Poland - OrlenLiga 2016/17

  • I like this teams because young players have chances to play. :teach:

    I like them as well (more than KSZO or Piła) but for some players it would be better to play in more ambitious teams next season. I think Monika Bociek (for example) deserves to play in better team where she won't get 40-50 balls in every game :) She is ready for it. Also Klaudia Alagierska should change the team. She was dominant MB in 1st league during season 2013/14 and now she doesn't play at all.

  • Exectly, it works like this. Teams creating own leaders during the season and after they are ready to play in better teams and for their places are another players, sometimes younger. Thats why I support this teams. :win:

  • I remember watching Werblinska in 2007 European Olympic Qualifications when she was 23 and now she is going to retire... Wish she could have played in NT more often as she was really great OH. Probably my best memory with her is when Muszyna beat Fenerbache in CEV Cup final and she was even better than Kim in those matches and led her team to win with serves, spikes and super stable reception.

    Maybe now it's time we found finally another great OH.

  • Postponed game:
    Legionovia - Budowlani Łódź 2:3 (16:25, 25:22, 22:25, 25:21, 10:15) Stats MVP: Gabriela Polańska
    Scorers: Bociek 17 (OH), Bączyńska 15 (OP), Alagierska 14 (MB) / Beier 20 (OH), Polańska 13 (MB), Pycia 13 (MB), Grobelna 13 (OP)

    Looks like Galatasaray will beat Budowlani 3-0 :D

  • Day 23 - Results:

    Pałac - Giacomini 1-3 (19-25 25-16 20-25 23-25) MVP: Marta Wójcik stats
    Scorers: Krzywicka (OH) 19, Krawulska (OP) 13, Kuligowska (OH) 10, Misiuna (MB) 10, Śmieszek (MB) 10; Pavan (OP) 18, Wojcieska (MB) 11, Polak (OH) 10

    PTPS - Impel 0-3 (7-25 27-29 16-25) MVP: Monika Ptak stats
    Scorers: Austin (OH) 10, Babicz (OH) 8, Kwiatkowska (OP) 5; Courtney (OH) 12, Ptak (MB) 11, Hancock (S) 10 :!:

    Chemik - Tauron 3-0 (25-18 25-18 26-24) MVP: Katarzyna Zaroślińska stats
    Scorers: Zaroślińska (OP) 19, Werblińska (OH) 12, Bednarek-Kasza (MB) 10; Horka (OP) 12, Paszek (OH) 10, Sikorska (MB) 7

    KSZO - Atom 3-2 (17-25 25-12 22-25 26-24 15-10) MVP: Dorota Ściurka stats
    Scorers: Ściurka (OH) 24, Kapturska (OP) 24, Brzóska (OH) 17; Goliat (OP) 18, Mielczarek (OH) 14, Skorupa (MB) 10

    Legionovia - BKS 2-3 (25-11 23-25 23-25 25-22 13-15) MVP: Emilia Mucha stats
    Scorers: Bączyńska (OP) 25, Bociek (OH) 24, Mikołajewska (OH) 15; Mucha (OH) 22, Mikyskova (OP) 16, Moskwa (MB) 10

    Developres - ŁKS 3-0 (25-18 25-15 25-18 ) MVP: Adela Helic stats
    Scorers: Helic (OP) 17, Kamenova (OH) 14, Żabińska (MB) 7, Kaczorowska (OH) 7; Sielicka (OH) 10, Kowalińska (OP) 8, Oleksy (OH) 7

    Muszynianka - Budowlani 1-3 (25-27 24-26 25-21 18-25) MVP: Paulina Maj-Erwardt stats
    Scorers: Wawrzyniak (OP) 15, Savic (MB) 12, Cvetanovic (OH) 12; Grobelna (OP) 25, Beier (OH) 20, Pycia (MB) 8

    Gold medal - World League 2013 Prediction Game
    Bronze medal - World League 2012 Prediction Game

  • Standings after 23 rounds:
    1 Chemik Police 63 points *
    2 Impel Wrocław 56 *
    3 Grot Budowlani Łódź 53

    4 Developres SkyRes Rzeszów 48
    5 Tauron MKS Dąbrowa Górnicza 40
    6 ŁKS Commercecon Łódź 34
    7 Polski Cukier Muszynianka 25
    8 KS PAŁAC Bydgoszcz 25
    9 Giacomini Budowlani Toruń 24
    10 BKS PROFI CREDIT Bielsko-Biała 23
    11 Enea PTPS Piła 23 *
    13 Atom Trefl Sopot 21 *
    14 Legionovia Legionowo 20

    * one match less

  • Yes, 4 teams make it to the play-offs. I posted Developres in blue because they didn't qualify to the play-off. Dąbrowa is 8 points behind. Theoretically, Dąbrowa still has a chance to be ahead of Developres :)

    Piotr Matela is no longer the head coach of Atom Trefl Sopot. Piotr Olenderek (ex-assistant coach) replaced him.

  • Very remarkable victory of Budowlani Lodz over Chemik Police in four sets in Atlas Arena, despite they will hardly even claim second place in league round. But at least the reigning champions are not invincible in Orlen League.

  • Congrats Budowlani. It's so sad to see Montano sitting on the bench the whole season :(
    Can't believe it but Bełcik plays better than Wołosz. I would say the younger players like Pleśnierowicz, Gajewska are better than Joanna. Even Anna Kaczmar plays good the whole season.

  • Pleśnierowicz with Kakolewska and Ptak in NT could be really great together as she plays much more with MBs.
    After Wołosz, Belcik looked like great player. But I have to admit that Jagielo was amazing. Perfect defense and reception plus solid skills in attack.

    Again Kakolewska is rocking in Impel Pałac match.

  • For me the main problem in Chemik is less experience coach. Most of good players in this season are without shape. Zaroslinska in Atom was awsome and now she just play bad, especially in CL. Question is why Montano doesnt has got more chances to play. Wolosz shape also is mistake for now... I hope that next season they will have new coach.