Italy - Serie A1 2016/17

  • You can't compare a setter to an OPP. Setters get better with age because they don't depend on physical factors that much but on experience, whereas opposites get worse when their body gets worn out. Technically Neslihan is just as good as she was 10 years ago, but she simply isn't as fast and as powerful as she was back then, so she's not great anymore. Leo's performance yesterday was world-class. However I agree, to be one of the best in the world she'll have to play on this level for more than one match ;)

    Oh I don't agree on that. The only position that doesn't get old is liberos in my opinion. Setters get slower as well, that's probably the reason someone was calling her Leo, the panda when she was playing in GsD. However an experienced setter sure is very valuable too. So it's an exchange between experience and speed.

  • Lo Bianco was indeed fantastic last night, she played like in her best days, but there were a lot of times this season that she was quite mediocre and was even outplayed by Mori. If she keeps it up like this, it's going to be a huge boost for Bergamo. Still, they need a big hitter ASAP because a team whose block is not as hopeless as Modena's will not allow Lo Bianco to go to Popović and Guiggi over and over again.

    It could have been a different story for Modena had Neriman been able to play from the start. Brakočević is so maddeningly inconsistent. She hits a purple patch and is virtually unstoppable, she won the 2nd set all by herself, but then she goes off the boil and can't kill a single ball. And in contrast to Lo Bianco, Ferretti was just a pale shadow of herself, her play was pitiful. On several occasions she literally set the ball to no one.

    Do you know why Neriman is not playing as starter anymore? Is this to improve receiving line?

    I never liked Ferretti's game, her technique looks weird to me :white:

  • Neriman has some physical problems, she is not at her 100%, but yesterday she played anyway (but not as a starter).

    It's possible, you just have to believe in yourself and really not care what other people say, because I've heard it all.
    If you let someone else dictate what you're going to do in life, then you won't get there.

    Non so neanche come onestamente: in due mesi ero di nuovo in campo.

  • see, this is what I did point it out one time...Pomi depends 99% on Fabris. And there`s no doubt she can win a game on her own alone, even against strong teams, but not always that will work. Sometimes a feel Loyd does not give enough confidence as a setter to the rest of the team. Pomi just needs to find a balance as a team.

  • see, this is what I did point it out one time...Pomi depends 99% on Fabris. And there`s no doubt she can win a game on her own alone, even against strong teams, but not always that will work. Sometimes a feel Loyd does not give enough confidence as a setter to the rest of the team. Pomi just needs to find a balance as a team.

    Yeah but look at stats. This is one of the worst games for Gibbemeyer and Jovana in attack... Today She need to set way more to Fabris becuase MBs didn't do well, but overall Pomi is missing strong OH attacker. But defence of Pomi is one of the best right now..

    Pomi last year didn't have that strong attacker so every player need to put their best every match equally that is way they were amazing TEAM.

  • Lloyd's connection with her MBs hasn't really worked all season long. It's really strange because all three of them are such great players individually and they've played together for so long, you'd think it would be running smoothly, but it's not. I wonder if they do something different in training this season.

  • 15th round

    Bolzano - Conegliano 0-3 ( 14-25 24-26 22-25 )
    Rossi Matuzskova 12, Papa 11, Popovic-Gamma 10 // Danesi 12 ( 63% att. ), De Krujif 11, Robinson 8
    Stats: http://www.legavolleyfemminile…age_id=47322&idgara=82379

    Casalmaggiore - Novara 1-3 ( 25-23 22-25 26-28 18-25 )
    Fabris 31, Tirozzi 11, L. Bosetti 10, Stevanovic 10 // Barun 35, Chirichella 17 ( 73% att. ), Plak 14
    Stats: http://www.legavolleyfemminile…age_id=47322&idgara=82380

    Bergamo - Modena 3-2 ( 25-14 20-25 25-18 21-25 15-10 )
    Popovic 22 ( 71% att., 9 blocks :white::white: ), Guiggi 17 ( 74% att. ), Partenio 15 // Brakocevic 22, C. Bosetti 16
    Stats: http://www.legavolleyfemminile…age_id=47322&idgara=82381

    Scandicci - Montichiari 3-1 ( 19-25 25-18 25-20 25-15 )
    Havlickova 23, Adenizia 16 ( 65% att. ), Cruz 10 // Malagurski 21, Nikolic 14, Gioli 11
    Stats: http://www.legavolleyfemminile…age_id=47322&idgara=82382

    Club Italia - Busto Arsizio 3-1 ( 27-25 25-23 21-25 25-21 )
    Egonu 39, Melli 16 ( 54% att. ), Mancini 11 // Diouf 21, Martinez 14 ( 52% att. ), Berti 9 ( 58% att. )
    Stats: http://www.legavolleyfemminile…age_id=47322&idgara=82383

    Monza - Firenze 1-3 ( 25-23 25-27 22-25 23-25 )
    Tomsia 22, Segura 16, Aelbrecht 8 // Calloni 20 ( 59% att., 7 blocks :box: ), Sorokaite 19, Enright 17
    Stats: http://www.legavolleyfemminile…age_id=47322&idgara=82384

    1. Conegliano 37
    2. Casalmaggiore 36
    3. Novara 34
    4. Bergamo 29
    5. Scandicci 24
    6. Busto Arsizio 22
    7. Modena 20
    8. Bolzano 18
    9. Firenze 17
    10. Monza 12
    11. Montichiari 11
    12. Club Italia 10

  • Barun suprises me..she still rocks in some matches at this age

    on Fabris : she has reached her majority in italian league ;)

    do you think Fabris could do a better job than Lonneke's for VakıfBank ?

    Fabris is definitely a smarter hitter than Lonneke but italian league needs her to stay competitive and Turkey kinda scares top players because of the terrorist attacks.

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  • Is Bartsch injured? I thought she was a couple of weeks ago. I saw her being attended to on the sidelines.

    Pomi. Why can't the sign a reliable hitter like Robinson or someone similar to her? Maybe it was a good thing Pomi lost.

    A player like Robinson is too expensive for Pomì Casalmaggiore, where the budget is not as high as in Conegliano, Scandicci, Modena and Novara. Pomì Casalmaggiore has always been very smart in transfering players when they were cheap promising talents (Stevanovic, Guerra), or experienced ones coming back from injuries/bad seasons/Azerbaijan (Bosetti, Tirozzi, Lloyd, Gibbemeyer, Skorupa, Ortolani, Kozuch) giving them the possibility to shine again. And some of them are still there despite having received much richer offers along the years. Also Fabris chose Pomì not because of money but because of the good environment there, which allows her to improve more and more and reach the majority (as someone wrote).