Brazilian League 2016/2017

  • Praia only played until the half of second set, after that, Rio did what they wanted on court (as usual against Praia), Monique played well as Anne who had a good game on attack, congrats to the team.

  • Ana Bejlica started instead of Paula, she`s doing great so far, got blocked maybe twice, but Dani Lins is not playing good and she keeps forcing some balls with Bejlica. Its a huge blow for Osasco having to play without Tandara. Bu they won the first set .

  • I think Ramirez played as OH and Alix OPP. And they have done that a few times before this game. At least I saw Ramirez passing a lot and did not see Alix passing any balls.

    Ramirez has been playing as a passing OPP for many years.. She did that for Cuban NT, and for her clubs in Brazil too, Minas and Campinas

  • Oh ok...I did not know that... I love Ramirez`s energy, she brings it every time.

    Well, if Tandara was playing tonight I think Osasco would win 3-0.

    edit - or least they would have won the 2set....Dani Lins is doing terrible, but that double touch call was wrong in the end of the 2nd set.

  • OH MY GOD :obey:
    We had the Sada-SESI semi in the male Brazilian Cup and now this game between Minas-Osasco. Incredible stuff. I'm exhausted just from watching it.

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  • Voww Osasco was winning the 4th set and then they started to get blocked, and in the 5th set they had 7-3 and same thing happened.

    I have never seen Dani Lins playing this bad. I hope she will retire form the NT.


    VÔLEI NESTLÉ 2x3 CAMPONESA/MINAS (29x27, 23x25, 29x27, 22x25, 10x15)
    Vôlei Nestlé: Ana Bjelica (OPP) 27 -2b, 2a-, Gabi (OH) 17 -1b, 1a-, Tijana Malesevic (OH) 16 -1b, 3a-, Bia (MB) 11 -1a-, Nati Martins (MB) 8 -2b-, Saraelen (MB) 5 -1b-, Paula (OPP) 5 -1b-, Dani Lins (S) 2 -2b-;
    Minas: Destinee Hooker (OPP) 27 -6b, 1a-, Priscila Daroit (OH) 21 -5b, 1a-, Carol Gattaz (MB) 18 -9b-, Rosamaria (OH) 12 -1b-, Mara (MB) 11 -5b, 1a-, Francynne (MB) 4 -3b-, Jaqueline (OH) 1 -1b-, Naiane (S) 1;
    MVP: Carol Gattaz (MB)

    OH MY!!! One of the best games I've ever seen in life. Minas made 29 blocks!!!

  • Minas vs. Osasco was a good game, more emotionally than technically, but one of the best games of the season.

    Dani Lins is playing worse season after season, okay that without Tandara the attack variations are reduced, but she lacks precision and her sets was damn obvious, she didn't know how to put Bjelica back on game after 4th set, who was doing a great game. Also a good game by Malesevic, both on attack and background.

    Congrats to Minas girls, they deserved to win, especially Carol Gattaz and Rosamaria (who's comeback in tie break and killed it). :drink:

    Dani Lins is planning to get pregnant at the end of this season, honestly, I hope that she retires from NT.

  • In the 4th set, Dani set a ball to Bjelica so close to the net, she had to stretch to reach the ball, and when she landed she landed on Carol Gataz`s feet, it did not feel good and she had them to spray something on her leg, and then right on the next play Dani sets right back to her, and she gets blocked, she should not have set that ball to her at that moment....

    I still don`t think Minas would have won if Tandara had played.

    Jaque did not do so well, she came in to replace Rosamaria, but then had to be replaced by Rosamaria.

  • I watched the first 3 sets, it was a really good game.. Then I fell asleep. I think Naine didn't have a good game, and it was the right decision to get her replaced. But also the reception of Minas was pretty bad she couldn't use her middles much.. They have to work on their communication.. there were many situations where the ball fell because no one took responsibility to get it, or Destinee tried to digg many balls, which very easy diggable by Leia, a took them away from her and made an error.. However Destinne is getting back in shape and I am glad to see that..