Germany - VBL 1. Bundesliga 2016/17

  • I don't think, that Schwerin will be weaker than last season. How the relation will be in detail, will primarily depend by team building, but because a considerable number of good players stood there, this should be no real obstacle for them. Regarding Aachen it is hard to guess, I think, we will see, how this team will perform. The same is true for Erfurt and of course the still largely unknown roster of Suhl (just three players known yet).

  • i think that Suhl will be as weak as Thüringen last season

    Les pieds dans le fumier, mais toujours le verbe haut et la tête droite ! Cocorico !

  • i think that Suhl will be as weak as Thüringen last season

    If that happens, I would strongly recommend the VBL to throw them out of first league, even if there remains one or two berths unused. Because the last season they were so bad both regarding financial affairs as not being competetive at all, so they clearly not deserved to stay in first Bundesliga.

  • i think that its look like Abbing will have low budget in a late market and will hope that his manager's agency will do miracles for him .

    Les pieds dans le fumier, mais toujours le verbe haut et la tête droite ! Cocorico !

  • Now the finanicial aspects of Dresden in the season coming are more clear (several articles on VBL website):

    1. one of the big sponsors (Telekom) reduced considerably their contribution
    2. the smaller sponsors increased partly their contributions, but couldn't compensate for 1.
    3. the insurance for the players became considerably more expensive
    4. the CEV demands newly video challenge system from every club playing group phase or later in the Champions League, which is also expensive (like the special CL carpet and so on...)

    Therefore the remaining money for player salaries dropped considerably. This explains their weaker roster compared to last season very good indeed, it is not about 5% lower salaries, but much less.

  • Only yesterday the Ladies in Black with sports club PTSV in background were finally saved until the end of the season coming. They could getting cancelled debt of 200.000 Euro and enough fresh money to complete the season safely.

    USC Münster got an used Gerflor carpet to fulfill VBL requirements relatively cheap (18.000 instead of 35.000 Euro new). Remember, that they have still debt of roundabout 200.000 Euro and are obliqued, to operate more carefully financilly and to save money...

    VfB Suhl managed only to have the required at least 6 player contracts now at end of August, there is still a lot of work to get an usable roster, even if they maybe limit it to a rather low count of 8 to 9 team members?

    All of this displays again a rather serious situation of many clubs in the first league.

  • I can no longer wait to see the Bundesliga this year. Dresden with many Czech players (no surprise since Alex is coaching them in NT) plus Lizz Mcmahon. She's slow and simple but has the skills to be a really good OPP, I'm sure she will do a good job. The most interesting thing about this team is that they have two good setters (Apitz and Smutna) and two good liberos (Schoot and Courtois).

    As for Stuttgart, I'm truly happy that Nichol is staying with the team, oh, speaking of which, where is Stoltenborg going to play this year? :huh: I also wonder where Sajdova is going to play as I don't see her name on Vilsbiburg's team roster...

  • At Aachen's FB-site, is a 48 minutes-video, concerning yesterday's player-introduction, presented by the - at least in Aachen - very famous speaker, André Schnitker

    It is mostly in German, but partly in English.

    Some jokes are really hilarious :lol:

  • Potsdam played a friendy Game friday here in Hamburg vs. our second League Team. Looks like good. The serbian Girls was very good. I think they can played a good season.

    Funny was that Jannie Völker played for Potsdam. Rühl on the bench.