Italy - Serie A1 2016/17

  • It's sad to watch once great players like Gioli and Nikolić play like total shadows of their former selves. :( At some point it's time to let go. And Dalia surely did not make it easy for them, Montichiari will need a better setter if they want to stay in the league with this squad.
    Malagurski played a really rough game in the beginning, but picked it up as the match went on. I'm still hanging on to the delusional hope she'll eventually be at least nearly as good as before.

  • I think Malagurski has been doing great, this past season in Turkey she finished in the Top 5 best score I think, and a lot of games she was scoring over 20 points.

    Last weekend she was the best score of the week with 24 points.

  • 2nd round

    Firenze - Conegliano 2-3 ( 23-25 15-25 25-19 25-19 17-19 )
    Sorokaite 24, Enright 21, Bayramova 13 // De Kruijf 20, Ortolani 19, Tomsia 14, Danesi 14 ( 56% att. )
    Stats: http://www.legavolleyfemminile…age_id=47322&idgara=82301

    Casalmaggiore - Monza (did not play)

    Modena - Club Italia 3-0 ( 28-26 26-24 25-21 )
    Brakocevic 14, Heyrman 12 ( 60% att. ), Belien 7 ( 60% att. ), Marcon 7 // Egonu 26, Botezat 9 ( 6 blocks ), Melli 6
    Stats: http://www.legavolleyfemminile…age_id=47322&idgara=82303

    Montichiari - Novara 0-3 ( 16-25 26-28 23-25 )
    Malagurski 14, Busa 12, Efimienko 8 // Plak 20, Piccinini 14, Bonifacio 13 ( 80% att. !! )
    Stats: http://www.legavolleyfemminile…age_id=47322&idgara=82304

    Scandicci - Bergamo 1-3 ( 19-25 17-25 25-16 20-25 )
    Meijners 16, Adenizia 15 ( 67% att. ), Loda 13, Havlickova 13 // Skowronska 26 ( 56% att. ), Popovic 10 ( 56% att. ), Partenio 9 ( 54% att. )
    Stats: http://www.legavolleyfemminile…age_id=47322&idgara=82305

    Bolzano - Busto Arsizio 1-3 ( 17-25 18-25 25-15 13-25 )
    Bartsch 16, Popovic-Gamma 14, Bauer 6 // Diouf 20, Vasilantonaki 14, Stufi 13 ( 53% att. )
    Stats: http://www.legavolleyfemminile…age_id=47322&idgara=82306


    1. Novara 6
    2. Modena 6
    3. Bergamo 6
    4. Monza 3**
    5. Conegliano 3
    6. Busto Arsizio 3
    7. Casalmaggiore 2**
    8. Scandicci 2
    9. Firenze 1
    10. Club Italia 1
    11. Montichiari 0
    12. Bolzano 0

  • I remember reading something that her bad last season and losing her spot in NT really troubled her, so maybe it was her who was hesitant to sign any contract :S I'm sure there were many teams interested in her in summer.

    Yes, I think it was more like her own decision that she wanted to skip a season and she actually went back to her college and became the assistant coach of her college team. But now, it seems that modena doesnt really need her so I don't know why they even contacted and signed her? (At least in serie a1 because of the foreigner limit)

  • Adenizia proving herself as a top player. I will never understand why brazilians don't like her.

    "Voglio i tuoi occhi quando sognerai per farmi rimanere qui"
    "...come la terra la pioggia d'estate"
    "Io ti ho coperto le spalle, scoprendo tutto il mio cuore"
    - Emma :heart::love:

  • I followed the match only with one eye but despite being effective her attacks (or at least, the attacks I happened to see) were sooo slow (not the ball itself, but all the movement)... The commentator even pointed out that the less sets went to her, the better her team played because the wing spikers were more effective (I honestly haven't completely grabbed his point, but I reported it).

    Please noticed that I'm not criticizing the wonderful Adenizia which I like, I'm just trying to offer a point of view that may partially explain why she isn't so considered in Brasil ^^

  • Adenizia reminds me of the Cuban middles, attacking rather high balls through the middle. But sooner or later the opponents adapt to the style, at some point she constantly had two blockers up against her and as Kk15 said, then the wing hitters got more balls and Scandicci had an easier job overall. But yesterday Adenizia's blocking performance was just outstanding :!:

  • Zago coming in for Havlickova did wonders for Scandicci. Rondon did a really nice job overall distributing the ball evenly to all her options, she outperformed Ferretti by a mark.
    It's weird how Modena froze in the middle of the second set, nothing really worked for them. Brakočević was blowing hot and cold, did great in the first set and for a while kept Modena alive in the fourth, but there were also long patches of play she simply couldn't kill a single ball.

  • It's crazy how many sets she must be getting!
    That's really not the way to go, IMO. :S She can easily get injured or burnt out if she keeps it up like this. The whole point of Club Italia is not to win games, but have players develop, and it's not going to hapen if it's all Egonu all the time.

  • The problem with Adenízia is that she spent all her life in the same team, which means she was always getting overshadowed by someone else as Osasco's always had other top players. Add that to the fact that she's never really had a truly memorable performance with the NT and you can see why Brazilians aren't really big fans of hers. I speak for myself when I say I didn't really care for her up until this new season in Italy, but i'm really cheering for her now seeing her in a new environment and playing this well in another top league. It's just a nice change of pace.

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