Brazilian League 2016/2017

  • I have question to people from Brazil. Did Brazil federation announce anything about super-supercup tournament? The information in polish sport websites appeared a week ago.
    Polish and Brazil professional leagues made agreement about cooperation and additional tournament (super-supercup). There are rumors that first edition for men teams will be held in Poland and for women teams in Brazil. The next year it will be changed, women teams will play in Poland and men in Brazil.
    The winners of polish and brazil cup and championship will take part in this tournament. First day, the cup and championship winners will play against each other to determinate the supercup winners (Brazil and Poland). The next day, the winner of polish supercup and brazil supercup will play against each other for super-supercup :D

    it would be good for polish and brazilian fans..even could be super-super-super cup with turkish cup winner Fb's being :thumbsup:

  • 3rd ROUND

    Praia Clube: Alix Klineman (OH) 23, Michelle Pavão (OH) 22, Walewska (MB) 15;
    São Caetano: Edinara (OH) 30, Angélica (OPP) 14, Andressa (MB) 11;
    MVP: Michelle Pavão

    Fluminense: Renatinha (OPP) 26, Letícia Hage (MB) 11, Sassá (OH) 10, Evangelia Chantava (OH) 9 -only in third set-;
    Valinhos: Lidi (OH) 14, Mari Capovilla (OH) 12, Fran Lemos (OPP) 11;
    MVP: Evangelia Chantava (OH)

    CAMPONESA/MINAS 3x0 E.C. PINHEIROS stats vídeo
    Minas: Hooker (OPP) 21 -65% in attack-, Rosamaria (OH) 10, Mara (MB) 9 -7 blocks-;
    Pinheiros: Vanessa (OH) 12 -73% in attack-, Milka (MB) 10, Maira (OH) 8;
    MVP: Destinee Hooker (OPP)

  • Edinara (OH) 30 :white: :white: :white:

    For me she is the most surprising (young) player of this season in Brazilian League, don't know why start the competition on bench, since she came in, São Caetano has been playing better.

    She started in the bench because she was very unexperienced compared to the others. But yes she is playing amazing now!

  • I`m really disappointed with Anne, and I gave her the benefit of the doubt. I think Bernardinho should be worried, she can play but the problem is, it depends on the day, she just can`t be consistent, and she is there replacing their best player (Natalia). Only good news for Rio is that Monique is playing really well, much better than last season ( but again, last season they had Natalia leading them), and they have Helo in case Monique is not playing good. Maybe is time to give Durrsula the starting spot.

    And before Anne arrived I was thinking she would turn out to be like Mihajlovic did, but clearly that is not the case..... :wacko:

  • That Edinara girl can hit HARD. I'm very pleased with her performance so far as well; imo she should play as a pure OPP because her reception is tragic and we've seen now how much she can score without the extra responsabilities. Hopefully she keeps playing and developing this well!

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  • I think that sooner or later Drussyla will take Anne's spot on team, she played awful in important games like against Osasco and even with teams with less expression. She had a terrible moment in last game, that was funny lol but terrible. :aww: :aww:

    Hooker played AMAZING in last game, Minas overall it's getting better and better since she came in, even playing without Jaque until now.

  • Yeah, Anne is unfortunately not that good so far, which is weird imo since I thought she would shine in a league like the Brazilian one. I really, really like her though and hope she still can improve her game this season and be more of a force everyone knows she can be.

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  • Anne has had ups and downs in her career as in a single match too. For example she was great in Busto, main scorer for them and took responsibility when needed.. then she had a good season with Lokomotiv too, being a good support to Havlickova.. In Vakif she did okay, nothing special.. there were moments where she shined, and some when she needed to be subbed, but indeed she is having huge changes in her game.. I think she can be a good supporting player to a leader like Hooker, Kosheleva, Zhu Ting, but not a game deciding player

  • I think she can be a good supporting player to a leader like Hooker, Kosheleva, Zhu Ting, but not a game deciding player

    And that is the biggest problem, she`s not even there to be the leader of the team. She`s replacing Natalia, but nobody expected her to take Natalia`s role in the team, she came just to add just height and power for the attack when needed. The balls always goes first to Monique, Jucyele, Gabi, Carol and them goes to her, which seams she should just be comfortable enough to play every time, but not even that she can do...

    I just hope she can get it together, I do like her.

  • 3rd ROUND

    VÔLEI NESTLÉ 3x0 SESI-SP stats vídeo
    Vôlei Nestlé: Bia (MB) 14 -5 blocks-, Paula Borgo (OPP) 12, Tandara (OH) 11;
    SESI: Isabela (OH) 15, Gabriela (OH) 9, Lorenne (OPP) 8;
    MVP: Paula Borgo (OPP)

    Brasília: Roberta (MB) 22 -6 blocks-, Vivian (MB) 20, Andreia (OPP) & Paula (OH) 13;
    Rio do Sul: Natiele (OPP) 25, Camila Paracatu (MB) 19, Aline (MB) 12;
    MVP: Macris (S)

    Brasilia has the game concentrated in the middle, worked well at the beginning of the season, now the team seems to have started to lose their breath.


    REXONA-SESC 3x1 DENTIL/PRAIA CLUBE (22x25, 25x20, 25x15, 25x15)
    Rexona: Anne Buijs (OH) 20 -2b, 1a-, Monique (OPP) 19 -2a, 1b-, Juciely (MB) 11 -5b-, Gabi (OH) 10 -1b, 1a-, Carol (MB) 9 -4b-, Roberta (S) 5 -2b, 1a-;
    Praia Clube: Daymí Ramírez (OPP) 19 -2b, 1a-, Alix Klineman (OH) 16 -1b-, Fabiana (MB) 11 -4b-, Walewska (MB) 10 -1b, 1a-, Michelle (OH) 5, Ellen (OH) 2, Claudinha (S) 1;
    MVP: Anne Buijs (OH)