Spain NT 2016

  • Benito Munoz announced list for World League:

    Setters: Ignacio Sanchez, Miguel De Amo, Carlos Mora, Javier Sanchez

    Opposites: Daniel Rocamora, Andres Villena

    OH's: Carlos Jimenez, Gerard Osorio, Francisco Ruiz, Juan Gonzalez

    MB's: Alejandro Vigil, Borja Ruiz, Jorge Fernandez, Miguel Fornes

    Liberos: Antoni Llabres, David Sanllehi

    I know Guillermo Hernan retired but where is Angel Trinidad De Haro from Roeselare? Injured or? Also Sergio Noda is missing :whistle:

  • Just to remind us of a recent discussion ;) Andres Villena is back from the dead. I am curious whether he still has it.