CEV Champions League 2017

  • Don't forget Conegliano misses Robin and Bricio. Take Rasic out of Vakif and they got eliminated by Galatasary in TL.

    Ortolani is taking the team on shoulders. I hope Kasia improves the quality of her setting to her. She's really making miracles to kill the ball.

    I actually think GS could beat this Connegliano as well. GS is a better server team than Vakifbank and Connegliano simply did a terrible serve-receive job today. They probably misunderstood the strategy, they weren't supposed to receive bad themselves but make Vakifbank receive bad :lol:

    Meanwhile, I love Ortolani! What a player no matter where they force her to play...oh and I would love to see Kelsey Robinson in GS next season :super:

  • Agreed! Naz made a huge difference both today and yesterday! Most of the times, attackers were against single block :cheesy: But most probably MVP will go to Zhu.

    I can't think any other non-Vakıfbank player than Adams who deserves to be in Dream Team :white:

    I agree! I put Naz out of dream team since she was subbed quite often through the way, but tonight she was spectacular. For me, Ortolani (as 2nd OH with Zhu Ting) and Adams are the ones who should get awards besides Vakifbank players.

  • kim deserves her contract with vakif extended and robinson indeed deserves to play in some big club in turkey she has the quality needed maybe she can replace kosheeleva

  • i really thought busra won the award lmao. good final 4 for the americans. :woohoo: :woohoo:

  • Congrats to Vaki!! Very well deserved victory! I'm very happy for Guidetti, but as much I'm sad for Conegliano :P

    Beside the defeat, I'm at least glad that Conegliano finally improved his game during the 3rd set, that imho was entertaining unlike almost the rest of the match... at least until that silly mistakes of Costagrande (Carolinaaaa! How that happened? 8| ).
    They still weren't playing at their best imho (except probably Serena and Robinson, both amazing fighter! :heart: ), but at least they fight for every ball.
    De Gennaro was the biggest disappointment, I'mvery sorry she couldn't manage to help the team properly :(

    Overall, we knew that it was hard for Conegliano (even with De Kruijf and the best Bricio it would have been), but I expected something more from them (not in term of result, but in term of game)

    Can you share the players awards please? :)

  • 1st outside: Robinson
    2nd outside: Hill
    1st mb: Rasic
    2nd mb: Adams
    Best opp: Sloetjes
    Best setter: Naz
    Best libero: De gennaro
    mvp: Zhu Ting

  • I think they're all quite deserved except for the libero position: I love Moki, but today it wasn't her day I'm afraid...
    In case, if they did that to have 2 Conegliano players on the list (and still 5 Vakif players) I would have give the 2nd OH award to Serena and the libero award to Orge, that for me was amazing!

  • Although Zhu was the best OH, I can understand choice of Kelsey since CEV does not like to give two awards to the same player but De Gennaro :wall: Gizem Örge put a fantastic performance both today and yesterday whereas De Gennaro was horrible :hit: The other awards are well deserved!
    I am so jealous of USA NT, they have so many all-around OHs such as Robinson, Hill and Larson. With addition of powerful Hodge, they will be a serious contender at next WCh.

    PS: Fawcett is one of the most overrated player in the world. :down:

  • I think Rasic got the award just for being Rasic because neither today nor yesterday she did anything special on court, at least not more than Kübra, of course today both were very good in block. But then, apart from Adams no MB at all in the tournament was any good :what:

    As for libero, I was really hoping for Malova to get the award. All liberos did a good job, but Malova was the one who stood out in her team the most for me.

  • Gizem Örge should have gotten best libero imo she was the best of them in F4 by far, there was no way through her. I understand though that VakifBank had got a lot of awards so that another one would be maybe too much. But then I'd prefer Rasic for example to not get an award because she didn't really do anything (not her fault ofc). Other then Gizem I agree with the awards I think.

  • What is this joke? :white:

    I'd go with

    MVP: Naz
    Dream team: Naz-Lonneke, Kelsey-Zhu, Adams-Kubra, Gizem :teach:

  • PS: Fawcett is one of the most overrated player in the world. :down:

    She couldn't do more today. Skorupa sent her to death into the block over and over. She couldn't set any good ball for her OPPs. Ortolani did a little bit better just because her body allows her: she's faster and slighter than Nicole. The where whole rallies with 3/4 chances where no one could spike the ball for Conegliano. I wouldn't blame any spiker.

  • MVP is normally awarded to outside spiker. I hope naz can get mvp someday in other competition in the future, but not in the games like Olympics and World championship etc.

    Feng Kun got MVP award in 2004 OG and Takeshita Yoshie as setter got MVP award in 2006 World Championship. Also Brenda Castillo got a lot of MVP awards as libero. Naz has already got MVP award at 2008 European Junior Championship although Turkey got 3rd place in that tournament :white:

    Anyway, as long as there are dominant players like Zhu and Kim, it is hard to get MVP award as setter although I believe Naz makes a big difference for her team.

  • What is this joke? :white:

    I'd go with

    MVP: Naz
    Dream team: Naz-Lonneke, Kelsey-Zhu, Adams-Kubra, Gizem :teach:

    Nah the only joke is you. Can't troll Zhu this time :rolll: