France LNV 2016/2017

  • New season is far away but some things are certain even now.

    Sete, last season finalist, is going to face budget cut, therefore roster is changing. Coach Patrick Duflos is leaving, setter Hernan signed for Tours and season MVP Thibault Rossard is going to play abroad despite having valid contract. Some others are going to leave including libero Nicholas Rossard.

    Cannes is facing big financial difficulties and their budget is going to be significantly lower. Kolaković already announced that he is leaving due situation, Arnaud Jonsserand is a new coach.

    Beauvais kept Ligue A status but it's highly doubtful will they play due debt (around 300k €). DNACG have to give them license to participate :S

    The changes will include reducing the number of clubs, 12 clubs is going to fight for the title instead 14.

  • After failling to reach champ'ship finals Tours is redesign team. Konstantin Čupković, Yoann Jaumel, Adam Bartoš, David Smith, Giulio Sabbi, Ludovic Castard, Nicholas Gardien, Rajko Strugar are leaving club. White's contract expired but there is possibility he will sign a new deal. For now David Konečny, Hubert Henno and Phillip Collin are staying but Collin wants to leave as well.

  • One interesting information. From this season Dutch setter Nimir Abdelaziz will play as OPP in Poitiers :rolll: He already informed NT coach Gido Vermuelen about his decision

  • Sad news from France. Beauvais Oise, French Cup winners back in 2008, was not granted a license for season 2016/2017 due financial reasons. Board will appeal but it's not likely decision will be changed. That means Beauvais will be thrown into the third division :(

  • Sad news from France. Beauvais Oise, French Cup winners back in 2008, was not granted a license for season 2016/2017 due financial reasons. Board will appeal but it's not likely decision will be changed. That means Beauvais will be thrown into the third division :(

    Beauvais appeal has been rejected, so there is only one body which can accept their appeal. But it's unlikely license will be granted so club is going to bankrupt and probably dissapear :(

  • After appeals to DNACG LNV announced 12 teams which should take part in new Ligue A edition:

    AS Cannes
    Nantes Reze

    * - Beauvais appealed to higher "body" but it's not likely they'll get license. If this happens Narbonne will keep Ligue A status due financial problems in other teams for 3rd season in a row. Don't think this ever happened in history of volleyball.

  • Nimir Abdel-Aziz with 27 points and a 60% attack efficiency as an opposite for Poitiers against Cannes :D

    His new role for this season :D he had great numbers in preseason as well, f.e. 24 pts (58% eff) vs Paris :)


    So far interesting championship and for me the most unpredictable league in Europe. Montpellier is biggest surprise, I can't remember when was the last time they started championship with 4 wins. Montpellier's OPP Jean Patry is revelation so far, Lecat is putting big trust in his abilities and Saitta uses him very well. Tours is searching for they gameplan, a lot of oscilations for them, as well for Paris and Ajaccio. Poitiers lost last 2 matches in a similar way, choking in the end of sets, especially this problem is visibile with Abdel Aziz. He had 29 pts vs Paris but in all key points he couldn't kill the ball. Vice champions, Sete, won only 1 out of 4 matches and I'm pretty sure they won reach finals. Cannes without Pujol isn't the same team, Nice is gradually getting better with Jaumel but I don't know for how long he is going to stay there as Halilović's return is close. Van den Dries is leading Toulouse, Belgian OPP is leading scorer and their win against Nice was breathtaking as they overcome 17:21 in 3rd and 21:24 in 4th set. Chaumont impressed in last 3 matches after Wounembaina's and McDonnell's recovery by trashing Ajaccio, Cannes and Sete in straight sets. Nantes "Dutch" colony is doing well but there is space for improvement, while Narbonne is only team without win after they dropped 2:0 lead against Tours in last round.

  • :drink:

    In every round LNV is streaming 5 out of 6 matches and you can watch it for free on link I gave you above ;)

    Really?! That's awesome! I've been meaning to watch some matches (mostly Paris) and had no idea where to do it.
    Thanks for the info once again!

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  • Some news from France.

    For French NT MB Franck Lafitte season is over after heavy knee injuy after which he must undergo another surgery. Paris is looking for a new MB as they have only 2 players on this position, Kreek and Kaba.

    Chaumont's winning streak (10 matches) comes to end after 2:3 loss to Ajaccio on Corsica. This wouldnt be strange if Corsicans were full but Ajaccio was without several players (Simovski, Mijailović, Siirila, Miranda) and only 8 healthy players so setter Takaniko had to play as OH.

    Nantes won 1st match after 2 months leaving Narbonne winless after 12 rounds.

  • Narbonne won their FIRST (!!) match in championship after 3:2 over Ajaccio. Win doesn't change much for them coz other teams are far ahead so Ligue B is reality. Also Ajaccio is having Cup SF's tomorrow so focus was surely on that match.

    Paris has caused Chaumont first domestic defeat of the season after 5 sets match but Prandi's team remained on the top with 35 pts. Now only Montpellier and Tours are undefeated at home.

    42 pts by Nimir Abdel Aziz is the second highest score in France. Unfortunately Poitiers lost on the road in Toulouse after 5 sets.

    There are 7 roounds till playoffs and everything is opened. Between 1st Chaumont and 4th Paris is only 5 pts difference so one of those teams (Montpellier and Tours) is going to win regular season. There will be drama for sure as those teams have to face each other till the end. 1st place in regular season brings only CEV Cup spot for the next season. Also battle for PO place is going to be interesting as 5th Toulouse have 22 pts while 10th Sete is on 16. Narbonne needs a miracle to avoid Ligue B next season but 11th placed team has to play playout. To be more precise 11th team goes in qualifications with 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th placed team from Ligue B. Atm Cannes is 11th in Ligue A.

    For me Ligue A is the most balanced league in Europe as nothing is sure yet :whistle:

  • Playoffs started in Ligue A and history is already written. Toulouse eliminated Tours after winning 2-0 in series :obey: Their win in Tours was 1st after 10 years (!) while in rematch they won after being 0-2 down... Second match was the last for David Konečny for Tours in Ligue A as Czech opposite is leaving. It was sad to see him getting red card @14:7 in 5th set. So one era is gone for Tours...

    Chaumont won 2nd match against Poitiers and clinched semifinal spot. Crucial was win in 1st match which they won in incredibile way after being down 0:1 and 1:2, while in tie breaker Poitiers had 4:10 and 12:14 but Prandi's team managed to pull big comeback 8| Abdelaziz played last match for Poitiers, as well as Tervaportti and Andriga which are going to one Polish team.

    Ajaccio swept Paris in straight sets and took the lead in series. Paris was without Nuno Pinheiro (suspension) and they have to win next match to keep chances to defend the title.

    Nice made big upset with 3:0 over Montpellier which was the only team without loss at home :obey: Egleskalns was brilliant with 21 pts while Montpellier played the worst match of the season :whistle: Rematch is tomorrow..