Sponsoring Volleyball Club in Turkey

  • I am Auto battery producer based in Turkey.I would like to sponsor and Retain full managerial Control of Womens voleyball team in first league of Turkey for 10 years for promotion purposes of my Company. I have ambitious plans to reach the statue of holder of Biggest Cup in Europe With a grand budget. However three foreign rule is a big hinder competing with three big teams of Turkey. Any ideas please?

  • First, you've got to have a big budget. I mean a going rate for players is probably $100-$125,000 in Europe for lower leagues. Star players could be making $1 million. So if you have a player budget of $2-4 million, you've got to have coaches and training staff. Put down another $500,000-$1 million.

    This does not even include win bonuses for domestic leagues, cups and European Cups. Let alone transfer fees and paperwork. Nor training tables, hotel rooms and travel.

    Additionally because the majority of these leagues in Europe have promotion and relegation, you'll have to fight to stay up with a lower level team in that first year or two.

    The biggest issue is that the majority of the teams are run as clubs (with the sports teams as a "business"). Because of the club nature of the teams, you have youth teams, which could lead to those players joining the senior teams.

    Very few Asian players are willing to leave home to play overseas, Kim and Saori being on a short list. America has no pro league, so if people want to play overseas they are open. However, the better USA players can basically name their price.

    Also, volleyball contracts are not well known, such as lengths (short duration 1-2 years at the most from this board), so maintaining a high level with so much movement of players is difficult. You kind need a coach/manager who is good on the court, but open to seeing what is coming in the future (outside of your league). Plus you've got to give them their space, so maintaining overall control from your end could be difficult.