Italy - Serie A1 2016/17

  • ok Im blind or dumb :lol: :lol: thanks everyone for explanation

  • Chirichella has become such a good allround player! She serves well, she digs, she sets well for MB standards, she continuously improves her attacking skills too and she's been a strong blocker for quite a while anyway.

  • Novara plays like a team that wants to be champion.

    Modena plays like they did in most of regular season, without any visible motivation or fighting spirit, and that in the most important match of the season. They look completely lost and they have given up :down:

  • Congrats Novara :cup: I don't think many people expected them to win at the start of the season but they played great all year and really deserved it

    And now they will replace Fenoglio with Barbolini ?(

  • I watch all game of Novara this year and beginning of regular season Cambi was better than Djenkema and that's why she started as a main setter in several games. I'm pretty happy Djenkema has found her level at last games and maybe it is main thing today Novara is being champion. I'm happy to see champion my favorite player Picci again. I can surely say Chirichella is improving her game day by day and she is trying to be fast. I do hope they will keep some of kee players and get other strong players for next season. Congratulate :cup: :flower: :thumbup:

  • Congrats to Novara, they really deserved it!! :cup: :drink:
    I'm glad that, after losing 5 final series, Novara finally gets the monkey off its back.

    And I'm also happy for veteran 1st timers such as the two ex-Imoco Barcellini (at her 10th season in Novara) and Donà. Most of all, anyway, I'm happy for Katarina Barun: it would have been unfair for her not to win at least one "scudetto" in her career! ( QueenPiccininiLover: Fenoglio's memory failed him, as Katarina joined him in Bergamo the year after the title).
    On the other side, I'm sorry for Gaspari and Brakocevic: hope they'll have further chances in the future... (Well, Marco sure will. As for Jovana: honey, come back to Conegliano! :rose: )

  • This year there are some players were list of my best in Italian league. I can surely say Katarina Barun, Carlotta Cambi, Adenizia Silva, Samanta Fabris, Robin de Kruijf, Paola Egonu and Indre Sorokaite. If choose best player for their position my list is so

    best setter: Skorupa
    bes bloker: De Kruijf, Adenizia
    best opposite: Barun
    best outside: Enright, Meijners
    best libero: moki

  • Congratulations Novara! They look so focused in the last game, especially Barun hit so hard every ball. I'm happy for them, they finally got the title they deserved