Poland - OrlenLiga 2016/17

  • Budowlani became 2nd finalist :wavy:

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  • Hahaha, Impel Wrocław is the biggest loser this year :gone: Congratulations to Łódź, they were so lucky :win:

  • I think Lodz could upset Chemik, ONLY if they can play better than today, and if Kaja plays her best. They are a good team, but of course Chemik is the favorite.

    Hanock spiked 9 balls, but she only set Ptak and Kakolewska 10 each :down: . Is the coach not watching this?? A setter can not have the same number of balls as the spikers.

    Kakolweska and Polanks are "huge" they make everyone seams so small olololol.

  • IMO Impel was the team which had some chances against Chemik, I can't say the same about Łódź.

    I have to say it again, but Hancock is so bad setter. Her play with middles is embarrassing.

  • Remember, that Budowlani Lodz qualified this way like Chemik Police also for the CL 2018 pool phase directly. I'm curious, if they take this expensive challenge, after two eligible teams didn't (one for qualification competition only) this season 2017.

  • Łódź is a big city, I hope they will find some richer sponsors or even they will get more money from city budget. I think they will participate in the CL.

  • Congratulations for both teams for a fight in this semi final ^^
    I hope that Łódź will not give up in final and become a good oponent for Chemik. :super:
    Cant wait to see battle Grobelna vs Smarzek :box:

  • Latest Games' Results: - Summary places 5th-14th

    ŁKS - Tauron 0-3 (19-25 21-25 17-25) MVP: Kathleen Weiss stats
    Scorers: Kowalińska (OP) 17, Sielicka (OH) 12, Oleksy (OH) 9; Horka (OP) 20, Kaliszuk (OH) 16, Sikorska (MB) 10

    Tauron - ŁKS 3-0 (25-16 25-18 25-21) MVP: Eleonora Dziękiewicz stats
    Scorers: Horka (OP) 18, Kaliszuk (OH) 13, Sikorska (MB) 5, Dziękiewicz (MB) 5, Paszek (OH) 5; Kowalińska (OP) 9, Kwiatkowska (MB) 8, Sielicka (OH) 8

    Tauron is 5th, ŁKS is 6th

    Giacomini - BKS 3-2 (22-25 22-25 25-19 25-23 15-10) MVP: Marina Pavlova stats
    Scoers: Pavan (OP) 22, Pavlova (OH) 14, Polak (OH) 8, Ryznar (MB) 8; Mikyskova (OP) 22, Mucha (OH) 17, Pencova (MB) 13

    BKS - Giacomini 3-2 (28-30 25-22 25-21 20-25 15-11) GS: 15-12 MVP: Sona Mikyskova stats
    Scorers: Mikyskova (OP) 26, Pencova (MB) 18, Mucha (OH) 14; Pavan (OP) 29, Polak (OH) 23, Wojcieska (MB) 10

    BKS is 7th, Giacomini is 8th

    Atom - Muszynianka 3-2 (25-15 18-25 15-25 25-19 15-11) MVP: Monika Fedusio stats
    Scorers: Golait (OP) 13, Fedusio (OH) 13, J.Łukasik (MB) 12; Cikriz (OP) 18, Savic (MB) 13, Cvetanovic (OH) 12

    Muszynianka - Atom 1-3 (11-25 25-17 23-25 13-25) MVP: Alicja Wójcik satats
    Scorers: Cvetanovic (OH) 14, Wójcik (OH) 11, Cikriz (OP) 9; M.Łukasik (OP) 16, J.Łukasik (MB) 14, Wójcik (MB) 10

    Atom is 9th, Muszynianka is 10th

    Pałac - PTPS 1-3 (25-16 22-25 19-25 20-25) MVP: Anita Kwiatkowska stats
    Scorers: Krawulska (OH) 15, Misiuna (MB) 12, Kuligowska (OH) 12; Babicz (OH) 17, Kwiatkowska (OP) 16, Ogoms (MB) 14

    PTPS - Pałac 2-3 (25-21 25-19 20-25 24-26 12-15) MVP: Marta Ziółkowska stats
    Scorers: Kwiatkowska (OP) 21, Ogoms (MB) 15, Babicz (OH) 14; Krawulska (OH) 22, Ziółkowska (MB) 21, Kuligowska (OH) 10

    PTPS is 11th, Pałac is 12th

    Legionovia - KSZO 3-1 (26-24 20-25 25-18 25-16) MVP: Klaudia Alagierska stats
    Scorers: Bociek (OH) 20, Bączyńska (OP) 12, Alagierska (MB) 11; Kapturska (OP0 22, Szałankiewicz (OH) 10, Ściurka (OH) 6

    KSZO - Legionovia 3-0 (25-22 28-26 25-18 ) GS: 13-15 MVP: Monika Bociek stats
    Scorers: Kapturska (OP) 24, Brzóska (OH) 13, Stroiwąs (MB) 10, Szałankiewicz (OH) 10; Bociek (OH) 15, Bączyńska (OP) 14, Mikołajewska (OH) 9

    Legionovia is 13th, KSZO is 14th, KSZO will fight with Wisła Warszawa for a spot in OrlenLiga

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  • Semifinals Results:

    Developres - Chemik 0-3 MVP: Joanna Wołosz stats
    Scorers: Kamenova (OH) 12, Kaczorowska (OH) 7, Mróz (MB) 6, Helic (OP) 6; Veljkovic (MB) 13, Werblińska (OH) 13, Zaroślińska (OP) 13

    Chemik - Developres 3-0 MVP: Aleksandra Jagieło stats
    Scorers: Zaroślińska (OP) 16, Bednarek-Kasza (MB) 10, Jagieło (OH) 9; Kamenova (OH) 16, Paskova (OP) 6, Kaczorowska (OH) 5

    Budolwani - Impel 3-1 MVP: Kaja Grobelna stats
    Scorers: Grobelna (OP) 30, Beier (OH) 13, Polańska (MB) 12; Konieczna (OP) 20, Kąkolewska (MB) 12, Mędrzyk (OH) 12

    Impel - Budowlani 2-3 MVP: Kaja Grobelna stats
    Scorers: Konieczna (OP) 21, Hancock (S) 14, Mędrzyk (OH) 14; Grobelna (OP) 19, Polańska (MB) 12, Beier (OH) 9

    Small Final:
    Developres - Impel
    13.04 18:00 and 19.04 18:00

    Budowlani - Chemik
    14.04. 20:30 19.04 20:30

    Only Finals on Polsat Sport, Small Finals won't be shown :whistle: :call: :thumbdown:

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  • I like Hancock but she definitely should stop hitting THIS much!

    One thing I gotta mention - I was always thinking Wolosz was a smart setter and she runs all attackers she has but after two seasons in thr strongest club in Poland she seemingly has become such a boring setter. In my personal point of view, boring setters are ten times worse than those who have awful technics. Chemik for sure has the biggest chance to rule the league again but I don't really get attracted to how they play this year. So, I'll probably support for Lodz. Pavla Vincourova is much more entertaining.

  • How the final works? Single game? best of 3? Golden Set?

    It's exactly like Play-Offs - home and away game, in case there is a tie, Golden Set will be played ^^

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  • Cant wait to see battle Grobelna vs Smarzek :box:

    I don't think she will be staring six player :) Łódź will destroy her in reception. I guess she lost her confidence after the games against Modena and Sopot. Sopot literally destroyed her and she was one of the main reasons Chemik lost that game. (I know she played only 2 sets)

    Kinga Drabek and Marta Ciesiulewicz will stay in Dąbrowa Górnicza. Daria Paszek will probably leave this club. http://katowickisport.pl/siatk…tykul,775781,2,12511.html

  • Today Result:

    Developres - Impel 3-2 (25-15 23-25 25-21 14-25 16-14) MVP: Adela Helic stats
    Scorers: Helic (OP) 31, Kamenova (OH) 16, Kaczorowska (OH) 9; Konieczna (OP) 29, Kąkolewska (MB) 15, Ptak (MB) 13

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  • This was a very one-sided first match of the finals in Atlas hall Lodz: Budowlani lost all three sets rather clear against title defenders Chemik Police. It is highly unlikely, that they can turn the tides in Azoty hall in Stettin (sorry, can't write this city name correctly in Polish), where Chemik hosts the decisive return match.

  • Today Result: - Final 1st leg

    Budowlani - Chemik 0-3 (14-25 18-25 17-25) MVP: Katarzyna Zaroślińska stats
    Scorers: Beier (OH) 7, Polańska (MB) 6, Grobelna (OP) 6; Zaroślińska (OP) 18, Jagieło (OH) 12, Veljkovic (MB) 11

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  • Anyone is still trying to play in "Wygraj Orlen Ligę" competition? :D my best team is still at 30th place :wavy:

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  • I was really high but I lost a lot of points because of that stupid play-off system :D

    Of course Budowlani won't win the championship. This season was really boring :down: I mean, some games was really crazy. We had unexpected results, few fired coaches, walkover but play-offs are really boring...

  • Chemik played very well yesterday. Zaroślińska was very impressive and it was first match in the season when I have to say that Wołosz played very good. Łódź didn't show their normal level and was quite easy opponent for very experienced Chemik.