great attacker. How lucky is US NT to have two MBs like Adams and Foluke...

    Interesting Natalia was attackinf from zone 5. and Maret G. is not for Fener..