Champions’ League 2007/08

  • Results from today, 05.12.07
    Pool A
    ZOK Rijeka - Farmutil Pila 1:3 (20:25 15:25 28:26 20:25 ) statistics
    Vini Monteschiavo Jesi - RC Cannes 3:2 (25:20 25:22 22:25 20:25 17:15) statistics

    Pool C
    Asystel Novara
    - Volero Zurich 3:1 (27:25 25:20 27:29 25:18 ) statistics
    ASPTT Mulhouse - Türk Telekom Ankara 1:3 (15:25 14:25 25:17 20:25) statistics

    Pool E
    Spar Tenerife Marichal - DELA Martinus Amstelveen 0:3 (18:25 21:25 22:25) statistics
    Dinamo Moscow - Post Schwechat 3:0 (30:28 25:23 25:15) statistics

    other results of this leg have been mentioned in this thread already.

    Next matches on 11/12/13.12.2007
    Pool A
    Farmutil Pila vs. RC Cannes
    Vini Monteschiavo Jesi vs. ZOK Rijeka

    Pool B
    Zarechie Odintsova vs. FenerbahceAcibadem Istanbul
    Azerrail Baku vs. Winiary Bakalland Kalisz

    Pool C
    Voléro Zurich vs. Türk Telekom Ankara
    ASPTT Mulhouse vs. Asystel Novara

    Pool D
    Sirio Perugia vs. Grupo 2002 Murcia
    Eczacibasi Zentiva Istanbul vs. Postar 064 Beograd

    Pool E
    Post Schwechat vs. DELA Martinus Amstelveen
    Spar Tenerife Marichal vs. Dinamo Moscow

  • I watched 3 matches (well 2 and a half actually) yesterday and here's my opinion:

    Dinamo vs Schwechat: The Austrian played extremely well for two sets while Dinamo was only Gamova and Liktoras. Gamova is playing position 6 in defense now which is a big weakness. Dinamo's block did not exist in those two sets. Then in 3rd set Schwechat was obviously exhausted after losing two sets so closely.

    Eczacibasi vs Murcia: I watched sets 2+3 of that match. Murcia simply does not play as a team. Glinka may be a good weapon in attack but her weakness in reception is a huge problem for the team. Jaqueline is not as solid as she used to be either. With that reception Fofao cannot show all her abilities. Eczaci served very well and had a good block. Their young setter Naz Aydemir injured her ankle early but she insisted to finish the match and she succeeded after all.

    Marichal vs Martinus: Well what can I say? Marichal without Neslihan is very weak. Olsovsky cannot replace her in any element and neither Tomasevic nor Gordon are strong enough to take over Neslihan's position as leader. Gordon tried her best but she could not do more than she did, Tomasevic played much worse than the stats tell. In the first two sets she was blocked all the time, only in third set she could kill some balls. Also none of the three receivers is very solid so Lamas cannot use the middles well in attack. The Dutch played an average match (although I don't believe the attack stats of Chaine Staelens are true!!!) but it was enough to win easily.

  • I was really glad with MArtinus results till now!!!!
    I think they have a great team...and I think they can be champions!!!!And I'll cheer for that...eheheheh

    I was really surprise with Murcia loosing!!!I mean...of course Citakovic and Metcalf can make difference...and they did....but I thought Murcia team was much stronger....but looks like JAque isn't making a good championship....and Also I think thye should have a stronger oposite...I don't know the girl of the team very much...but for this position should be aomeone more strong....

    And JEsi finaly won....I mean...a gimportant game...cause they were not very good in Italian I didn't thought that they would won this match!

    But does someone know why Calloni didn't play???????I love her game...much better than GAttaz!!!!hehe :lol:

  • I'm so sad for Djerisilo!!!!!!!!!! ;(

    So samba you have any news about it???Was really serious?????

    And is true that Anja cried???...this is cute....all Serbia team seems really united!!!

  • It was one of the greatest performance Metcalf 's ever had. Vesna Citakovic was one of the stars of the game along with Glinka and Metcalf. Eczacı is without Tayyibe Haneef so with the joining of Haneef expect more suprising victories from them.

    One of the members of the turkish forum promised to put the match on youtube. I will post the link if he uploads it

  • And is true that Anja cried???...this is cute....all Serbia team seems really united!!!

    Yes, also because Anja and Ivana are best friends as far as I know.

    Fortunately Ivana's ligaments didn't broke.

  • last ten minutes of the game Eczacıbaşı-Zentiva-Grupo 2002 Murcia

    Nancy Metcalf and Vesna Citakovic!!Great players!

    A backrow spike of Nancy

  • I try to watch and record all Martinus games in the ECL2007, already recorded with Dinamo and Tenerife (from TV Canaria Sat). But it seems that my luck is over. Can't find where to watch Dela Martinus - Post Schwechat on 12.12.2007. CEV site tells ORF/SPORT+, NOS/RTV and NOORDHOLLAND will broadcast this game. But my satellite dish can't get them :( . Who lives in Holland and Austria, can you record and share it?

  • So sad to hear that Ivana's problem was in her knee!!!!! ;(

    But like you said samba player...luckuly wasn't that serious....

    thanks for the information guys!!!!!

    Do you know how many time she will need to you think she will be able to go to european olimpyc quali?

    And yeah!!!!They look very close!!!!!REally cute....I admire this team!!!!! :heart:

  • Winiary likes to play tie-break. It's in these girls blood :D , no matter who plays in the team. I was watching the game and I was really nervous, so I'm also happy because of this win. The girls should remember, that I have only one heart ;) .

    The crowd on this match was interesting: almost no civils, just Azeri soldiers or policemen 8o

    The most important 3:

    5th place - Prediction Game - World League 2011 :D

  • Results of today, 12.12
    POOL A
    Vini Monteschiavo Jesi - ZOK Rijeka 3:0 (25:18 25:19 25:12)

    POOL B
    Zarechie Odintsovo - FenerbahceAcibadem Istanbul 3:0 (25:15 25:23 25:22)

    POOL C
    Voléro Zurich - Türk Telekom Ankara 3:0 (25:18 25:20 25:21)
    ASPTT Mulhouse - Asystel Novara 0:3 (24:26 21:25 17:25)

    POOL D
    Sirio Perugia - Grupo 2002 Murcia 2:3 (18:25 20:25 27:25 25:10 16:18 ) >> match of the day!
    Eczacibasi Zentiva Istanbul - Postar 064 Beograd 2:0 (25:18 25:17 ...) >> still in progress

  • Sirio Perugia - Grupo 2002 Murcia 2:3 (18:25 20:25 27:25 25:10 16:18 ) >> match of the day!

    i was soooooooo nervous even i can watch live score only...

    when Perugia head 14-11 in set 5, i wanna switch off the brower already (wot happen to CEV website today, always hang when refreshing X( )

    well done MURCIA!! :drink:

  • Murcia won, but now, how is the classification of the pool? 3 teams with 2 victories, 1 loss ...

  • Great match. But Perugia dissapointed me a little. They were leading 14-11 and then spiked 4 balls out.

  • Yeah, great game by Polish girls :box: And fourth victory over Cannes in Piła :D This is strong pool, so every victory is very precious.

    The most important 3:

    5th place - Prediction Game - World League 2011 :D

  • Rankings so far
    Pool A
    1 Vini Monteschiavo Jesi 6
    2 Farmutil Pila 2 1 1 5
    3 RC Cannes 2 1 1 4
    4 ZOK Rijeka 3

    Pool B
    1 Zarechie Odintsovo 6pts.
    2 Winiary Bakalland Kalisz 5
    3 Azerrail Baku 4
    4 FenerbahceAcibadem Istanbul 3

    Pool C
    1 Asystel Novara 6
    2 Voléro Zurich 5
    3 Türk Telekom Ankara 4
    4 ASPTT Mulhouse 3

    Pool D
    1 Sirio Perugia 5
    2 Grupo 2002 Murcia 5
    3 Eczacibasi Zentiva Istanbul 5
    4 Postar 064 Beograd 3

    Pool E

    1 DELA Martinus Amstelveen 6
    2 Spar Tenerife Marichal 5
    3 Dinamo Moscow 4
    4 Post Schwechat 3