Yeltsin Cup - 2016 | 9 | 21

  • Is it even going to happen this year? The only time it could take place is between WGP finals and the Olympics, but there are only 4 weeks time. Teams would want some days to recover from WGP and then need time to prepare for OG and I think many teams wouldn't want to play another full tournament in between, so maybe Russian federation has problems to organise it this year. Another option would be to host it after the Olympics, but then the teams who played there sure wouldn't come with full force...

  • Yeltsin Cup 2016 will kick off from 19-21 September at DIVS, Ekaterinburg Russia.

    Teams: Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Switzerland.

    Ticket: Free Entry


    Sep 19 (Monday)
    16:00 Switzerland - Turkey
    18:00 Opening Ceremony
    19:30 Russia - Azerbaijan

    Sep 20 (Tuesday)
    17:00 Azerbaijan - Turkey
    19:15 Russia - Switzerland

    Sep 21 (Wednesday)
    14:00 Azerbaijan - Switzerland
    16:15 Russia - Turkey
    18:30 Closing Ceremony

  • Hanna Klimets seems to be in Russian roster. Is she already neutralized? She has ust played in last unior ECH for Belarus :what:

    I ust realized that it is the roster of Uralochka :aww:

  • Does anyone know where we can watch Russia-Turkey? (Or any other Yeltsin cup match for that matter)

  • Volero is the champion.
    I would guess this is the dream team, but I don't know the name of players on green and their position. And Malyhk is playing as OH?
    I don't know...
    any real info on dream team and MVP?

  • Couldn't find any info about the dream team as well.

    The blonde girl in green is Safonova. She usually plays MB but last season, I saw her play in another position not sure about now. The black haired is Irisova and she's an MB.

  • So the dream team is probably

    Malyhk (?)/Dobriana

  • IMO Volero is the only one who can stop Turkish teams in Champions League.

    This year some teams really step up their game (roster)

  • The three Volero players in blue suits are (from left to right) Rabadzhieva, Fabiola and Rykhliuk. The short girl in the black suit should be Turkey's libero.

    That's Bihter Dumanoglu, GsD's sub libero last season, now on loan in Besiktas.

  • Dream Team for Yeltsin Cup 2016

    Best striker - Olesya Ryhlyuk ( "Volero", Switzerland)
    Best blocker - Irisova Elena (Russia)
    Best Libero - Bihter Dumanoglu (Turkey),
    Better server - Natalia Small ( "Dynamo", Krasnodar)
    Best setter - Fabiola de Souza ( "Volero", Switzerland)
    Miss of the tournament - Valery Safonov (Russia)
    Best player of the tournament (MVP of) - Dobryana Rabadzhieva ( "Volero", Switzerland)

    * **
    Winner of the tournament - ( "Volero", Switzerland),
    Silver medalist - combined team of Russian clubs
    bronze medalist - "Dynamo" (Krasnodar)